Idol Sighting

Out here where we live, celebrity sightings are pretty rare. You almost never see them going about their day as if they were ordinary people (which of course they’re not! and of course I’m kidding about that). But last night we had our first genuine Idol sighting at the Moreno Valley Panera. We came in and who was ordering dinner for himself and his child but Moreno Valley homeboy Andrew Garcia. We were pretty surprised to see him, given how un-fabulous Moreno Valley is compared to LA. I opted not to be a total dork and bother him, particularly since he had his kid with him, but I was definitely tempted.

I was always a fan of Andrew, particularly after his awesome rendition of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up.” I voted for him every week, and was sad to see him go. I found it pretty funny that every time they filmed something inside his parents’ house, it looked exactly like the inside of my house. I think we might live in the same tract or something. Hey Andrew, if you’re reading this (yeah right), are the hot and cold reversed in your parents’ master bathroom shower?

I continue to be a fan of Andrew Garcia not only because I like his music, but because from time to time he advocates staying out of gangs and the gang lifestyle to his Twitter followers. I think that’s a really great thing for him to do; he’s been there, done that, and can speak with authority that that’s not a good road to go down. He sets a good example, I think, of someone who got out of that life and pursued his dream (successfully!).

So good for you, Andrew, and I wish you well in all your future endeavors.

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