Top 15 Girls Liveblog

Aaaaaand welcome back to a new season of Idol and this liveblog thing we do.

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  • Matthew Richards

    I really liked Malaya, MJ, and Majesty. Malaya had a lot of soul, MJ had a gorgeous tone and gave a sincere performance, and Majesty was really cool and up-tempo. Jessica reminded me of Jennifer Nettles. Lots of the girls were really nervous tonight, I hope they improve! At least we got lots of new songs.

  • Matthew Richards

    As for Reuben’s question near the beginning: the Season 3 Wildcard show was the other show a bunch of contestants were cut before they even got to sing. I think Lisa Leuschner was one of them, and she got pissed as hell at the producers. Let’s just be glad Jennifer Hudson didn’t get cut that night.

    • reubengann

      Thanks, I knew I remembered that from somewhere. On that episode they actually brought the people up and the judges told them they didn’t get to sing. Harsh. On the other hand, that was a wildcard round, after those singers had already got one shot. These people didn’t get one at all.

      On that episode Randy said he went to the rehearsals and made the decision. Is this also how it was made this year?

      • Matthew Richards

        Yeah, the judges watched the dress rehearsals then decided the 10 who were going to sing tonight.