So remember Haley Johnsen, the super-pretty ex-barista (or maybe she’s a barista again, who knows) who sang a truly execrable rendition of Sweet Dreams, failing to make it into the Top 13? Well apparently she wanted to do a remixed version that actually doesn’t suck:

(I really don’t recommend you go back and watch what she actually performed for comparison; it’s really painful to watch).

I wonder why they wouldn’t let her do it like that? Maybe the musicians couldn’t or wouldn’t learn a new version of the song with twenty-four other people to accomodate? I don’t know, but maybe if Haley had done that version…?

Then again, maybe not. In any case she never would have won; Hollie Cavanagh and Jessica Sanchez are much better prospects, not to mention my personal favorite, Erika Van Pelt. And that’s just the girls; as we’ve previously demonstrated, there is definitely a statistically significant gender bias in American Idol.

And credit where credit’s due, I saw this first linked to from mjsbigblog

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