Season 13 Top 13 Liveblog

Alrighty, another one of these things

Jessica February 26, 201410:00 pm

I also wouldn’t be surprised to see CJ in the bottom three

Reuben February 26, 20149:58 pm

I think if they don’t make voting enough of an effort, people will vote for everyone. That said, Kristen is almost certainly not safe, right?

Jessica February 26, 20149:58 pm

I wouldn’t bet against Kristen O’Connor going home tomorrow night

idolbot February 26, 20149:57 pm

Keith: Killer! Such a great song. Find a twist to put on songs.
Jennifer: You’re so ready for a rock star life.
Harry: You killed it.

Jessica February 26, 20149:56 pm

Agree. He does kinda border on self-parody though.

Reuben February 26, 20149:55 pm

I thought that basically worked. I liked it. Way over the top, but definitely rockin.

Jessica February 26, 20149:55 pm

It’s hizzouse, I’m fairly certain

Reuben February 26, 20149:55 pm

Taylor Hicks in the hissouse

Jessica February 26, 20149:55 pm

Also I want to fire whoever is in charge of the graphics on that giant screen behind the kids. SO ANNOYING.

idolbot February 26, 20149:54 pm

Caleb Johnson is singing Pressure and Time by Rival Sons

Jessica February 26, 20149:54 pm

I want to take away Caleb’s mic stand just to see what he’d do without it

idolbot February 26, 20149:48 pm

Harry: I thought it was good, I didn’t think it was great.
Keith: The tempo was too slow.
Jennifer: You just have to come alive more. Your voice is amazing.

Jessica February 26, 20149:47 pm

He’s certainly not what I would call charismatic

Reuben February 26, 20149:46 pm

This is a great song, but this is not a great performance. Sorry. I’m sleepy now.

Jessica February 26, 20149:46 pm

He’s performing this song perfectly well. And he’s such a cutie-pie.

idolbot February 26, 20149:45 pm

Sam Woolf is singing Unwell by Matchbox 20

Jessica February 26, 20149:45 pm

Handsome Sam does a Matchbox 20 classic

Reuben February 26, 20149:38 pm

Keith channeling the insobriety of Paula Abdul.

idolbot February 26, 20149:38 pm

Jennifer: You did it so beautifully.
Harry: I’m proud of you.
Keith: Beautiful vocal performance. It was too yin.

Jessica February 26, 20149:38 pm

I have sort of an impression that that was pretty and nice, but evidently nothing about it captured my attention. Because of tabbed browsers. A blessing and a curse.

Jessica February 26, 20149:37 pm

Oh crap I forgot to pay attention to Emily

Reuben February 26, 20149:36 pm

Kinda treacly, but nice.

idolbot February 26, 20149:35 pm

Emily Piriz is singing Glitter in the Air by Pink.

Jessica February 26, 20149:34 pm

Kids. No one’s eyes actually change color.

Jessica February 26, 20149:30 pm

They shouldn’t high-five so much, since getting sick can be so disastrous for them. I would keep hand sanitizer in my pocket at all times if they made me do that. Luckily I can’t sing at all so it won’t come up.

Reuben February 26, 20149:29 pm

Jesus, this is a marathon.

idolbot February 26, 20149:29 pm

Keith: Reminded me of the dark quality we saw in you.
Jennifer: My favorite so far. Dope.
Harry: Nice job.

idolbot February 26, 20149:28 pm

Jessica Meuse is singing The Crow and the Butterfly by Shinedown

Jessica February 26, 20149:26 pm

I really dig Jessica’s voice. Enough that I forgive her Stevie Nicks vibrato.

Jessica February 26, 20149:25 pm

How do you fail band? Cut class every day?

Jessica February 26, 20149:25 pm

Is there anything JLo has not loved so far?

Reuben February 26, 20149:25 pm

Pitch wasn’t perfect, but it was a good choice and I thought more than competent.

idolbot February 26, 20149:24 pm

Harry: Try to sing in tune. It didn’t serve you well.
Keith: It pulled me in.
Jennifer: I was caught up in the mood. I loved it.

Jessica February 26, 20149:22 pm

Some big notes, though, competently executed. Super weak ending.

Reuben February 26, 20149:22 pm

I kinda think this is terrific.

Jessica February 26, 20149:22 pm

Alex has chosen a rather boring song, but he’s singing it reasonably well

idolbot February 26, 20149:21 pm

Alex Preston is singing A Beautiful Mess by Jason Mraz

idolbot February 26, 20149:14 pm

Jennifer: I was worried for you, but at the end I loved it.
Harry: You made good melodic choices.
Keith: It was pitchy at the beginning. You owned it after that.

Jessica February 26, 20149:13 pm

At least she found a key, mostly, as the song went on. But, yuck.

Reuben February 26, 20149:12 pm

This is amazingly like a female Clay Aiken performance.

Jessica February 26, 20149:12 pm

Jena needs, like, a dialog coach or something. She has a good strong voice, but the way she delivers the lyrics is just… unfortunate.

Reuben February 26, 20149:12 pm

I do not enjoy this.

idolbot February 26, 20149:11 pm

Jena Irene is singing The Scientist by Coldplay

Jessica February 26, 20149:11 pm

Everything about this is horrible

idolbot February 26, 20149:04 pm

Keith: Killer song choice. Just get more confident.
Jennifer: I love your individuality. That was a great performance.
Harry: That was terrific.

Reuben February 26, 20149:03 pm

Majesty was a little shaky, but otherwise I thought it was good.

Jessica February 26, 20149:02 pm

Did they actually fix the sound at some point? If so, sucks for the earlier contestants this episode.

idolbot February 26, 20149:02 pm

Majesty York is singing Tightrope by Janelle Monae

Jessica February 26, 20149:01 pm

Majesty is doing a creditable job of singing as well

Jessica February 26, 20148:55 pm

Stop being so heteronormative, maaaaaan

Jessica February 26, 20148:54 pm

It makes me a little uncomfortable that Harry complimented MK’s deliberately feminizing makeup. I wonder how she feels about the makeup herself. I mean, she was pretty androgynous before, and if that’s her style, I don’t see why she should have to change that.

idolbot February 26, 20148:54 pm

Harry: I thought it was really cool. I enjoyed it.
Keith: A little bit deer-in-the-headlight. Your voice is consistent.
Jennifer: It was really smart. I loved it.

Jessica February 26, 20148:52 pm

I think that was really good though; I think MK will make some fans with that. She made a fan of me. I had a vague impression I liked her before, but that was pretty great.

Reuben February 26, 20148:52 pm

That being said, I thought it was good. Not great, but good.

Reuben February 26, 20148:52 pm

Another song that never charted. I’m not sure of the wisdom of doing deep cuts from artists I’ve never heard of.

Jessica February 26, 20148:51 pm

I mean other than the asinine screen behind her

Jessica February 26, 20148:51 pm

I am actually liking this

idolbot February 26, 20148:51 pm

M.K. Nobilette is singing Satisfaction by Allen Stone

Jessica February 26, 20148:50 pm

A strong start from MK

Jessica February 26, 20148:49 pm

Maybe CJ’s slight country flava can help him conquer the Black Man Bias. Or it will work against him. Or neither.

idolbot February 26, 20148:49 pm

Jennifer: I think you did really well.
Harry: I want to hear the cry in your voice. I thought it was an ok song choice.
Keith: Good song choice.

Reuben February 26, 20148:47 pm

C.J. did pretty well, I think, overall.

Jessica February 26, 20148:47 pm

That was ok. Again, not entirely in tune. Sigh.

Jessica February 26, 20148:47 pm

Darius Rucker, better known as Hootie

idolbot February 26, 20148:46 pm

C.J. Harris is singing Radio by Darius Rucker

Jessica February 26, 20148:44 pm

I too hate icy roads in the winter, CJ. And deer hunting, though that comes up less often. In that it comes up never.

idolbot February 26, 20148:39 pm

Keith: It was particularly brisk. Be careful when you sacrifice artistry for performance.
Jennifer: I liked the tempo. I loved it.
Harry: It was unquestionably the best of the night. I really loved it.

Jessica February 26, 20148:39 pm

I didn’t like the frantic tempo, but the singing didn’t sound bad. Unlike the previous kids. I can call them all kids because I’ve been older than all of them for like three years now.

Reuben February 26, 20148:37 pm

This is at least in tune. I ain’t mad at it.

Reuben February 26, 20148:36 pm

I guess one way to make sure you do the whole song in 90 seconds is to speed it up 3x.

idolbot February 26, 20148:36 pm

Ben Briley is singing Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash

Jessica February 26, 20148:35 pm

Ben Briley shot a man in Reno just to watch him die

Jessica February 26, 20148:34 pm

Ben Briley misses Polaroids, is 100 years old apparently

Jessica February 26, 20148:29 pm

Ben Briley looks super uncomfortable getting powdered by the makeup lady. That makes me happy. Because I’m a jerk.

idolbot February 26, 20148:28 pm

Harry: I didn’t feel like you were singing what the song was about. You sang it out of tune.
Keith: You did the song well.
Jennifer: Start thinking about what the song is about.

Jessica February 26, 20148:26 pm

Kristen ain’t really in-tune either. Bring back Marc Anthony to help them with their ear monitors. Never mind that JLo divorced him; that was helpful.

Reuben February 26, 20148:25 pm

This song never charted. Why do this song?

idolbot February 26, 20148:25 pm

Kristen O’Connor is singing Beautiful Disaster by Kelly Clarkson

idolbot February 26, 20148:22 pm

Jennifer: It wasn’t your best vocal performance. It went a little off the rails.
Harry: Jitters made you out of tune.
Keith: Figure out how to get on top of the song.

Jessica February 26, 20148:21 pm

Harry apologizes for Malaya

Reuben February 26, 20148:20 pm

This is amazingly out of tune.

Jessica February 26, 20148:20 pm

Can we really characterize what Malaya is doing as singing? I kind of don’t think so.

idolbot February 26, 20148:19 pm

Malaya Watson is singing Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars

Reuben February 26, 20148:17 pm

Neil Degrasse Tyson promises to educate you in the most gratuitous and flashy way.

Jessica February 26, 20148:13 pm

Looking up the lyrics, um, is that song entirely about drinking? Is Dexter trying to tell us he’s an alcoholic?

idolbot February 26, 20148:12 pm

Keith: Good, but you need to make it more Dexter.
Jennifer: Same as Keith.
Harry: You have a pitch issue.

idolbot February 26, 20148:11 pm

Dexter Roberts is singing Aw Naw by Chris Young

Jessica February 26, 20148:10 pm

Dexter’s mom(?) sure has big hair

Jessica February 26, 20148:09 pm

I can understand like 10% of Dexter Roberts’ words.

Reuben February 26, 20148:08 pm

Does anyone still vote by phone?

Jessica February 26, 20148:08 pm

Hmm. The whole extended internet voting thing might prove an interesting wrinkle.

Jessica February 26, 20148:07 pm

Huh. The whole 1-number all season thing is an interesting and possibly good idea.

Reuben February 26, 20148:06 pm

Keith’s new haircut is half-way toward the villain from The Fifth Element.

Jessica February 26, 20148:06 pm

“This is me” is a terrible theme. Whose whole life can be summed up in one song? That Idol can get approval for?

Reuben February 26, 20148:05 pm

Singing next:

Jessica February 26, 20148:04 pm

I’ll learn their names eventually

Jessica February 26, 20148:04 pm

I didn’t know men wore capris. Maybe Band Geek is blazing trails.

Reuben February 26, 20148:03 pm

I get a serious “Running Man” vibe from this new set, for some reason.

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  • B Cabello

    did anybody else notice that the theme music played when the show comes back from commercials is different? fan or not a fan? personally I don’t like it…

    • jessica_dennis

      Huh, I didn’t notice, but now I’m going to pay attention and see if I hate it. Confession: I rarely pay attention to anything but the actual singing. Reuben and the IdolBot pay attention to judges and stuff 😀

      Update: it’s super ignorable. I have no feelings either way at this point, but let’s see if it grows on me, gets old fast, or continues not to register at all when I hear it

      • B Cabello

        meh, I feel it sounds kinda cheap… I liked the other one better. It made me run whenever I had to take a bathroom break “IT’S BACK ON! HURRY”.

        • jessica_dennis

          The old one was definitely more distinctive. The new one seems like it’s part of a commercial or something, so it’s definitely less helpful. So, dislike.

  • B Cabello

    Is it bad that I REALLY dislike Jena?

    • jessica_dennis

      I bet she and her friends go to brunches and get REALLY LOUD and annoying. Or would if they could, or will at some future time.

      • B Cabello

        I don’t think she diserved that wildcard.. ugh…

  • B Cabello

    why is Sam so perfect?

    • jessica_dennis

      He even seems kind of bashful in a ridiculously endearing way

      • B Cabello

        He’s adorable and very talented. He’s my favorite, and Alex Preston goes next <3

  • Matthew Richards

    I really like this group of kids. Jessica, Alex, and Majesty were all amazing. I also really liked Emily, Caleb, and (shocker) Ben. Even Kristen didn’t sound awful: she chose the ballad version of a lesser-known but quality Kelly Clarkson song and sang it respectably. I hope people give MK and Malaya another chance: MK didn’t blend well with the band and backup singers, and Malaya just didn’t sing well. But they both have something special.