No update to Top 5 prediction

Unlike last week, the numbers haven’t moved overnight. Phil is predicted, with 72% chance, to pack it in tonight. It will be interesting to see whether that happens. I would note quickly that Hollie has been underperforming her numbers, so it’s possible the model is getting this totally wrong. Recall, dear reader, that the very song she sang first last night (River Deep – Mountain High) was the song Pia sang when she was eliminated.

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  • mila

    I would be very unfair if hollie out today.
    It was the second best of the night. He had ups and downs, more recently, has only experienced senior moments.

    For me, one of the men should leave.

    Top 3 for me:
    Jessica Sanchez (and looks it is not my favorite).
    Hollie Cavanagh
    Skylar Laine

    Bottom 2:

    Phillip Phillips
    Joshua Ledet

    the american idol. Today ‘s no longer the same as previous years.
    It has much theft out.