Top 9 post-game

Name Song WNTS DialIdol VoteFair Not-safe Probability Accurate?
Paul Jolley Eleanor Rigby 39 1.535 1 0.481 Yes, Eliminated
Burnell Taylor Let It Be 51 1.776 2 0.445 No (safe)
Lazaro Arbos In My Life 11 0.951 7 0.432 No (safe)
Devin Velez The Long And Winding Road 50 2.732 3 0.420 No call
Janelle Arthur I Will 69 0.371 7 0.363 Yes (safe)
Amber Holcomb She’s Leaving Home 54 0.493 9 0.352 No (bottom 3)
Kree Harrison With A Little Help From My Friends 77 1.170 18 0.217 Yes (safe)
Candice Glover Come Together 80 1.869 19 0.201 Yes (safe)
Angie Miller Yesterday 68 5.993 34 0.089 Yes (safe)

Paul Jolley was predicted eliminated, and that happened, so if that’s all you care about, great.

Otherwise, it was kind of a dismal night for predictions. Lazaro and Burnell showed they have more staying power than their numbers would suggest. Amber Holcomb was in the bottom 3, which was a bit of a surprise. Clearly Dialidol is underrating Lazaro, and Votefair is overrating Amber, relative to the voting public.

I find it disturbing that any of these women could be in the bottom 3 compared to these men.

I’ve noticed a couple weird things. Votefair seems to be polling a relatively small number of people (440 in this case), which is down markedly from last year (the top 9 last year had 707 votes). I don’t know whether that site is becoming less popular in general, or whether these contestants aren’t inspiring the kind of rabid fanbase that votes in such online polls, but it’s noteworthy. Also, Dialidol’s numbers at around midnight eastern time don’t change from then until the morning. Is Dialidol not counting any votes after 9pm PST? If that’s true, I can’t fathom why. Since I’m not active on their forum, I can’t easily see whether something has changed.

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