Top 13 pre-game analysis

Here are some thoughts that may be of interest for this week.

The theme is split (first time that has happened, to my recollection), with Men singing Stevie Wonder songs and Women singing Whitney Houston songs. The site TIP reported that they thought it might therefore be a double elimination. However, the listing of the episode name on zap2it is “1 voted off”, so I highly doubt this.

This theme to me seems to play most against Skylar Laine and Jermaine Jones. Jones is sort of a crooner of lumbering tunes, a bad fit for the typically uptempo  tenor vocal style of Stevie Wonder. Laine may decide to xerox the Dolly Parton original of “I will always love you”, but I will note that the Parton version never charted on the Hot 100 (although it did on the Country version), mainly because it sucks. Moreover, there would obviously be some competition for that tune, and the producers haven’t been letting contestants repeat songs in recent years (but, again, who knows?).

As I noted a couple days ago, 3 out of 5 seasons that had a Wild Card pick had one removed in the first voting round. If we want to narrow that a bit, I could point out that they were all women. That would seem to single out Erika Van Pelt, but I would be very cautious, as Whitney Houston songs must be her bread and butter. Moreover, season 8 was a double elimination, which arguably knocks the number down to 2 out of 5.

But if I’m going to pick on someone whom I think is the most unlikely of any finalist, it’s Jeremy Rosado. To me he seems to have none of the things that make for a successful Idol contestant. His choice last week (can you recall?) was a Coldplay song that I had never heard of, never charted, and had very low recognition. His performance was bland; it’s better to be bad than forgettable.

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