Quick note about tonight’s result (spoilers)

Spoiler alert!

If it’s actually true that Dialidol doesn’t poll Hawaii, then they probably screwed themselves on their call tonight. I’ll see if I can get an answer from the proprietor of that site.

Once again, my guess (that Joshua would be eliminated) was correct, but my numerical model was wrong. If anything, I think, this shows that Jessica can actually win. I don’t think I’d give her more that 30% chance, but it’s far from the 0% that some people say.

UPDATE: Dialidol does count Hawaii.

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  • Julia

    you sure mess that one up

    • tet

      You are spot on Julia. Like it. I am with you.

  • Richard

    Idolanalytics has been BIASED and RACIST with Jessica and Joshua. Go over the transcript of your blog and you’ll find the most hateful comments you can imagine. This site deserves shit!

    • Reuben

      People really should separate what I think will happen and what I want to happen. The only contestant I liked this year was Erika Van Pelt. I take a merely academic interest in the contest beyond that. I have, for instance, observed that black men get rougher treatment than women even do. Does that make me a racist? I actually think Phil is kind of terrible. I suppose that means I’m a self-hating white guy. Oh, or maybe you’re just full of shit.

  • just accept the fact that jessica fans are good voters and supporters… all you people do is to just complain… next time, just shut your mouths and vote for your idol so that they will not be sent home…

  • Anton

    You are the one who predicted Jessica will be eliminated and you just messed that up. Then you expect us to believe you next time? The truth is you’re not even close to what came out. You’re a hoax! Here’s what you’ve posted previously:
    “Take it for what it’s worth, but the official call is Jessica Sanchez will be eliminated.”
    Now, eat up your words.

    • Reuben

      Hi. Do you understand what probability means? I know, it’s a toughie. A probability means that something has a likelihood. Check out an example: The probability of flipping a coin and having it land heads up is 0.5. Hang on, let me go try the experiment. Holy shit, it’s tails up! I guess I was wrong about the probability! Oh wait, you’re an idiot.

  • memetoo

    not sure why predictors still uses dial idol as reference..that site is no longer relevant , they,re waaaay off the mark… check out pics of celebrities instead.

    • Jessica

      We are not psychic, and DialIdol had been of predictive value in seasons past. Possibly some other metric would have been of more use this season, but we have not yet determined what (and if we do, of course we will write a post about it; we’ve always been really up-front about how our model works and what goes into it).

  • v

    Jessica, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but…I think I love Reuben now that I’ve read all these responses.