Top 15 Girls Liveblog

Aaaaaand welcome back to a new season of Idol and this liveblog thing we do.

Reuben February 18, 20148:02 pm

Is this the Tron version of Idol?

Jessica February 18, 20148:03 pm

I’m looking forward to some Harry Connick Jr. shenanigans. I hope there are shenanigans. Also there are J.Lo’s boobs, in case you wanted to see those.

Reuben February 18, 20148:05 pm

What the hell?

Jessica February 18, 20148:06 pm


Reuben February 18, 20148:06 pm

You know, this wasn’t the only season like this, I think. One other season they didn’t let people perform. Don’t recall which, though.

Jessica February 18, 20148:07 pm

Still. The judges will call their top ten and then… the other five… what? Skulk away? Is that what skulk means, or does skulk imply some kind of misdeed in progress?

Jessica February 18, 20148:08 pm

Randy said some things. I didn’t listen.

Reuben February 18, 20148:08 pm

Why not just use this time to let them sing?

Jessica February 18, 20148:09 pm

“Spiritual advisors”? Barf.

Reuben February 18, 20148:10 pm

How does the religious leader feel about Adam Lambert?

Reuben February 18, 20148:11 pm

Kind of a #slatepitch, but I prefer when the season has some terrible performances and some good ones. Too polished overall just makes everything samey.

Jessica February 18, 20148:11 pm

“Samey” being the technical term, of course

Reuben February 18, 20148:11 pm

How it worked in the previous year was that they watched the dress rehearsal of each one and chose based on that.

idolbot February 18, 20148:12 pm

Majesty Rose chosen as first woman allowed to sing.

idolbot February 18, 20148:15 pm

Majesty is singing the Pharrell song “Happy”

Jessica February 18, 20148:15 pm

That seemed a little safe and kinda boring and overall whatever. Which is too bad, because I have a vague idea I liked Majesty.

idolbot February 18, 20148:16 pm

Jennifer: Amazing.
Harry: Fantastic job.
Keith: That was great.

Reuben February 18, 20148:17 pm

Certainly an interesting song choice. I just hope we’re not back to season 10-11’s trend of every song getting great reviews every time.

Reuben February 18, 20148:17 pm

So Ricky Minor was unfired?

Jessica February 18, 20148:21 pm

Do Southerners think the way they say “insurance” in State Farm commercials is totally weird and wrong?

Reuben February 18, 20148:22 pm

The most common review in semifinals for seasons 1-7 was Randy and Simon negative, Paula mixed.

idolbot February 18, 20148:23 pm

Kristen O’Connor chosen to sing as the second singer.

Jessica February 18, 20148:24 pm

Hmm, Adele. The question is will she sing it as well as Gwyneth Paltrow that one time on Glee?!?!?! I can only make references to season 1, but make them I shall.

idolbot February 18, 20148:25 pm

Kristen is singing Adele’s Turning Tables

Jessica February 18, 20148:27 pm

Mmf. I dunno. That was pretty enough. But something seemed a little off somehow. And I think she was ahead of the music at one point. Or hell maybe it’s supposed to be that way and I just don’t remember.

idolbot February 18, 20148:28 pm

Harry: Really powerful. Nice job.
Keith: A lot of special stuff in there.
Jennifer: This is the tip of the iceberg with you

Reuben February 18, 20148:29 pm

That is not a good song.

Jessica February 18, 20148:29 pm

Seacrest should ask them questions a la Miss America so they seem really stupid. That would be entertaining.

Reuben February 18, 20148:30 pm

I think it would be dismaying how many of them only believe in “opposite marriage”.

idolbot February 18, 20148:35 pm

Briana Oakley is the third singer.

Jessica February 18, 20148:36 pm

The coaches are giving poor Briana acting lessons, or trying to

idolbot February 18, 20148:36 pm

Briana is singing Warrior by Demi Lovato

Jessica February 18, 20148:37 pm

Having Briana perch awkwardly like that is not doing her any favors. She’s not fat, but she’s not super thin, and that pose didn’t work. She’s standing now: that’s better.

Reuben February 18, 20148:37 pm

This is not in tune.

Jessica February 18, 20148:38 pm

Keith: “Hey audience, she doesn’t suck, she just… uh, sucked a little bit right then”

Jessica February 18, 20148:39 pm

I think a young Whitney Houston was pretty much Whitney Houston, which Briana ain’t quite.

idolbot February 18, 20148:40 pm

Keith: In the zone the last quarter of it.
Jennifer: The performance quality needs to come together.
Harry: You did a fine job. High notes aren’t … triple axels(?)

Jessica February 18, 20148:41 pm

I think Harry means “oh my god don’t turn this into a caterwauling contest” which the females often do. Like poor Siobhan Magnus who basically just started shrieking for part of every song after Simon praised her for it.

Reuben February 18, 20148:42 pm

Is that what passes for bad reviews now? The subtext was: Keith said 3/4 of it was disconnected, Harry thought it was just ok and she probably thought it was better than it was, and Jennifer was saying that she doesn’t think Briana will get a chance to show her stuff again.

Reuben February 18, 20148:42 pm

Lay off Siobhan.

Jessica February 18, 20148:43 pm

I liked Siobhan! But she did! And it was not better for her.

idolbot February 18, 20148:45 pm

The fourth girl to sing is Jena Irene

Jessica February 18, 20148:45 pm

All I really know about her is “It’s jean-uh. Not jenn-uh.”

Reuben February 18, 20148:46 pm

This girl was the only one whose audition we didn’t see. She was in the group with a girl that disappeared for the whole night.

idolbot February 18, 20148:49 pm

Jena is singing Paint It, Black by the Rolling Stones

Reuben February 18, 20148:50 pm

I don’t get what the hell these people are talking about. That was verging on bad karaoke.

Jessica February 18, 20148:50 pm

I think under the right circumstances I might could be a fan of Jean-uh-not-jenn-uh. Paint it Black wasn’t, uh, the right circumstance.

idolbot February 18, 20148:50 pm

Jennifer: You pulled it out at the end.
Harry: Nice job.
Keith: Really good.

Reuben February 18, 20148:54 pm

FACT CHECK: I think people probably are watching the Olympics.

Jessica February 18, 20148:54 pm

These are like the only commercials I watch. Commercials are boring.

idolbot February 18, 20148:55 pm

Bria Anai will be the fifth woman to sing.

Jessica February 18, 20148:57 pm

Almost everything about Bria is sparkly, which is a valid lifestyle

idolbot February 18, 20148:57 pm

Bria is singing Wrong Side of a Love Song by Melanie Fiona

Reuben February 18, 20148:58 pm

This is really really bad.

Jessica February 18, 20148:58 pm

Unfortunately her singing just doesn’t sound that good. It’s loud and she sings it like she means it, but I don’t wanna listen to something that sounds like that.

Reuben February 18, 20148:59 pm

Whenever they mention the looks, that ain’t good.

Jessica February 18, 20148:59 pm

I really like JLo’s earrings

idolbot February 18, 20149:00 pm

Harry: It felt very shouted.
Keith: You overshot the runway.
Jennifer: As you got excited it got away from you.

Reuben February 18, 20149:01 pm

Well, that answers that. Simon got booed on half of all reviews. Harry, 1/5 so far.

idolbot February 18, 20149:06 pm

The sixth girl is Marialle Sellars.

Jessica February 18, 20149:07 pm

Marialle Sellars, aka Black Miley Cyrus

idolbot February 18, 20149:08 pm

Marialle doing Roar by Katy Perry

Jessica February 18, 20149:09 pm

Is her in-ear monitor not adjusted correctly? Why does she sound so bad?

Jessica February 18, 20149:09 pm

Oh god it just gets worse and worse. I think she can do better than this: why is this so terrible?

Reuben February 18, 20149:11 pm

It doesn’t get much worse than that, honestly.

idolbot February 18, 20149:11 pm

Keith: Karaoke
Jennifer: Not the best showcase
Harry: Not in tune, not in the pocket.

Reuben February 18, 20149:15 pm

Tonight has been kind of dismal.

Reuben February 18, 20149:17 pm

The only thing so far this year that I thought was kind of exciting was Kenzie Hall doing that Macklemore song. If she isn’t picked I’ll be annoyed.

idolbot February 18, 20149:18 pm

The 7th girl is Jessica Meuse.

Jessica February 18, 20149:19 pm

Daughtry disses Jessica’s guitar skillz

idolbot February 18, 20149:20 pm

Jessica is singing Luke Bryan’s Drink a Beer.

Jessica February 18, 20149:21 pm

Did she choose a song that does nothing for her deliberately? At least it’s less appalling than some of the others tonight.

Reuben February 18, 20149:21 pm

I’d legitimately much rather be watching curling.

Jessica February 18, 20149:23 pm

Harry Connick Jr. corrects his own grammar <3

idolbot February 18, 20149:23 pm

Jennifer: I hope we get to see more of your.
Harry: Intonation (out of tune). You didn’t settle into what the song was about.
Keith: Be careful about singing a song about that and smiling.

idolbot February 18, 20149:28 pm

The eighth singer is Emily Piriz.

Jessica February 18, 20149:29 pm

I don’t remember anything about Emily Piriz.

Jessica February 18, 20149:30 pm

I hope she sings in something like a key

idolbot February 18, 20149:31 pm

Emily is singing Paris (Ooh la la) by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Reuben February 18, 20149:32 pm

I think this is fine, but generally it’s not great for a singer to keep doing the same song over and over again.

Jessica February 18, 20149:32 pm

Oh Harry, quit being a prude

idolbot February 18, 20149:34 pm

Harry: Do you actually want to be down on the floor?
Keith: Being an artist isn’t about appearing to be something.
Jennifer: I really loved it. You were comfortable.

idolbot February 18, 20149:40 pm

The ninth singer is M.K. Nobilette

idolbot February 18, 20149:43 pm

MK is doing John Legend’s All of Me.

Jessica February 18, 20149:43 pm

Well this is better than what we’ve been seeing for the past few girls. Although Emily was a’ight I guess.

Reuben February 18, 20149:43 pm

This is competent, but kind of boring.

idolbot February 18, 20149:45 pm

Keith: A perfect song choice. Really beautiful.
Jennifer: I loved it so much.
Harry: Elegant. You belong here.

Reuben February 18, 20149:46 pm

That’s probably my personal prejudice, since John Legend is one of the most overrated artists out there.

Reuben February 18, 20149:47 pm

Bayesian Scooby Doo gang would start by trying to pull the monster’s mask off. The probability is that it would work. The downside is high, though, if it turns out to be a real monster.

Jessica February 18, 20149:51 pm

Poor Neco.

idolbot February 18, 20149:52 pm

Ben Briley rounds out the Top 15.

idolbot February 18, 20149:52 pm

The tenth singer is Malaya Watson.

Reuben February 18, 20149:53 pm

No Kenzie Hall. BS.

Jessica February 18, 20149:54 pm

Malaya is not singing this very well, to start with

idolbot February 18, 20149:54 pm

Malaya is doing Hard Times by Ray Charles

Reuben February 18, 20149:55 pm

This is like an approximation of the blues. Not great for me at all.

Jessica February 18, 20149:56 pm

I really suspect the sound mix in their monitors is off or something, because so many of them just sounded kinda terrible.

Jessica February 18, 20149:56 pm

Or they’re pushing us toward a guy winner by picking women who fall apart on stage

idolbot February 18, 20149:58 pm

Jennifer: You’re amazing.
Harry: I look forward to you settling down.
Keith: It was over the top.

Jessica February 18, 20149:59 pm

Oh we’re going to LOOK at the contestants again? Gee thanks. That’s so helpful in remembering whose SINGING I liked and did not like.

Jessica February 18, 201410:00 pm

This was kind of a crap episode.

Reuben February 18, 201410:01 pm

Not much fun in that episode. Nothing unexpected, ballsy. Kind of heartbreaking for the girls that they didn’t even show.

idolbot February 18, 201410:04 pm

Marialle is singing Roar by Katy Perry

idolbot February 18, 201410:07 pm

Marialle doing Roar by Katy Perry

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  • Matthew Richards

    I really liked Malaya, MJ, and Majesty. Malaya had a lot of soul, MJ had a gorgeous tone and gave a sincere performance, and Majesty was really cool and up-tempo. Jessica reminded me of Jennifer Nettles. Lots of the girls were really nervous tonight, I hope they improve! At least we got lots of new songs.

  • Matthew Richards

    As for Reuben’s question near the beginning: the Season 3 Wildcard show was the other show a bunch of contestants were cut before they even got to sing. I think Lisa Leuschner was one of them, and she got pissed as hell at the producers. Let’s just be glad Jennifer Hudson didn’t get cut that night.

    • reubengann

      Thanks, I knew I remembered that from somewhere. On that episode they actually brought the people up and the judges told them they didn’t get to sing. Harsh. On the other hand, that was a wildcard round, after those singers had already got one shot. These people didn’t get one at all.

      On that episode Randy said he went to the rehearsals and made the decision. Is this also how it was made this year?

      • Matthew Richards

        Yeah, the judges watched the dress rehearsals then decided the 10 who were going to sing tonight.