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I guess this week’s theme is “I’m with the band” which doesn’t make a lick of sense. The band is always there. The theme is basically “Songs” which has preeeeetty must been the theme every week so far.

Reuben March 26, 20148:05 pm

Why is Harry struggling with this question? The answer is that the save should be used if the result is shocking (the person eliminated, anyway), which so far it has not been.

Reuben March 26, 20148:06 pm

Emily was arguably pretty surprising, but only because she was 2nd out instead of 4th or 5th.

Jessica March 26, 20148:07 pm

Wait, why do we have a medley during the competition night?

Jessica March 26, 20148:07 pm

Or if not a medley, a group sing? I AM SO CONFUSED

Jessica March 26, 20148:08 pm

So it is a medley AND a group sing? Dexter sucks, by the way.

Reuben March 26, 20148:08 pm

oh god why is this happening I don’t even

Jessica March 26, 20148:09 pm

This is doing CJ no favors either. Jessica is doing a’ight with Satisfaction.

Jessica March 26, 20148:09 pm

And whatever the hell this is is just sucking for Malaya, Jena, and to a somewhat lesser extent Caleb

Jessica March 26, 20148:11 pm

I disapprove of group-sing-medleys on competition nights

Jessica March 26, 20148:12 pm

I am also super sick of this stupid Taylor Swift commercial which is actually a commercial for I don’t even remember what. Which also means it fails as a commercial.

idolbot March 26, 20148:16 pm

Alex is singing Don’t Speak by No Doubt

Jessica March 26, 20148:16 pm

Alex is so cute

Reuben March 26, 20148:17 pm

He flubbed a lyric, and this is a reggae arrangement. Two strikes.

Reuben March 26, 20148:18 pm

Alex is always good technically. His pitch is always good and the guitar is solid. That arrangement was the pits, so I guess he did the best he could. Not great.

idolbot March 26, 20148:22 pm

Keith: You need some edge.
Jennifer: That was kind of laid back.
Harry: Try to inject some energy.

Jessica March 26, 20148:23 pm

Majesty doing Florence and the Machine is a BAD idea

Reuben March 26, 20148:27 pm

Off topic, but if you don’t recognize Idolbot’s avatar, you really should be watching Rick and Morty.

Jessica March 26, 20148:29 pm

Says the guy without a gravatar

idolbot March 26, 20148:30 pm

Majesty is singing Shake It Out by Florence + the Machine

Jessica March 26, 20148:30 pm

Hmmm not bad so far

Jessica March 26, 20148:31 pm

Majesty made a good decision not to try to hold a big note (because she can’t). So this is actually one of her better performances lately.

Reuben March 26, 20148:31 pm

This second half is a train wreck. Sorry. Not one of these notes is in tune.

Jessica March 26, 20148:33 pm

I, uh, really liked the way she used that tambourine! Very theatrical.

idolbot March 26, 20148:34 pm

Jennifer: Vocally all over the place. You owned the stage.
Harry: You’re so close to breaking out. I liked your performance.
Keith: Good song choice. A little bit out of control.

Jessica March 26, 20148:35 pm

Can we please get rid of Dexter this week?

Reuben March 26, 20148:35 pm

I did not think that was strong. The front half was pretty good, with only one (really bad) note. Then it fell apart. I rate it about even with Alex.

Reuben March 26, 20148:36 pm

Remember that a signature of Vote For The Worst picks is that they stick around much too long. That’s why Dexter was my choice, and I think that’s so far been vindicated.

Jessica March 26, 20148:37 pm

Incidentally I just deleted MK from the poll. Sorry MK.

Jessica March 26, 20148:41 pm

I guess I should re-do the poll so y’all could vote again but that seems like a lot of work

idolbot March 26, 20148:41 pm

Dexter is singing Boondocks by Little Big Town

Reuben March 26, 20148:43 pm

I thought that was pretty decent. Dexter stepped it up, nice tone, good pitch. Awful song, but whatever.

idolbot March 26, 20148:47 pm

Harry: It sounded generic. I didn’t hear it tonight.
Keith: I hear what Harry is saying. That could have been a hit, but I want to see another side of you.
Jennifer: I thought you did a great job.

Reuben March 26, 20148:48 pm

This is feeling really drawn out tonight. Thank goodness we got to see the three judges discuss the merits of a huge gummy bear for 5 minutes; that really informed the contest.

idolbot March 26, 20148:53 pm

Malaya is singing The Long and Winding Road by The Beatles.

Jessica March 26, 20148:54 pm

She’s singing this really well, but like, really?

Reuben March 26, 20148:55 pm

Malaya killed it. That was great.

idolbot March 26, 20148:58 pm

Keith: That was beautiful.
Jennifer: Your voice really stands out. You blow me away.
Harry: Most consistently improving. It was strong. Work on harmonies, you can become something great. Nice job tonight.

idolbot March 26, 20149:05 pm

Sam is singing Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s.

Jessica March 26, 20149:05 pm

Who let Sam into a bar? He shouldn’t be in bars. He’s so wet behind the ears he’s dripping.

Jessica March 26, 20149:06 pm

All those lightbulbs must make the stage unbearably hot, unless they’re LEDs or something

Reuben March 26, 20149:06 pm


Jessica March 26, 20149:06 pm

This is the laziest song other than the Plain White T’s next hit, which was mostly counting to 4.

Jessica March 26, 20149:08 pm

Yes, Sam should be doing boring, lazy music, JLo.

idolbot March 26, 20149:11 pm

Jennifer: Perfectly suited to you, and you sounded great doing it. To take it to the next level … [have a girlfriend??]
Harry: This is the most comfortable I’ve seen you. I didn’t feel a whole lot of connection with the lyrics. It felt 1 dimensional.
Keith: You don’t have to think about each note. Be looser with your voice.

Reuben March 26, 20149:12 pm

I thought it was atrocious. It was an upbeat performance of a song which, to the extent that it works, is about longing. That didn’t communicate longing at all, it wasn’t a vocal that featured the voice, and worse it was jaunty, which no song should be.

idolbot March 26, 20149:17 pm

Jessica is singing Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac.

Jessica March 26, 20149:18 pm

Will Jessica twirl like an early Stevie Nicks?

Reuben March 26, 20149:18 pm

This is basically a tribute band version of this song. It sounds virtually identical to the original.

Reuben March 26, 20149:20 pm

I have no opinion of that. If you like Rhiannon, you probably liked that. It didn’t have any glaring errors. Fine, not special.

Jessica March 26, 20149:21 pm

But old people, and let’s face it, the voters skew old nowadays, will eat that up. And by old I mean, like, 50+ (which, now that I’m old, “isn’t that old” anymore)

idolbot March 26, 20149:22 pm

Harry: I thought you did a nice job, maybe my favorite performance of yours.
Keith: You needed to move around more if you aren’t going to have your guitar.
Jennifer: You gotta draw us in.

idolbot March 26, 20149:29 pm

C.J. is singing If It Hadn’t Been for Love by The Steeldrivers

Jessica March 26, 20149:30 pm

Casey Abrams would’ve played his own bass

Reuben March 26, 20149:30 pm

This is C.J. via Tom Waits. I love Tom Waits, so I kinda love this. Also, it’s in tune. C.J.’s back.

idolbot March 26, 20149:34 pm

Keith: Clever choice. [I think you’re faking emotion]
Jennifer: It started good, the middle was off, and the end you got it back.
Harry: You have to work on your pitch. I thought it was a good performance, but you have the potential to do more.

Reuben March 26, 20149:35 pm

That was underrated by the judges. I kinda thought it was great.

idolbot March 26, 20149:42 pm

Caleb is singing Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin

Jessica March 26, 20149:42 pm

Oh Caleb. Bless your heart.

Reuben March 26, 20149:44 pm

I think that worked. It wasn’t one of the super huge Zeppelin tunes, it was dead on. I liked it.

Jessica March 26, 20149:44 pm

I think Caleb got away with that

idolbot March 26, 20149:47 pm

Jennifer: That was very sexy.
Harry: I don’t know how you could have sung that any better.
Keith: You made the band sound great. It hit me like a slow motion airbag.

Reuben March 26, 20149:49 pm

When Zeppelin was playing that song in concert, the thing was very long, and during the middle they would have a segment where Plant would sing a note and Page would play the same note on his guitar. They tried to do a mini version of that, but the guitar player wouldn’t go along with Caleb’s notes. I don’t know if that was editorial on his part, or a lack of technical skill, but they didn’t recreate it.

Jessica March 26, 20149:54 pm

Flaming cheese sounds awesome

idolbot March 26, 20149:54 pm

Jena is singing Bring Me to Life by Evanescence.

Jessica March 26, 20149:55 pm

This is a good choice for Jena’s voice. She’s kind of a big-voiced hack just like Amy Lee.

Jessica March 26, 20149:55 pm

That poor guitarist. She’s just hollering at him.

Reuben March 26, 20149:57 pm

I dug it. Good on Jena.

idolbot March 26, 20149:58 pm

Harry: Really, really strong.
Keith: You always deliver. Good job.
Jennifer: You sound phenomenal. Great job. Be more messy.

Jessica March 26, 20149:58 pm

Yeah, that was well-done

Reuben March 26, 201410:00 pm

Very tough call this week. Majesty was definitely the worst. I think Alex and Sam were next worst.

Jessica March 26, 201410:00 pm

I know you liked him, but I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to see CJ go. But it could easily be Majesty too.

Jessica March 26, 201410:01 pm

Well, I guess we’ll see!

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  • B Cabello

    can someone please explain to me why Jena is liked so much?

    • I would never want to, like, hang out with Jena, but she does have a hell of a voice. Of course I really hate the way she enunciates some of her words. But as a singer she has huge potential… possibly.

      • B Cabello

        I don’t like the sound of her voice, it’s kind of annoying, I feel it’s so forced. ugh.