Men on track to take lion’s share of pre-voting exposure

While we suffer through the typically boring audition round of season 12, I’d like to point out that women are getting royally screwed so far.

Without spoiling anything, I will say that of the 20 men and 20 women who have been revealed to be the quarter finalists by Idol spoiler sites, 6 of those women have been shown, but 9 of the men have. But this overstates the representation of women. 2 out of those 6 were on screen for less than 20 seconds, their names flashed in very short segments.

If we look at the total screen time of quarterfinalists, the difference is staggering. The women chalked up roughly a combined 860 seconds of screen time. The men got about 2100 seconds, a factor of 2.4 bigger than women. Of those audition segments that exceeded 30 seconds, men were shown 9 times but women 4, a factor of 2.3 bigger.

All said, the men are getting more than double the pre-exposure, and thus are running up a large advantage against the women. If the final week of auditions, and Hollywood rounds, don’t reverse this course, I’m afraid the deck will be heavily stacked.

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  • American GuyDoll has been stacked against the female competitors for at least half a decade. It’s because of the audience they now play to. Female vocalists should boycott Idol and focus on X-Factor and the Voice where they are given more of an even break.