Prediction market snapshot, 4/5/2012

Here are the current values for the contestants on Intrade. They view DeAndre as the least likely to win.

Colton seems to have done himself a world of good in the past few weeks, nearly doubling his chances. Though his stock is not priced as highly as Phil or Jessica’s, it likely will be if he continues to be one of the 3 people who have never been in the bottom 3.

Contestant Probability of winning (%) Change from last week
Phillip Phillips 32.1 -4.9
Jessica Sanchez 31.0 +3.6
Colton Dixon 23.0 +4.0
Skylar Laine 8.9 -0.1
Hollie Cavanagh 2.0 -2.9
Joshua Ledet 4.8 -1.4
Elise Testone 3.0 -1.5
DeAndre Brackensick 0.9 -0.2

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