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  • B Cabello

    Jena needs to go. She’s annoying. There: I said it.

    • jessica_dennis

      Oh, I’m right there with you

      • B Cabello

        She doesn’t add anything to the show. ugh. nothing too different, bleh. I have a feeling she’s going to be around though.

  • Matthew Richards

    I was so disappointed with Majesty it got to the point I was actually angry. Has anyone heard the Sam Tsui piano mashup of Let It Go/Let Her Go on youtube? It’s amazing. I thought she was going to do it like that but make it acoustic, because her head voice and falsetto are so beautiful and airy. If she had, it would have really been a moment. Instead, she decided to be insane by lowering the key and belting it like Idina Menzel. What in God’s name was she thinking??? What were her mentors thinking? How did literally no one show her the acoustic cover and urge her to do it even though it has over 5 million views? So incredibly disappointed, she turned her Idol moment into a trainwreck, blew her opportunity, and lost my faith in her completely.

    • Matthew Richards

      I’m actually cringing thinking of what could have been.

  • Xfactor Fan

    Malaya and M.K. For Top 2:) Epscially Malaya !! And yes this is a serious post