On Hollie Cavanagh’s Speech

I feel really bad that a few of you dear readers have arrived here by searching for some variation on “does Hollie Cavanagh have a speech impediment.” I myself pondered this in our Women of the Top 24 liveblog.

The answer is no, she does not. She’s merely Liverpudlian in origin (i.e. from Liverpool, in England, the city arguably most famous for being that in which The Beatles formed as a band). She mentioned in her interview for the Top 24 show that she was born in England, and her wikipedia entry further clarifies her origins. Evidently that accent is what you get when you sprinkle a little Texas on top of Liverpool.

Actually it will be really interesting to hear her speak in additional interviews throughout the season; she was particularly disadvantaged by being virtually unseen in the Hollywood and Vegas weeks, and for some reason it wasn’t mentioned at all that she had made it to Hollywood last year. Quite odd, if you ask me.

In any case, Hollie is a really excellent singer, and I hope she goes far in the competition!

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  • Lynnie

    I LOVE this kid. I think she is just fabulous!!! I think the judges are WAY harder on her than the others. She has a huge voice with fantastic range!!! Love you Hollie and I LOVE your accent !!!

    • Jessica

      I completely agree with you!

  • I Like Her

    She might be from England, but that’s not why she exhibits characteristic traits of Rhotacism. Perhaps she’s never been diagnosed, but she clearly does have an impediment (not just an accent).
    Still, I’m all for her!!

    • Jessica

      By American standards (if we can be said to have any) she probably has or would be considered to have an impediment, but I doubt that in most parts of the UK she would. Her mom’s accent is even more pronounced, and reminds me a lot of Ringo Starr, a fellow Liverpudlian.

      In any case the way Hollie speaks is kind of cute and endearing, so if I were her I wouldn’t be in any hurry to hire a vocal coach.

      • I Like Her

        I wasn’t implying that she needed a coach. She sings like an angle and she is adorable. I think she’s the bee’s knee’s. But when she’s not singing, her Rs are Ws. Like the way Elmer Fudd says “wascally wabbit”.

        • Just me

          That’s not what Rhotacism is. It’s when you change other consonants to an R.

          • Jessica

            I am not a linguist nor a speech therapist 🙂

          • I Like Her

            Ya might wish to look the clinical diagnostic characteristics. But I suppose at this late date it matters not.

  • Anais

    I think Hollie is amazing, and she’s so loveable and huggable!!!! Not trying to be gross or anything she’s just great!!!!!!