Quarterfinals reviews

The Top 40 has been narrowed to the Top 20. WNTS has released their approval ratings, and while justice was more or less served, there were a few bad calls by the judges, according to those polled.

The women had two contestants out of place, according to the WNTS ranking, both of which I suppose I agree with:

Name Song WNTS Result
Candice Glover A Natural Woman 82 Safe
Kree Harrison Up To The Mountain 78 Safe
Amber Holcomb My Funny Valentine 71 Safe
Angela Miller Nobody’s Perfect 69 Safe
Aubrey Cleland Sweet Dreams 67 Safe
Juliana Chahayed Skyscraper 61 Eliminated
Breanna Steer Bust Your Windows 58 Safe
Zoanette Johnson Circle of Life 56 Safe
Adriana Latonio Ain’t No Way 54 Safe
Isabelle God Bless The Child 53 Eliminated
Jett Hermano Only Girl (in the World) 48 Eliminated
Janelle Arthur Just a Kiss 41 Safe
Rachel Hale Nothing but the Water 39 Eliminated
Tenna Torres Soulmate 36 Safe
Brandy Hotard Anymore 34 Eliminated
Shubha Vedula Born This Way 34 Eliminated
Cristabel Clack No One 32 Eliminated
Melinda Ademi Nobody’s Perfect 30 Eliminated
Jenny Beth WIlliams Heaven, Heartache, And The Power of Love 28 Eliminated
Kamaria Ousley Mr. Know It All 8 Eliminated
Average of all women 48.95
Average of women who advanced 61.2

Bloggers polled by WhatNotToSing would have favored Juliana Chahayed and Isabelle to have advanced, and Janelle Arthur and Tenna Torres to have been cut (the Isabelle cut is perplexing). None of the contestants benefited from the way the women were partitioned into groups, although the average for the second show was somewhat higher than the first (51.4 versus 46.5).

Name Song WNTS Result
Vincent Powell Cause I Love You 80 Safe
Curtis Finch Superstar 70 Safe
Devin Velez Listen 69 Safe
Burnell Taylor This Time 63 Safe
Cortez Shaw Titanium 58 Safe
Paul Jolley Tonight I Wanna Cry 56 Safe
David Willis Fever 56 Eliminated
Nick Boddington Say Something Now 48 Safe
JDA Rumor Has It 46 Eliminated
Bryant Tadeo New York State of Mind 44 Eliminated
Johnny Keyser I Won’t Give Up 40 Eliminated
Mathenee Treco A Little Less Conversation 34 Eliminated
Lazaro Arbos Tonight I Wanna Cry 34 Safe
Kevin Harris (Everything I Do) I Do It For You 32 Eliminated
Josh Holiday Better With You 31 Eliminated
Jimmy Smith Raining On Sunday 29 Eliminated
Charlie Askew Rocket Man 27 Safe
Elijah Liu Talking To The Moon 21 Safe
Gurpreet Singh Sarin Nothing Ever Hurt Like You 18 Eliminated
Chris Watson (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay 11 Eliminated
Average of all men 43.35
Average of men who advanced 52.6

The men had more out-of-place advancement. David Willis, who I thought did well, was cut, as were JDA and Bryant Tradeo. In their places went Lazaro Arbos, Charlie Askew, and Elijah Liu. Lazaro is a sort of obvious call, since he’s got a sob story and he wasn’t awful. Askew and Liu were not chosen based on the performances they gave, or the judges have some strange criteria. Based on the groupings, JDA may have stood a better chance of making it had he been included in the second group rather than the first.

Judged head to head, WNTS voters would have sent through 11 women and 9 men. Women who actually advanced hold about a 10 point lead, though that is certainly no indicator of how the contest will play out. In any case, since next week will also be divided by gender, such head-to-heads are not yet relevant.

I think there were some missed opportunities in the selection. Shubha Vedula and Gurpreet Singh Sarin may have had bad nights, but they had strong personalities and a potential lock on demographic groups. I thiink they would have fared better than Zoanette Johnson (whom I am very skeptical of) or Paul Jolley. I may have to eat crow on the former, but there have been goof performers like Zoanette on the show before, and they never have made it past the semifinals.

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