And Now We All Feel Old*

Oh boy. So next week’s theme is going to be songs from the years the Idols were born. I am now officially older than all of the contestants, which I sort of intellectually knew, but all the same, what can prepare me for this? Two thirds of those young whippersnappers were born in the nineties. Crazy.

Via MJ:

Colton Dixon – October 19, 1991
Deandre Brackensick – October 21, 1994
Elise Testone – July 29, 1983
Erika Van Pelt – December 12, 1985
Heejun Han – April 20, 1989
Hollie Cavanagh – July 5, 1993
Jermaine Jones – November 3, 1986
Jessica Sanchez – August 4, 1995
Joshua Ledet – April 9, 1992
Phillip Phillips – September 20, 1990
Shannon Magrane – October 21, 1995
Skylar Laine – February 1, 1994

I have no idea what any of them should sing; Erika needs to sing something awesome, because she’s awesome, and Hollie needs to sing something that was not included in a Disney movie. I need for no one to sing any Nirvana songs (Colton Dixon I’m looking at you: just don’t).

What do you guys think?

*and if you’re as young as or younger than these kids, get off my lawn!

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