Penultimate finals projection


Ahem. On a more serious note, the women’s projections are quite volatile. Since the women have gotten only 38% of the overall exposure time, a segment like the one dedicated to Jessica Sanchez was enough to propel her into the favorites category. There was only a small amount of movement in the men, since even a long segment like that featuring Joshua Ledet is insignificant compared to the behemoth that is Heejun Han, who blasted away all records with a nearly 1500 seconds of pre-exposure time.

In fact, if you add up the pre-exposure time of just the top 5 men (Heejun, Reed, Phil, Creighton, and Adam) you get a total that is five minutes longer than the total amount for the women (5463 s vs 5193 s). So it goes with Idol.



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