Season 13 Top 12 Liveblog

We’re getting a bit of a late start because someone was “doing physics” instead of idol blogging.

Jessica March 5, 20149:59 pm

My advice: be better.

Reuben March 5, 20149:59 pm

Of what significance is the result 1 minute after somebody performed?

Jessica March 5, 20149:58 pm

And yeah, I think it’ll probably be MK on the way out tomorrow. Sadface.

Jessica March 5, 20149:57 pm

Emily is a Bottom 3 contender for me, along with MK and maybe CJ. That would be my bottom 3, probably.

Reuben March 5, 20149:57 pm

Any way you cut it, M.K. is almost certainly gone, right?

Reuben March 5, 20149:56 pm

I can’t believe how high and low that went.

idolbot March 5, 20149:56 pm

Harry: I enjoyed the beginning. I wish it had stayed there.
Jennifer: It didn’t quite work out.
Keith: I’d be repeating what they said.

Jessica March 5, 20149:55 pm

Eeew right up until that attempt at a high note

Reuben March 5, 20149:55 pm

Wow, that went really wrong.

Reuben March 5, 20149:55 pm

This is terrific!

idolbot March 5, 20149:55 pm

Majesty Rose is singing Fix You by Coldplay

Jessica March 5, 20149:54 pm

Aww this is pretty

Reuben March 5, 20149:48 pm

I was more positive than they were. I thought that was fine. That’s actually not a bad song.

idolbot March 5, 20149:48 pm

Jennifer: In the beginning some problems, but it came together.
Harry: It felt shouted to me. It was ok, it wasn’t great.
Keith: There was so much focus on the range that I lost the emotion.

Jessica March 5, 20149:47 pm


Reuben March 5, 20149:46 pm

I … like this? Is my brain broken?

Jessica March 5, 20149:46 pm

You hardly ever hear a man caterwauling, but that’s when Ben is doing

idolbot March 5, 20149:45 pm

Ben Briley is singing Turning Home by David Nail

idolbot March 5, 20149:38 pm

Keith: Beautiful. Great job.
Jennifer: Goosies from head to toe.
Harry: You saw it all the way through.

Jessica March 5, 20149:37 pm

Gospel is another one of those things like country where I just… blah. The best performances of each leave me pretty much unmoved.

Jessica March 5, 20149:36 pm

Ho yeah.

Reuben March 5, 20149:36 pm

My guess is Malaya is safe as hell this week.

Jessica March 5, 20149:36 pm

Yeah. But this should play well with the Idol demographic. Lots of lordy lordy people.

Reuben March 5, 20149:35 pm

This is some stupid god thing right?

idolbot March 5, 20149:35 pm

Malaya Watson is singing Take Me to the King by Tamela Mann

Jessica March 5, 20149:34 pm

Malaya is wearing a pretty dress. It looks nice.

idolbot March 5, 20149:28 pm

Harry: It was pleasant. There needs to be more emotional dynamics. You’re one-beat.
Keith: I know what Harry’s saying. I’d buy your record.
Jennifer: You have to push outside your comfort zone.

Jessica March 5, 20149:27 pm

I don’t think Handsome Sam (not gonna stop calling him that) has anything to worry about at this point, even though he’s not exactly lighting the world on fire with this performance.

idolbot March 5, 20149:25 pm

Sam Woolf is singing Just One by Blind Pilot

Reuben March 5, 20149:21 pm

Also, saying “intonation” to refer to being off-key is odd. In a technical sense, intonation refers to the relative pitch of an instrument relative to its tuned pitch. So a guitar can have correct intonation but be off pitch.

Reuben March 5, 20149:20 pm

Harry always says sharp. I’m starting to doubt his absolute pitch meter.

idolbot March 5, 20149:19 pm

Jennifer: I loved that performance.
Harry: You sang sharp, it was alright.
Keith: All that’s missing is you have to make songs your own.

Reuben March 5, 20149:17 pm

This seems very flat to me, in a musical sense. Also boring. Also I’ve heard this song literally 1 million times.

idolbot March 5, 20149:17 pm

C.J. Harris is singing Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer

Jessica March 5, 20149:16 pm

I think this might be worse than MK

Jessica March 5, 20149:16 pm

John Mayer does not need to happen, CJ

Jessica March 5, 20149:14 pm

Eew Phillip Phillips

Jessica March 5, 20149:10 pm

I promise I will always abbreviate MK without the periods, because lazy

Reuben March 5, 20149:09 pm

If readers are wondering, I promise I will never abbreviate M.K. without the periods.

idolbot March 5, 20149:09 pm

Keith: Vocals were fine. The performance isn’t coming together.
Jennifer: I felt you pushing. Very sweet.
Harry: I don’t get the feeling you want to be here.

Jessica March 5, 20149:07 pm

With her nontraditional biography and this weak performance, I think MK is pretty much guaranteed a spot in the bottom three.

Reuben March 5, 20149:07 pm


Jessica March 5, 20149:07 pm

She’s not doing her own na-ing? Huh.

Reuben March 5, 20149:07 pm

M.K. is in a lot of trouble here.

idolbot March 5, 20149:06 pm

M.K. Nobilette is singing Drops of Jupiter by Train

Jessica March 5, 20149:06 pm

Bad opening from MK 🙁

Reuben March 5, 20148:59 pm

Sorry, it’s just not a proper Rush song without a 12 minute drum solo.

idolbot March 5, 20148:58 pm

Harry: Consistent, but predictable.
Keith: You have an amazing gift. You need to stand out from the band.
Jennifer: Great job tonight.

Reuben March 5, 20148:56 pm


Jessica March 5, 20148:56 pm

Oh Caleb. Gimme a break.

Reuben March 5, 20148:55 pm

Well, last time I looked I’m not smoking pot, so this sucks.

Jessica March 5, 20148:55 pm

I wish he wasn’t though

idolbot March 5, 20148:55 pm

Caleb Johnson is singing Working Man by Rush

Jessica March 5, 20148:53 pm

Pia’s friend was Karen Rodriguez (had to look that one up in the Idol DB

idolbot March 5, 20148:52 pm

Jennifer: Really good job.
Harry: Too big for you.
Keith: I loved it.

Reuben March 5, 20148:50 pm

That song was written at a 3rd grade level.

Jessica March 5, 20148:49 pm

Singing in Spanish didn’t work for, um, you know, Pia Toscano’s friend. That chick. So it probably won’t help Emily.

Reuben March 5, 20148:49 pm

I slightly doubt the wisdom of doing a JLo song that wasn’t even a hit.

idolbot March 5, 20148:48 pm

Emily Piriz is singing Let’s Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez

Jessica March 5, 20148:48 pm

I don’t know that singing a JLo song is a good choice. JLo is not primarily a singer.

Jessica March 5, 20148:46 pm

Awww Emily is dating a soldier. That’s sweet.

Reuben March 5, 20148:45 pm

I remember Michael Sarver’s being really bad.

Jessica March 5, 20148:44 pm

I think they all probably sang it less lackadaisically than Alex did, though

Reuben March 5, 20148:44 pm

Five people have sung the song Alex did, and none were in the bottom 3, FWIW.

Reuben March 5, 20148:41 pm

Jennifer’s taking ownership of the Scotty McCreery debacle?

idolbot March 5, 20148:41 pm

Keith: Perfect song. Really well done.
Jennifer: [some stuff about Scotty?]
Harry: The best of the night.

Jessica March 5, 20148:39 pm

It sounded like it was probably supposed to sound like that?

Reuben March 5, 20148:38 pm

I have no comment on this. It’s like seeing a painting from an extra-terrestrial. Maybe it’s good on that planet.

Jessica March 5, 20148:38 pm

If you like country music you probably like this. It’s performed as well as it probably needs to be.

idolbot March 5, 20148:38 pm

Dexter Roberts is singing Lucky Man by Montgomery Gentry

idolbot March 5, 20148:28 pm

Harry: Blase. Sharp the whole time.
Keith: If you mean it, people won’t care about pitch.
Jennifer: It’s still not coming off as comfortable. That was so sharp that it was distracting. It didn’t happen tonight.

Jessica March 5, 20148:26 pm

And I don’t think her ending note was quite on the button

Jessica March 5, 20148:26 pm

This sounds kind of terrible

Reuben March 5, 20148:25 pm

Jessica looks great, but this is not my cup of tea. The song is great, love that tune, but the Stevie Nicks version just isn’t making it for me.

Jessica March 5, 20148:25 pm

Aaaaand so is the chorus

Jessica March 5, 20148:25 pm

That opening was a little thin

idolbot March 5, 20148:25 pm

Jessica Meuse is singing White Flag by Dido

Jessica March 5, 20148:23 pm

It wasn’t terrible, though, and I expect at least a couple downright terrible performances

Reuben March 5, 20148:22 pm

Alex is my favorite, so I hope he has enough fans to keep him in this week. That wasn’t good at all.

idolbot March 5, 20148:22 pm

Jennifer: Wasn’t your best vocal. Not a good arrangement.
Harry: You were overpowered by the arrangement. I admire that you tried something different.
Keith: [Translation] you were awkward.

Jessica March 5, 20148:20 pm

JLo also noticed the pants thing

Jessica March 5, 20148:19 pm

Oh yeah I guess that is an attempt at a little reggae flava. Which is funny because Alex is hella white. I’m using hella now. I don’t know why.

Reuben March 5, 20148:19 pm

Decent comping on guitar, though.

Jessica March 5, 20148:19 pm

Alex is singing more or less competently I guess. And once again he’s got his pants rolled up above his ankles. He must have a thing about pants touching his ankles. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Reuben March 5, 20148:18 pm

A reggae version of a song this tired … this really wasn’t a good choice.

idolbot March 5, 20148:18 pm

Alex is singing I Don’t Want to Be by Gavin Degraw

idolbot March 5, 20148:13 pm

Keith: Not a great song choice.
Jennifer: Your tone is unique.
Harry: I kept waiting for you to jump up.

idolbot March 5, 20148:12 pm

Jena is singing Suddenly I See by K.T. Tunstall

Jessica March 5, 20148:09 pm

What on Earth is Jena wearing, what is the graphics guy smoking, and why is she singing this song? It’s weak sauce.

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