Liveblog: Finale

And, you know the drill.

Reuben May 15, 20138:01 pm

If our site goes down today, there’s a 50% probability that our web host is to blame. Other half is the new liveblog plugin.

Jessica May 15, 20138:02 pm

But this plugin is by Automattic, and they know their crap.

Reuben May 15, 20138:03 pm

Has any person who was rejected in previous years won? I don’t think so.

Jessica May 15, 20138:06 pm

Huh. Kree’s dress. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Jessica May 15, 20138:07 pm

Oh god the sad puppies song

Jessica May 15, 20138:09 pm

Will Kree urge us to adopt a shelter pet? She should actually. Go adopt a shelter pet.

Jessica May 15, 20138:14 pm

Candice’s boots are extremely sparkly. And her version of Chasing Pavements verges on loungey. Meh. Round 1 to Kree? Except for the sad puppies thing.

Reuben May 15, 20138:15 pm

Is it just me or were both of the first songs uncharacteristically terrific? Usually the finale performance shows are boring, but that was pretty good.

Reuben May 15, 20138:16 pm

Dunno what Jessica was listening to, but it wasn’t that.

Jessica May 15, 20138:17 pm

I’m not saying it was bad, just I didn’t particularly like the way Candice “made it her own”

Jessica May 15, 20138:22 pm

Who do you think would win in a barfight? My money’s on Candice. But I bet Kree’s plenty scrappy!

Jessica May 15, 20138:22 pm

Carly Rae Jepsen and a song designed by committee. How can it not be awesome….ly horrible?

Jessica May 15, 20138:23 pm

Carly, your shorts are riding up

Jessica May 15, 20138:32 pm

Oh Kree. This is not as good as you usually are.

Jessica May 15, 20138:38 pm

Ugh this song.

Jessica May 15, 20138:38 pm

Your usual finale song tripe. She’s singing the hell out of it, but. Woof.

Reuben May 15, 20138:43 pm

Judging by tonight, Candice has the inside track.

Jessica May 15, 20138:47 pm

And this is Kree’s reminder to the South that she’s their girl. Also she’s just singing it really well.

Jessica May 15, 20138:49 pm

Kree sang that so you feel something, and that’s kinda the point, right?

Jessica May 15, 20138:50 pm

Although Candice always makes you feel, at minimum, “damn this girl can sing”

Jessica May 15, 20138:54 pm

Example: this. Damn that girl can sing.

Jessica May 15, 20138:56 pm

Candice is hands-down the better singer. I love Kree, but Candice is getting my votes.

Reuben May 15, 20138:56 pm

It will be a shame if Candice doesn’t win. She’s an amazing singer, she deserves it.

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  • davidbeaulieu

    Can someone get Debbie Gibson off the stage?

  • Nostradamus2k

    Candice… Just did exactly what she’s always done:

    Performed/Sang at a level that her ‘competitor’ hadn’t one iota of the ability to match.

    … and now that they’re done:

    Round One: Candice … better song choice/better vocal delivery

    Round Two: Candice… much better written song/better vocal

    Round Three: Candice… much more of a blockbuster closing song/far better vocal performance.

    What a Great Show… Now’s Time To Vote… Vote… VOTE!