Jessica may be closing the gap

UPDATE 2: Ok, I am going to bed. This is ridiculous. According to my projection, Jessica will overtake Phil in about an hour, 4:30 AM eastern. If that happens, well, you’re going to see a post here tomorrow morning that says I think Jessica Sanchez will win.

UPDATE: The effect is accelerating for Jessica Sanchez. To look at this, it appears that she will overtake Phil Phillips before the voting closes. Wow. I’ve updated the graph from my original post to reflect the change.

Original post: In between about 1 and 2 am tonight, the gap between Phil and Jessica on Dialidol narrowed from 16.477/11.431 to 16.119/11.543, or a change of about half a point. Looking at the DIHardGraphs, Jessica’s voters might be doing it.

(Times are all eastern time zone, times beyond 2:30 AM are projected by me) If Jessica can maintain the pace (that is a big if), her supporters can barely squeak her into the lead by the time Hawaii’s voting closes, I think. Now, if a majority of those votes come from California, it won’t happen, because their voting will close off. But if more from Hawaii replace them, they might be able to squeak by.

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  • Marky

    Go Jessica! Win or Lose you are our idol 🙂

  • Pinoy

    They did not factor overseas votes coming from outside the US, like the Philippines who will bev100% jessica!

    • Marky

      Precisely…. these are just votes coming from people who have the dialidol software. We know we voted several times, through phone, FB, skype, etc…. I’m pretty sure there will be over 150M votes casted and there’s a wide gap between them.

      Not only Filipinos but I believe Latinos have a tremendous support for Jessica.

      • Reuben

        Not disagreeing, but one must admit that there is probably some multiplier between Dialidol votes and actual votes. In the absence of any other indicator, we may as well track that. In this case, you would argue it’s a lower-bound to the actual votes she got. I think that may be fair.

  • meme

    Forget PH vote … JS will trounce PP in Alaska, Hawaii & Guam

    • Pinoy

      Don’t under estimate Phil vote. Most who voted, voted the max on facebook, skype & magicjack.

  • passerby

    pacific time. count in all those californians and this is closer. and yes, i read asians are all over finding ways to vote from outside US. enough white man with guitar winners.

  • mayen

    Well, after more than 200 million votes cast, California succeeds and proves Dialidol wrong. Jessica Sanchez wins American Idol season 11.

    • Pinoy

      Is this confirned? Or a prediction?

      • Jessica

        We can only ever make our best, most educated guess right up until Seacrest reads that card. We wouldn’t lay money on either contestant at this point (or ever really, since we don’t really gamble as a general rule; just not our thing).

        • Reuben

          Though I don’t endorse it, I think Jessica Sanchez contract on Intrade at $2 is a steal. So if you were going to bet…

      • mayen