That’s all for Season 11 (spoiler)

There you have it, folks. Phil, and conventional wisdom, wins, and Dialidol remains undefeated. Jessica’s fans did an admirable job tightening the race, but you can’t fight the entirety of the east coast with only two states. White guys with guitars is a monster to be slayed another day.

I still think that 60/40 was close to the right handicapping, but of course we’ll never know. Intrade had Phil at over 80% all day. Zabasearch and Votefair made a bad call, but that just shows that Idol prediction is a tough game.

We’ve had something like 40,000 page views this year, more than 10 times the traffic of last year. We were covered in at least two newspapers and several website articles. And I published a model that did … pretty lousy overall.

For regular readers, I hope that you’ve found my observations at least provocative, if not necessarily insightful. I’ve tried to be honest, thoughtful, and show the readers how I work through a problem.

This site is about to go totally dark, and no updates will be posted until next January. Feel free to hop over to my regular blog where I am running a web series on thermodynamics for non-scientists, Thermo for Normals. Follow Jessica at @jessicadennis and me at @schweinhundert on Twitter.

See you next year.

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  • v

    My pref was Phillip so sorry for little Jessica…she’ll be developed into a pop star no matter what. Thanks for the fun ride Reuben and Jessica.

  • Mommy Dennis

    Your site makes me wish I liked watching American Idol, just to know what you’re talking about.! Congratulations on your increasing fame.