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So these are the kids who will be touring the nation come summer, singing billboard hits (which means you will be able to find information about all of these, including whether or how often they’ve been performed on Idol before, in our database). Woo. hoo.

Reuben March 19, 20149:59 pm

My subjective guess is M.K., Dexter, and C.J. M.K goes home.

Jessica March 19, 20149:58 pm

Yeah, Handsome Sam is just excruciatingly young

idolbot March 19, 20149:57 pm

Keith: You’ll be here next week
Jennifer: I loved it.
Harry: I still feel like you’re timid.

Reuben March 19, 20149:57 pm

Sam probably needed another year before he was really ready for this. I thought this was ok, but the difference between him and Alex is stark.

Jessica March 19, 20149:56 pm

This kid just doesn’t ever emote, does he?

Reuben March 19, 20149:55 pm

I guess we’re about to test the hypothesis that if I hear this song again I’ll scream.

Jessica March 19, 20149:55 pm

I hate fun. so much. It’s a stupid band name that made that stupid song that you couldn’t escape for, like, MONTHS.

idolbot March 19, 20149:55 pm

Sam is singing We Are Young by Fun.

idolbot March 19, 20149:50 pm

Harry: You challenge audiences with a new version of the song. Nice job.
Keith: I like you, but for me it doesn’t work. I didn’t care for the arrangement.
Jennifer: I felt fear. Halfway through I heard the Majesty we know.

Jessica March 19, 20149:49 pm

I’ve never heard that song before, so it seemed good to me

Reuben March 19, 20149:48 pm

Probably enough to keep her safe. There were 3 or 4 glory notes, and she hit them.

Jessica March 19, 20149:47 pm

Ehhhhh that wasn’t great.

Reuben March 19, 20149:46 pm

Not really sure what Majesty is focused on, but it doesn’t seem to be this.

Jessica March 19, 20149:46 pm

This is more along the lines of what she’s good at. But she sounds kinda shaky in a way that doesn’t seem entirely intentional.

idolbot March 19, 20149:45 pm

Majesty is singing Wake Me Up! by Avicii

Jessica March 19, 20149:45 pm

Sing to your strengths, Majesty

Reuben March 19, 20149:40 pm

I can see this was kind of polarizing. I suppose it comes down to whether you think that Jessica is sophisticated enough to have been deconstructing the song by smiling on it, which is kind of a double-hipster thing. I dunno. I had low expectations and they were met.

idolbot March 19, 20149:38 pm

Jennifer: I was really happy with that performance. Felt really good.
Harry: You have a one-dimensional kind of performance.
Keith: I thought it was good.

Jessica March 19, 20149:35 pm

I dunno. I always feel so disappointed by Jessica. Maybe I just misremember how good she ever was?

Jessica March 19, 20149:35 pm

This part is better

Reuben March 19, 20149:35 pm

I feel like you can see this at any karaoke bar in Atlanta.

Jessica March 19, 20149:34 pm

Lost in the mix. Just as well, maybe.

idolbot March 19, 20149:33 pm

Jessica is singing Pumped up Kicks Foster the People

Reuben March 19, 20149:33 pm

It feels “creepy”? It’s about mass murder.

Reuben March 19, 20149:27 pm

I’m a little more positive than they were. Every third note was way off, but the song also had some nice moments. Kind of a tough one. Could be at risk.

idolbot March 19, 20149:26 pm

Keith: Tonight it was really shaky with staying in tune.
Jennifer: This wasn’t what it should have been. I hope you’re here next week.
Harry: I know you can hear pitch. You have a tendency to sing sharp. You must get the pitch in check.

Reuben March 19, 20149:24 pm

I thought it was mediocre at best. Definitely some pitch problems.

Jessica March 19, 20149:23 pm

This just gets worse and worse. CJ, no!

Jessica March 19, 20149:23 pm

It’s unquestionably a bad performance

Jessica March 19, 20149:22 pm

I think this might be kind of a bad song choice?

idolbot March 19, 20149:21 pm

C.J. is singing Invisible by Hunter Hayes

Reuben March 19, 20149:20 pm

Kudos to Caleb for taking the criticism. M.K. rejecting them was brattish.

Reuben March 19, 20149:15 pm

Weird how much the judges agree with me this week.

idolbot March 19, 20149:14 pm

Harry: A for originality. I didn’t think it was your best. It was loud.
Keith: You have killer tone. I didn’t dig the half-time feel of it. It felt unbalanced.
Jennifer: I’m in between them. You sound great, I liked the half time, but it lacked feeling.

Reuben March 19, 20149:12 pm

He was really pushing every note, but then the chorus was just whatever.

Jessica March 19, 20149:12 pm

I expect better from Caleb

Jessica March 19, 20149:11 pm

Also the quieter parts didn’t really sound that good.

Reuben March 19, 20149:11 pm

This is kind of karaoke for Caleb. Not a hit with me.

Jessica March 19, 20149:11 pm

This is so 80s

idolbot March 19, 20149:09 pm

Caleb is singing The Edge of Glory by Lady GaGa.

Reuben March 19, 20149:03 pm

So, is Dexter finally going to show signs of cracking? His numbers have been horrible, but he’s been safe every week. Other than him and M.K., everyone’s been really good.

idolbot March 19, 20149:01 pm

Jennifer: I was ready to hate it. It was awesome.
Harry: You really felt the lyrics. Learn which notes to sing over the chords.
Keith: Knocked it out of the park. Really controlled. Great job.

Reuben March 19, 20148:58 pm

Oh yes, definitely Malaya’s best. Great.

Jessica March 19, 20148:58 pm

I think this might be the best she’s done so far

Reuben March 19, 20148:58 pm

Malaya is on point. Great pitch, very clear elocution.

Jessica March 19, 20148:57 pm

Well that’s pretty. She’s doing quite well so far.

Jessica March 19, 20148:57 pm

Malaya’s jacket is fantastic

Reuben March 19, 20148:57 pm

Ok. So only women have sung this song on the show.

idolbot March 19, 20148:56 pm

Malaya is singing When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars

Reuben March 19, 20148:49 pm

Alex is just interesting and natural. He’s really does seem like he’s always been doing it.

idolbot March 19, 20148:49 pm

Keith: Well done. You made it your own. Really good.
Jennifer: I loved it. You owned the stage. You evoke greatness.
Harry: You just hit the bulls-eye.

Jessica March 19, 20148:47 pm

Yeah that was great. His awkward little white-boy step-dance was, um, awkward, but everything else about that was awesome

Reuben March 19, 20148:46 pm

Terrific, amazing. I loved that.

Jessica March 19, 20148:45 pm

But will he be messed up by having his ankles covered? Is that like cutting Samson’s hair?

Jessica March 19, 20148:45 pm

Alex is just good at this

idolbot March 19, 20148:44 pm

Alex is singing Story of my Life by One Direction

Jessica March 19, 20148:44 pm

I do not care about “the directioners”

Reuben March 19, 20148:40 pm

Jena was ok. What I could hear of it sounded pretty good. I thought the song was boring, but she did fine with it.

idolbot March 19, 20148:38 pm

Harry: I can see you living in the world. I thought you made it exciting. I felt like I was at Ultra
Keith: Best of the night so far, easily.
Jennifer: Perfect for you. I wish it was longer. You didn’t really own the stage. Great job.

Jessica March 19, 20148:37 pm

Refresh to vote for the worst in the sidebar over there (or down there, on small-screen devices)

Reuben March 19, 20148:34 pm

This seems kind of hard to hear. She sounds on pitch, but her mic technique isn’t good, and the sound mix is typically maladroit.

Jessica March 19, 20148:34 pm

Oh true, Dexter is terrible

Jessica March 19, 20148:33 pm

Jena has never sounded worse

Reuben March 19, 20148:33 pm

I say Dexter.

idolbot March 19, 20148:33 pm

Jena is doing Clarity by Zedd

Jessica March 19, 20148:32 pm

MK. Also I smell a new poll!

Reuben March 19, 20148:31 pm

If Votefortheworst was still on, who would it be?

idolbot March 19, 20148:25 pm

Jennifer: Really good. I felt like you could have got the crowd up more.
Harry: I do not think that was good. It was bereft of joy, I felt it was meandering.
Keith: Good song choice. Why didn’t you stay where it was in the beginning? It lost me at the end.

Jessica March 19, 20148:24 pm

Did Dexter just sneer at Harry? Do NOT sneer at Harry.

Reuben March 19, 20148:22 pm

I don’t know if there was one right note in that.

Reuben March 19, 20148:21 pm

This is flat as hell.

Jessica March 19, 20148:21 pm

I guess I’m impressed at how many damn words he had to memorize for this song. It’s like he’s reciting a novella.

idolbot March 19, 20148:20 pm

Dexter is singing Cruise by Florida Georgia Line

Reuben March 19, 20148:17 pm

After she totally flubbed a lyric, she kind of walked around the stage like she was dazed. By the very end she almost recovered, but not quite.

Reuben March 19, 20148:14 pm

That was really really bad. Those reviews were quite kind.

idolbot March 19, 20148:14 pm

M.K. sang F**kin’ Perfect by Pink

Keith: You recovered, but you still aren’t dominating the stage.
Jennifer: I loved the first part. You didn’t recover well when you messed up.
Harry: I didn’t think that was one of your strongest. This just sounded like the Pink version.

Jessica March 19, 20148:14 pm

MK hasn’t had a really strong performance since the voting started, sadly

Jessica March 19, 20148:10 pm

Oh hell and she messed up the lyrics

Jessica March 19, 20148:10 pm

This is inspirational and whatever, but the singing is kinda mediocre

Jessica March 19, 20148:08 pm

MK will be opening with “BLEEEEP Perfect”

Jessica March 19, 20148:04 pm

omg there was an earthquake in california! that like never happens!

Jessica March 19, 20148:03 pm

Oh yes, let’s read some signs.

Jessica March 19, 20148:01 pm

These asinine intro videos are great for when Reuben isn’t quite home yet

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  • B Cabello

    is Keith high or what? BEST PERFORMANCE? yeah, best performance to ruin tonight’s show. Jena sounded horrible.

    • MK and Dexter were worse, but Jena was much worse than usual, I thought. It sounded weird and wrong to me.