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I’m working on a longer piece about song selection, and what choices are smart (statistically speaking) and which are not. For now, I’ve listed below all performances of Beatles songs, along with the breakdown of how well the performance was received and what the voting result was (the final column indicates if that contestant had already been in the Bottom 3). These are listed in order of approval rating. Anything below 50 is considered to have been scored below average (and, indeed, most of the not-safe people are in that half of the table).

There haven’t been too many repeats of any of these. Across the Universe (twice), Let It Be (twice) and Come Together (three times) have worked out well for those who sang them. Oh Darling and The Long and Winding Road have been a mixed bag—they worked for one person, not for another. That’s one reason I don’t put too much stock in analyses that focus solely on song choice.


Song Contestant WNTS Rating Result Bottom
Let It Be Brooke White 84 Safe No
Come Together Crystal Bowersox 83 Safe No
Come Together Carly Smithson 81 Safe No
Eleanor Rigby David Cook 81 Safe No
She’s A Woman Chikezie 81 Safe No
Blackbird Carly Smithson 71 Bottom Group No
While My Guitar Gently Weeps James Durbin 70 Safe No
With A Little Help From My Friends Casey Abrams 70 Safe No
Let It Be Katie Stevens 68 Safe Yes
The Long And Winding Road David Archuleta 68 Safe No
Across The Universe Siobhan Magnus 65 Safe No
Oh! Darling Katelyn Epperly 64 Safe No
Day Tripper David Cook 63 Safe No
Something Taylor Hicks 63 Safe No
Fixing A Hole Lilly Scott 62 Safe No
Yesterday Syesha Mercado 62 Safe Yes
Across The Universe Michael Johns 59 Safe No
All My Loving Tim Urban 57 Safe Yes
If I Fell Jason Castro 57 Safe No
Hey Jude Lee DeWyze 56 Safe No
Eleanor Rigby Michael Lynche 51 Saved No
You Can’t Do That Amanda Overmyer 51 Safe No
I’ve Just Seen A Face Chikezie 47 Safe No
Come Together Kris Allen 46 Safe Yes
Oh! Darling Jen Hirsh 45 Eliminated No
Here Comes The Sun Brooke White 43 Safe No
Michelle Jason Castro 43 Safe No
Here, There & Everywhere Clay Aiken 39 Eliminated No
A Day In The Life Michael Johns 38 Safe No
Got To Get You Into My Life Syesha Mercado 38 Bottom Group No
Can’t Buy Me Love Andrew Garcia 36 Bottom Group No
I Should Have Known Better Ramiele Malubay 35 Safe No
In My Life Ramiele Malubay 33 Safe No
The Long And Winding Road Aaron Kelly 33 Bottom Group No
Back In The U.S.S.R. Amanda Overmyer 29 Eliminated No
I Saw Her Standing There David Hernandez 26 Eliminated No
We Can Work It Out David Archuleta 18 Safe No
You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away Kristy Lee Cook 17 Bottom Group Yes
I Want To Hold Your Hand Haeley Vaughn 12 Safe No
Eight Days A Week Kristy Lee Cook 5 Bottom Group No

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