Top 6 post-game

Name Song WNTS
DialIdol VoteFair Not-safe
Janelle Arthur I’ll Never Fall in Love Again/
The Dance
45 0.957 7 0.570 No (safe, 3rd-4th)
Lazaro Arbos Close to You/
7.5 3.519 7 0.467 Yes (eliminated)
Amber Holcomb I Say A Little Prayer/
Love On Top
55 2.492 10 0.433 No call (5th)
Kree Harrison What the World Needs Now/
Help Me Make it Through the Night
70 2.951 20 0.244 Yes (1st-2nd)
Angie Miller Anyone who had a Heart/
Love Came Down
47.5 2.559 28 0.166 Yes (3rd-4th)
Candice Glover Don’t Make Me Over/
90 4.623 28 0.119 Yes (1st-2nd)

As I said last week, there was no reason to think that Lazaro being in the Top 3 meant he would not be eliminated this week. Also, as I noted a couple weeks ago, there was no reason to think that the save had to be used. The judges made the right call not to save Lazaro. There was no reason to keep him in the contest for another week, forcing a double elimination next week that might eliminate two people other than him.

I think the saddest part of this was that Lazaro was singing objectively much worse than earlier on. Demoralized and out of his depth, he didn’t even live up to the standard he had set at the beginning of the year.

My guess is that Janelle was 4th, making her out of order by 2 positions in the model’s ranking. Amber was off by one place in the ranking, as were Kree and Angie. This is the second time Janelle has overcome the odds, indicating she may have a bigger base of voters than it would appear.

Angie is in a slump. She’s fallen out of first place in the model’s standings, a place she had occupied all year, though she is still likely in the top 3 in the voting. Candice put in a couple powerhouse performances, and it could be that her position at the top is fleeting. However, I no longer consider Angie a lock for the finale.

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