Top 8 post-game

Name Song WNTS DialIdol VoteFair Not-safe
Devin Velez The Tracks of My Tears 45 0.302 2 0.602 Yes (eliminated)
Burnell Taylor My Cherie Amour 45 0 4 0.567 Yes (bottom 3)
Lazaro Arbos For Once In My Life 26 2.813 4 0.536 Yes (bottom 3)
Janelle Arthur You Keep Me Hangin’ On 80 1.677 10 0.380 Yes (safe)
Amber Holcomb Lately 65 4.789 13 0.302 Yes (safe)
Kree Harrison Don’t Play That Song 73 1.407 21 0.235 Yes (safe)
Candice Glover I Heard It Through the Grapevine 76 5.808 17 0.228 Yes (safe)
Angie Miller Shop Around 38 2.580 31 0.150 Yes (safe)

Not much to say. The initial (and final) conclusion of the model was spot on. 8/8 calls correct.

So far the finals model is 100% on ranking eliminated people, and 93% on safe calls, though only 67% on bottom 3 calls (after the battering it took last week). Some of this is, of course, just plain luck.

Random thoughts:

By next week we will know which of the women is the weakest of the bunch. Amber is the only one who has been in the bottom 3 so far, but that may not be the only determiner. Janelle has gotten some bad reviews, but so far has shown no sign that she is weak (my Top 3 Tracker notwithstanding).

If Blake Lewis killed the “curse” of You Keep Me Hangin’ On, Janelle put the nail in the coffin. I rewatched one of those who was eliminated from that song, and let me tell you, the performance in that case was not good. Janelle did a good job, so she was safe. Simple, no curse. Song choice isn’t everything.

Speaking of curses, let’s talk about the curse of the women on Idol. It ain’t looking so good now, is it? I admit, it’s a pretty big turnaround, especially after Season 10’s serial elimination of women at the beginning. Now, yes, these women are way better, not just than the men this year, but better than the women were that year. The fact that the men this year are kind of terrible probably is a big factor. The execrable male group number where they all blamed each other afterward last night was a symptom of the dysfunction—the men are flailing, out of their depth.

Unfortunately, we have no idea whether WGWG phenomenon is finally dead, since all WGWGs were (perhaps specifically) excluded this year. I have no problem with that, as it was to me bad overall for the contest. In fact, Janelle playing guitar last night was the only instrument played by a contestant since Angie last did it, which is peculiar. I wonder if the producers aren’t perhaps dissuading the contestants from doing so. I, for one, don’t miss it much. Though Angie would maybe benefit from having it somewhat, she hasn’t seemed to have any trouble surviving so far.

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