Updated finals horserace (Feb. 16, 2012)

Big moves for Jen Hirsh and Jessica Sanchez. We have still not seen Hollie Cavanagh this year, and she is the only one of the Top 24 to get zero screen time. Not much movement in the men.

Note that Heejun Han has now exceeded the 1000 second mile marker, making him one of the most exposed semi-finalists (shared with only Scotty McCreery and Tatiana Del Toro), and has the highest amount of screen time according to my scoring. This is despite the fact that we have at least two more Hollywood shows left.



Technical note: Predictions are based on outcomes of previous years, considering outcome to be dependent solely on screen time during the audition and Hollywood rounds. These predictions should be considered to be unscientific. Do not gamble based on these.

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