Top 10 Guys Liveblog

10 guys get to sweat it out then sing. 5 guys get screwed. Let’s do this shiz

Reuben February 19, 201410:00 pm

Maybe George Lovett can break through

Jessica February 19, 20149:59 pm

They all kinda dwarf Seacrest, which delights me a little bit

Jessica February 19, 20149:59 pm

I liked Band Geek ok too. I’ll learnt heir names later. Maybe.

Reuben February 19, 20149:58 pm

Caleb, Ben, Alex, Sam, and Dexter would be my gut feeling.

Jessica February 19, 20149:57 pm

I think Fat Bo Bice is my favorite guy? Maybe?

Reuben February 19, 20149:57 pm

At least two of these guys got out-countried.

idolbot February 19, 20149:55 pm

Keith: I don’t know that that was your best vocal performance.
Jennifer: You’re a star
Harry: This is not your strong suit. This was not good.

Jessica February 19, 20149:54 pm

That was like, a Season 1 performance

Jessica February 19, 20149:54 pm

Pretty much

Reuben February 19, 20149:54 pm

This is a train wreck.

idolbot February 19, 20149:53 pm

Spencer is singing Love Don’t Die by The Fray

Jessica February 19, 20149:53 pm

Weak opening there.

Jessica February 19, 20149:52 pm

I think I will call Spencer Giant Bieber, because to me, and I have face blindness, he looks like Justin Bieber only bigger

Reuben February 19, 20149:52 pm

Okay so this is like when in Season 3 they did a wildcard round, watched the rehearsals, and only let some people sing. But note that each of those singers had already played in regular shows.

idolbot February 19, 20149:51 pm

The last singer is Spencer Lloyd.

idolbot February 19, 20149:46 pm

Harry: I think you did a great job.
Keith: You’ve got a great voice. Better than the guitar playing.
Jennifer: You came alive on stage.

Reuben February 19, 20149:45 pm

Nope. David Cook. Casey James. Both did solos.

Jessica February 19, 20149:45 pm

I dunno. That was, uh, well, we’ve heard worse tonight. And yeah his tie is incompetently tied.

Reuben February 19, 20149:44 pm

That solo was terrible! Unless it was an ironic solo like in that Dr Hook song.

Reuben February 19, 20149:43 pm

Nobody. Knows. This. Song.

Jessica February 19, 20149:43 pm

It’s also better than ice storms. WAY.

idolbot February 19, 20149:43 pm

Ben is singing Soulshine by the Allman Brothers

Reuben February 19, 20149:41 pm

Uh, the guy who was not even good enough to definitely include in the Top 15?

idolbot February 19, 20149:41 pm

The ninth singer is Ben Briley

Reuben February 19, 20149:38 pm

idolbot February 19, 20149:37 pm

Jennifer: I wanted your performance to hit me more. I should have gotten goosies.
Harry: You sang the exact same 5 notes over and over. You sang so sharp.
Keith: I would have felt it if you had made different choices.

Reuben February 19, 20149:36 pm

I pine for the days when contestants would blow up at the judges after a bad review.

Reuben February 19, 20149:33 pm

Pitchy dogg.

Jessica February 19, 20149:33 pm

This song sure has a lot of words in it

Reuben February 19, 20149:33 pm

This started good and went way off at the bridge.

idolbot February 19, 20149:33 pm

Malcolm is singing Coming from Where I’m From by Anthony Hamilton

idolbot February 19, 20149:30 pm

The eighth singer is Malcolm Allen.

Jessica February 19, 20149:26 pm

Oh der Phil Phillips. I was thinking of Phil Stacey.

idolbot February 19, 20149:26 pm

Keith: Really good performance.
Jennifer: You could really go far.
Harry: I really liked it.

Jessica February 19, 20149:25 pm

Phil? Nosferatu Phil?

Reuben February 19, 20149:24 pm

That was okay, just like Phil Phillips’ version was, but it’s not an exciting song, really. And Phil was dreamy.

Jessica February 19, 20149:23 pm

That was a really meh song, pretty competently performed, but meh. Overwhelmingly meh.

idolbot February 19, 20149:23 pm

Alex is doing Volcano by Damien Rice

Jessica February 19, 20149:21 pm

Eye contact is overrated. By people not on the autism spectrum.

Jessica February 19, 20149:20 pm

Alex “derpface” Preston on deck

idolbot February 19, 20149:20 pm

The seventh singer is Alex Preston

idolbot February 19, 20149:13 pm

Harry: Nice performance, but what’s going to set you apart from other country performers?
Keith: There is [sic] a thousand guys like you in bars all over the place.
Jennifer: You did your thing, it sounded great.

Jessica February 19, 20149:12 pm

His—mom, I think?—held up the crappiest sign I’ve ever seen. It looks like the little tent-cards they make you put on your desk for the first couple weeks of elementary school.

idolbot February 19, 20149:11 pm

Dexter is singing This Ole Boy by Craig Morgan

Jessica February 19, 20149:10 pm

This sure is country music y’all

Reuben February 19, 20149:09 pm

Making it you. By doing covers of other people’s covers, Daughtry?

idolbot February 19, 20149:08 pm

The sixth singer is Dexter Roberts.

Jessica February 19, 20149:08 pm

Harry: stahp

Jessica February 19, 20149:07 pm

I forget how to do an ascii cat

Jessica February 19, 20149:06 pm

Ugh, SOMEONE won’t let me post any pictures of my cats.

Jessica February 19, 20149:04 pm

Wanna see some pictures of my cats?

Reuben February 19, 20149:03 pm


Reuben February 19, 20149:03 pm

Aflac still has some guy doing a Gilbert Gottfried impression?

Reuben February 19, 20149:01 pm

Man, seeing the show during the commercials really enhances the whole experience. But can’t I get more content on my second-screen? Come on man.

idolbot February 19, 20149:00 pm

Jennifer: That was really good. Control the runs more.
Harry: It spun out of control. It was one-note. I’ve heard you sing better.
Keith: I don’t think that was the right song.

Jessica February 19, 20148:59 pm

Now just think if he had sung a good song! That gave him more to do, vocally! Then again maybe he’d fall apart on such a song.

Reuben February 19, 20148:58 pm

That was like a 6/10.

Reuben February 19, 20148:57 pm

Grenade at 60 bpm. Good call, arranger.

Jessica February 19, 20148:57 pm

This is competent, for what it is. His vibrato is a little much at times.

idolbot February 19, 20148:57 pm

George is singing Grenade by Bruno Mars

Jessica February 19, 20148:56 pm

Gee I haven’t heard “Grenade” enough times in my life. (that’s a lie i pretty much dig that song but i’m ashamed)

idolbot February 19, 20148:55 pm

The fifth singer is George Lovett

Reuben February 19, 20148:54 pm

Nothing elevates a contest like making it more like a fraternity event.

Reuben February 19, 20148:51 pm

Sundance Head burn

Jessica February 19, 20148:50 pm

Sam gets really red when he’s—whatever he is. Embarrassed? “About halfway through [he] looked like [he]’d been boiled”

Reuben February 19, 20148:50 pm

Simon: It was … good. I’m not jumpin’ out’a’my chair.

Jessica February 19, 20148:48 pm

Can they not work out the whole sound situation in that theater? Why so much weird echo and noise and crap?

idolbot February 19, 20148:48 pm

Keith: Your voice is beautiful.
Jennifer: I think you gave a great performance.
Harry: Really good performance, good song choice. I hope you get more confident.

Reuben February 19, 20148:47 pm

Ah. I’ve heard this song. The problem with it is that it’s 90% forgettable. The hook is unmistakable, but it takes awhile to get there. Anyway, this guy is a shoo in.

Jessica February 19, 20148:47 pm

Oh ok, decent finish there.

Jessica February 19, 20148:46 pm

This is not terribly impressive, but it’s not impressively terrible!

idolbot February 19, 20148:45 pm

Sam is singing Babylon by David Gray

Reuben February 19, 20148:45 pm

Looks like kind of a mouth breather to me.

Jessica February 19, 20148:44 pm

He’s just the cutest. Oh god does that make me a pervert? He’s 17.

Jessica February 19, 20148:44 pm

Let’s call him Handsome Sam

idolbot February 19, 20148:44 pm

The fourth singer is Sam Woolf.

Reuben February 19, 20148:42 pm

Jessica February 19, 20148:41 pm

Jeremiah the bullfrog, however…

Jessica February 19, 20148:41 pm

Nota bene Vonzell was not a friend of Reuben’s

Reuben February 19, 20148:40 pm

I remember Vonzell. Vonzell was a friend of mine. You sir, are no Vonzell.

Jessica February 19, 20148:38 pm

What, he gets a second song because his first one sucked? Uncool, JLo.

Reuben February 19, 20148:38 pm

Is everyone else going to get two songs?

idolbot February 19, 20148:37 pm

Harry: You’re so much fun. Make sure you sing the song.
Keith: You were above the note most the time. If you watch it back you’ll go “ooh”.
Jennifer: I adore you. I don’t know that that was the best song for you.

Reuben February 19, 20148:36 pm

I think the main problems with this are that it’s a crap song and it wasn’t good singing.

Reuben February 19, 20148:35 pm

I kind of feel like with a movement coach, a song coach, and a performance coach maybe they’re a little overscheduled. As kids today are.

idolbot February 19, 20148:35 pm

Emmanuel is singing Best of My Love by The Emotions

Jessica February 19, 20148:35 pm

He dances like a hot chick but he’s a fat guy. Oh and his singing isn’t terribly impressive.

idolbot February 19, 20148:33 pm

The third singer is Emmanuel Zidor.

Reuben February 19, 20148:27 pm

And Paula would talk about how wondrous his eyes were and how cats are pretty.

Reuben February 19, 20148:26 pm

This is when Simon would say it’s a singing competition, and that was not good.

Jessica February 19, 20148:26 pm

The dental excuse

idolbot February 19, 20148:26 pm

Jennifer: You’re awesome.
Harry: You have a tendency to be sharp.
Keith: You’re a great Alabama boy.

Jessica February 19, 20148:26 pm

I’m sorry but I don’t care how connected he is to the lyrics, if it sounds horrible I’m going to notice that.

Reuben February 19, 20148:25 pm

Ok, fine, I defer to Harry that it was sharp. But it was not on pitch at all.

Jessica February 19, 20148:25 pm

Are JLo’s ears broken? That was terrible.

Jessica February 19, 20148:24 pm

He gives the girls a run for their money. In being awful. Rimshot.

Reuben February 19, 20148:24 pm

This guy is way under the note all the way through.

Reuben February 19, 20148:23 pm

This is not good. Ray LaMontagne sings on key. This is not on key.

Jessica February 19, 20148:23 pm

This song doesn’t seem to have a, um, melody, at least not the way CJ is singing it

idolbot February 19, 20148:23 pm

C.J. is doing Shelter by Ray LaMontagne.

Reuben February 19, 20148:21 pm

Country soul? So … Darius Rucker then.

idolbot February 19, 20148:21 pm

The second singer is C.J. Harris.

Reuben February 19, 20148:20 pm

Wait, shizz is an alias for shit?

Jessica February 19, 20148:18 pm

I like that I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (except yes I totally can) now makes a “less artificial” fake butter. People who want non-artificial butter just use butter. And butter is awesome.

Jessica February 19, 20148:15 pm

Is it, like, the new shizz, as in shit?

idolbot February 19, 20148:15 pm

Keith: Great way to start the show.
Jennifer: Amazing. That was the real deal.
Harry: Really strong way to start.

Jessica February 19, 20148:14 pm

Ish? “Real rockstar ish”? What the hell is ish?

Jessica February 19, 20148:14 pm

Oh right, the singing. Very good. He is good at his job.

Jessica February 19, 20148:13 pm

But for a beer vacation I would still probably recommend Portland, Oregon. I like beer.

Reuben February 19, 20148:13 pm

I enjoyed this, to be honest. Good song, good singing. Didn’t really bring anything new to it, but that’s ok in this case.

Jessica February 19, 20148:13 pm

Caleb is from Asheville, North Carolina, which has the most breweries per capita in the nation.

idolbot February 19, 20148:12 pm

idolbot February 19, 20148:12 pm

Caleb is singing Rod Stewart/Faces Stay with Me.

Jessica February 19, 20148:10 pm

Caleb Johnson, or as I like to call him, Fat Bo Bice

idolbot February 19, 20148:10 pm

The first guy to perform is Caleb Johnson.

Jessica February 19, 20148:08 pm

Advice from Harry: Don’t suck.

Reuben February 19, 20148:06 pm

Also wild cards are dumb. The 3 week semis were fine.

Jessica February 19, 20148:05 pm

But not as stupid ad JLo’s outfit

Jessica February 19, 20148:04 pm

Do you think Idol has a deal with that sex line that was (scandalously) at 866-IDOLS-13? Or did they buy that number eventually? What I’m really saying is having a top 13 is stupid.

Reuben February 19, 20148:04 pm

This recap is for the large amount of people that didn’t watch last night.

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