Top 6 (not a typo) prediction revision

Well, I apologize. Last week I computed the projection using the numbers on Dialidol at midnight EST, before voting had closed, on the assumption that they don’t move all that much.

I’m an idiot. They moved a ton last week, and the model got (or should have gotten, at least) Elise Testone correct. It whiffed big on Hollie, but you can’t win them all. Here was last week’s projection using the final numbers:

Contestant WNTS Rating
of elimination (%)
Elise Testone 56.5 6 51.5 32.24
Skylar Laine 52.5 5 55.5 25.33
Jessica Sanchez 61.5 4 61 17.30
Joshua Ledet 50.5 3 48.5 12.26
Phillip Phillips 37.5 2 61.5 8.46
Hollie Cavanagh 58.5 1 71.5 4.41

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