Top 3 tracker gets a one week extension! Because Idol can’t plan!

So now we have our answer for how the producers plan to fill their schedule. Another Top 4 means that the Top 3 Tracker sticks around for one more week, though there isn’t much change. Amber fell a little bit and Angie rose.

In lieu of a post-game post this week, let’s contemplate what the data doesn’t say. Did Kree benefit from Janelle’s voters after she was eliminated? There’s no real good way to know this. We could look at Votefair’s results, which show which people preferred whom. However, this isn’t scientific, since people decide whether to answer Votefair’s survey. Moreover, the sample size changed by a large amount. Nevertheless, purely out of curiousity, let’s look at what the change in preference were from the previous week assuming the same people voted on the site both weeks:

Switched from %
Candice to Angie 14
Kree to Candice 2
Candice to Amber 7
Kree to Angie 14
Amber to Angie 20
Kree to Amber 8

Kree lost preference in all her pairings. So where did the extra votes come from to keep her in the top 2? Did they come from Janelle’s voters? Plausible. There’s no way to quantify it, of course, but it’s obviously common sense that if there are two country contestants, and one gets booted, the remaining one will pick up votes.

Top 3 Tracker as of 4/27/2013. Hover your cursor for more info.

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