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Jessica March 12, 201410:01 pm

Poor little MK

Reuben March 12, 20149:59 pm

If I’m picking, it’s Jessica, Malaya, or Ben. If the public is picking, probably M.K.

Reuben March 12, 20149:58 pm

I don’t know what the hell they were listening to.

idolbot March 12, 20149:58 pm

Jennifer: Perfect way to end the show. That was killer.
Harry: There is a big belter. Nice job.
Keith: Magnificent.

Jessica March 12, 20149:57 pm

Ummmm she is not a belter. Belters are usually good at belting, which she is not.

Reuben March 12, 20149:55 pm

This is really weak. Way way off-pitch, overly theatrical.

Jessica March 12, 20149:55 pm

Yeah. Only Lisa Tucker, whom I faintly remember, has performed this song before

Reuben March 12, 20149:55 pm

Ok, at least it’s not that.

idolbot March 12, 20149:55 pm

Malaya is singing I Am Changing by Jennifer Holliday.

Reuben March 12, 20149:52 pm

This song is about to pass from 3rd to 2nd place for song sung the most times on Idol.

Jessica March 12, 20149:50 pm

It’s only been performed 6 times on Idol so far, though!

Reuben March 12, 20149:49 pm

They really need to stop allowing this Dream Girls song.

idolbot March 12, 20149:48 pm

Keith: Exhilarating.
Jennifer: You have one of the best voices here. America get on board with this. Great, best of the night.
Harry: It was different, just as good as the original. Very strong. Nice work.

Jessica March 12, 20149:46 pm

That was competently performed. There was a little yelly bit in the middle, but overall she did a good job. She has a phenomenal voice, but I still think she needs a dialogue coach.

Reuben March 12, 20149:46 pm

I thought it was fine. Not outstanding, but good. Very very big song.

Jessica March 12, 20149:45 pm

Jena’s horribly grating accent is less apparent in this song, so I hate it less than other performances of hers

idolbot March 12, 20149:43 pm

Jena is singing Decode by Paramour.

Jessica March 12, 20149:41 pm

Whereas I will be horrified if she does

Reuben March 12, 20149:41 pm

I know she won’t, but I would be thrilled if Jena sang Flightless Bird, American Mouth.

Reuben March 12, 20149:38 pm

Alex has outstanding pitch. The best of this group for sure. I kind of get what Keith was saying. I feel suspense when he’s up, like maybe he won’t quite pull it off, but he always does.

idolbot March 12, 20149:37 pm

Harry: Really proud of you, man.
Keith: You have a raw fragility.
Jennifer: Perfect song for you, you sang it beautifully.

Jessica March 12, 20149:36 pm

Oh his performance. It was fine, I guess. I hate that song. He changed it up some, which was nice enough. But I’m really tired of that song.

Reuben March 12, 20149:35 pm

I liked it. Alex is almost always on point.

Jessica March 12, 20149:35 pm

Are Alex’s cuffs even higher this week?

Jessica March 12, 20149:33 pm


idolbot March 12, 20149:33 pm

Alex is singing Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.

Jessica March 12, 20149:30 pm

Oh god I hope it’s not that schlocky “Falling Slowly”

idolbot March 12, 20149:26 pm

Jennifer: I really loved that.
Harry: Make sure you nail the melisma. I thought it was nice.
Keith: Really, really good.

Jessica March 12, 20149:24 pm

That wasn’t great, and with two trips to the bottom three under her belt… I dunno.

Reuben March 12, 20149:24 pm

Really hard to judge this. This is one of the greatest songs ever written, so it starts out really good to begin with. I thought it was competent.

Reuben March 12, 20149:23 pm

M.K. always reminds me of, have you ever seen the Abe Lincoln animatronic thing at Disneyland? That.

idolbot March 12, 20149:22 pm

M.K. Nobilette is singing Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan.

idolbot March 12, 20149:15 pm

Keith: That was an amazing choice. Great power, really good.
Jennifer: I loved that. Perfect song choice.
Harry: That was fantastic.

Reuben March 12, 20149:14 pm

I liked that. About as good as it can be on a song that’s kind of boring.

Jessica March 12, 20149:14 pm

Ok yeah, I mean, yeah, but that still didn’t need to happen. But people will vote for that.

idolbot March 12, 20149:12 pm

Caleb is singing Skyfall by Adele.

Reuben March 12, 20149:12 pm

Wow, Jessica is amazing accurate in her assessment that Caleb = Meatloaf + Jack Black

Reuben March 12, 20149:10 pm

I think Jennifer’s review is exactly what I think current middle-class parenting is like. “You’re wonderful, you can do anything.”

idolbot March 12, 20149:09 pm

Harry: I’m losing sight of who you are. Tonight was strong.
Keith: Most of it was good, it might not be on TV. You can’t attack the song that much.
Jennifer: You can do anything.

Jessica March 12, 20149:07 pm

She needs to avoid those high notes. She has such a pretty voice in the middle and the bottom of her range, but it just doesn’t work when she tries to reach for a high note.

Reuben March 12, 20149:07 pm

Theatrical, shrill, and also forgettable. Nice.

Reuben March 12, 20149:06 pm

Frozen, as done by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Jessica March 12, 20149:06 pm

This is a little thin in parts, but pretty good in other parts

idolbot March 12, 20149:05 pm

Majesty is singing Let It Go by Idina Menzel

Jessica March 12, 20148:57 pm

And now the Harry Connick Jr show. Which I would watch.

idolbot March 12, 20148:56 pm

Jennifer: I thought it was a good vocal performance. I don’t know if it suited you.
Harry: It felt lackadaisical. Pointless.
Keith: Who are you?

Reuben March 12, 20148:56 pm

I mean, of course I hated it, but it was a really odd kind of hate.

Reuben March 12, 20148:54 pm

Honestly, that was just strange.

Jessica March 12, 20148:53 pm

Wait, he’s not at the piano but I still hear piano sounds! He must be a magician!

Jessica March 12, 20148:52 pm

It would be harder to come up with a song that hadn’t ever been used in some movie some time

idolbot March 12, 20148:52 pm

Ben is singing Bennie and the Jets by Elton John

Reuben March 12, 20148:51 pm

This is kind of a farce. Just call it “sing whatever you want” week.

Jessica March 12, 20148:47 pm

WHY would someone do Bennie and the Jets when not required to by Elton John week?

Reuben March 12, 20148:46 pm

There are few songs so often played and so loathsome as Bennie and the Jets.

idolbot March 12, 20148:45 pm

Keith: Keep working on making it your own.
Jennifer: You’re starting to believe you can win. That was a good performance.
Harry: I thought it was good. You do need to bring something different, though.

Reuben March 12, 20148:43 pm

My meter is totally neutral.

Jessica March 12, 20148:43 pm

The South votes, y’all

Jessica March 12, 20148:43 pm

But Dexter’s playing to his base here, and doing an acceptable job of performing this song, so I think he’s probably safe

Reuben March 12, 20148:43 pm

This song takes a bold stance on being anti- Neil Young’s anti-racism.

Jessica March 12, 20148:42 pm

The backup singers are really good

idolbot March 12, 20148:42 pm

Dexter is singing Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Reuben March 12, 20148:40 pm

Do you associate Sweet Home Alabama with Forrest Gump? Yeah, neither does anyone else.

Jessica March 12, 20148:39 pm

Some debate as to whether it’s quaff or coyf. Let’s all just never say that word out loud.

Jessica March 12, 20148:37 pm

I used to pronounce coiffed like coyft in my head

Reuben March 12, 20148:36 pm

Um. Dexter sure looks well-coiffed.

idolbot March 12, 20148:35 pm

Harry: You’re back to the forefront of this competition. That was very strong. Nice job.
Keith: Killer, man. You completely nailed that.
Jennifer: You’re a frontrunner, baby.

Jessica March 12, 20148:34 pm

Yeah, ok, this is why CJ is in this competition. He hasn’t done THAT for a long time.

Reuben March 12, 20148:33 pm

Great dynamics, right on pitch. I loved that.

Jessica March 12, 20148:33 pm

This is better than CJ’s been doing by a mile

Reuben March 12, 20148:32 pm

Wow. This is great.

Jessica March 12, 20148:32 pm

Blow: “The story of George Jung, the man who established the American cocaine market in the 1970s.”

idolbot March 12, 20148:31 pm

C.J. is singing Can’t You See by the Marshall Tucker Band

Jessica March 12, 20148:26 pm

I think it could be. I wouldn’t be shocked.

Reuben March 12, 20148:25 pm

Wait, it’s not the Proclaimers’ song, right?

idolbot March 12, 20148:23 pm

Jennifer: Perfect song, but you never got your groove on.
Harry: The band was off. I thought it was a nice job.
Keith: Work on your mic technique.

Reuben March 12, 20148:21 pm

Terrible, honestly. Really really bad.

Reuben March 12, 20148:21 pm

This is badly out of synch with the strumming and drums. Making a weird syncopation.

Jessica March 12, 20148:20 pm

It got worse

idolbot March 12, 20148:20 pm

Jessica Meuse is singing Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel

Jessica March 12, 20148:20 pm

This isn’t as bad as I was expecting, so far

Reuben March 12, 20148:20 pm

More like Sounds of Nasal. BURN.

Reuben March 12, 20148:19 pm

Sounds of Silence was a tune that was a failure as an acoustic song, only successful after its re-release as an electric version.

Jessica March 12, 20148:17 pm

Well yeah. Carly Smithson was way more compelling than Handsome Sam

Reuben March 12, 20148:17 pm

Compare that to, say, Carly Smithson’s version and it kind of pales.

Reuben March 12, 20148:16 pm

Sam was definitely weird on the song. He’s like a very intelligent robot who’s still learning these strange human ways. It was ok.

Jessica March 12, 20148:15 pm

Who else is scared by the thought of Jessica doing Simon & Garfunkel?

idolbot March 12, 20148:12 pm

Sam Woolf sang Come Together by the Beatles.

Keith: Girls like you.
Jennifer: I wish you had some personality on the song.
Harry: It was average. Pretty good job.

Jessica March 12, 20148:10 pm

He’s singing Come Together, by the way, which apparently was in a film called Across the Universe

Jessica March 12, 20148:09 pm

Wow, this is awkward and weird

Reuben March 12, 20148:09 pm

I call bullshit on this. Any song can be found in a movie.

Jessica March 12, 20148:09 pm

Handsome Sam (finally) opens the singing portion of this allegedly singing show

Jessica March 12, 20148:06 pm

By the way I’ve basically run out of poll ideas. I want to ask you guys stuff, because your minds fascinate me. Maybe I’ll start doing random polls.

Jessica March 12, 20148:04 pm

These intros never get old!

Reuben March 12, 20148:04 pm

I’m so old I remember when introducing the judges wasn’t a five minute thing every single episode.

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  • B Cabello

    Jena needs to go. She’s annoying. There: I said it.

    • jessica_dennis

      Oh, I’m right there with you

      • B Cabello

        She doesn’t add anything to the show. ugh. nothing too different, bleh. I have a feeling she’s going to be around though.

  • Matthew Richards

    I was so disappointed with Majesty it got to the point I was actually angry. Has anyone heard the Sam Tsui piano mashup of Let It Go/Let Her Go on youtube? It’s amazing. I thought she was going to do it like that but make it acoustic, because her head voice and falsetto are so beautiful and airy. If she had, it would have really been a moment. Instead, she decided to be insane by lowering the key and belting it like Idina Menzel. What in God’s name was she thinking??? What were her mentors thinking? How did literally no one show her the acoustic cover and urge her to do it even though it has over 5 million views? So incredibly disappointed, she turned her Idol moment into a trainwreck, blew her opportunity, and lost my faith in her completely.

    • Matthew Richards

      I’m actually cringing thinking of what could have been.

  • Xfactor Fan

    Malaya and M.K. For Top 2:) Epscially Malaya !! And yes this is a serious post