Season 13 Top 8 Liveblog

The theme, if you can call it that, for this week is “sing the same song you auditioned with.” Or, as many suspect, “remind us why we liked you, again?” week. Well, let’s see how it goes.

Jessica April 2, 20149:59 pm

Dexter’s popularity puzzles me. He’s so shlubby! But what do I know, I hate country music.

Reuben April 2, 20149:59 pm

Malaya, Sam, Dexter is my guess of bottom 3.

idolbot April 2, 20149:58 pm

JLo: You stayed true to yourself since the beginning. You’ve grown and gotten so comfortable.

Harry: I enjoyed it. You were shaking that vibrato out!

Keith: Half these guys [the other contestants] were singing it with you—that’s a good sign. Great job.

Reuben April 2, 20149:56 pm


Jessica April 2, 20149:56 pm

Harry is LOVING this.

Jessica April 2, 20149:55 pm

Alex is singing the crap out of it, though

Jessica April 2, 20149:54 pm

This is the same song?

idolbot April 2, 20149:52 pm

Alex is performing his original song, “Fairy Tales”

idolbot April 2, 20149:47 pm

Keith: Killer! You just deliver every week. You are a rock and roll viking.

JLo: It’s like you’ve been waiting all your life to get up there and do this. Well done.

Harry: Your stakes are so firmly planted in this competition. I would love if you did something that wasn’t so loud. This was a great performance.

Reuben April 2, 20149:46 pm

A down-tempo version of this song. It was a little bit like the 5th song from a Tom Jones concert.

idolbot April 2, 20149:43 pm

Caleb is singing “Chain of Fools” by Aretha Franklin

Reuben April 2, 20149:42 pm

Oh yeah, Caleb never could have beaten out Jovany Barretto

Jessica April 2, 20149:35 pm

This is not “Alright” *rimshot*

Reuben April 2, 20149:35 pm

This is torture.

Jessica April 2, 20149:35 pm

CJ and Dexter singing a Hootie* song. Gee, who went out on a limb and chose that one?

*Ok fine “Darius Rucker” whatever.

Jessica April 2, 20149:34 pm

Could we not have Jena talk quite so much?

idolbot April 2, 20149:33 pm

Harry: What I thought was a speech impediment is a really cool idiosyncrasy. Great job.

Keith: You made that your own, and you never let that go. I thought that was incredibly bold and I loved every second of that.

JLo: Every week blow everybody away. Just destroy everybody else’s performances. I think that you can do that.

Jessica April 2, 20149:27 pm

Another awkward and annoying break before the reviews. So stupid.

Reuben April 2, 20149:27 pm

I agree. Adele via Portishead. Sorry Jena haters, that was terrific.

Jessica April 2, 20149:25 pm

This is almost trip-hop. I kinda dig it.

Jessica April 2, 20149:25 pm

Well this is an… interesting rendition

idolbot April 2, 20149:23 pm

Jena will be singing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep

Reuben April 2, 20149:21 pm

That was a hot mess.

Jessica April 2, 20149:21 pm

But I don’t think this “Lucky” duet was… let’s face it, it was just mean to do this to Sam and Malaya.

Jessica April 2, 20149:20 pm

Sam’s eyebrows are getting a workout anyway

idolbot April 2, 20149:14 pm

JLo: I got to hear so many nuances in your voice. That was a beautiful thing that you did. Allison [Iraheta] was amazing. Good job!

Harry: You sang the crap outta that song. It was great to hear you sing. I was touched by it. Fantastic job.

Keith: That’s a great song. Work on paying less attention to the sound of your voice; think about the lyric and communicate that lyric.

Reuben April 2, 20149:14 pm

That was … kinda the best of the night.

Reuben April 2, 20149:13 pm

Whoa, Allison Iraheta is a backup singer on Idol now?!

Reuben April 2, 20149:12 pm

This is surprisingly not terrible

Jessica April 2, 20149:11 pm

Dexter has all the charisma of an oyster

Jessica April 2, 20149:10 pm

According to the Idol DB, this wasn’t even a hit

idolbot April 2, 20149:10 pm

Dexter is performing “One Mississippi” by Brett Eldredge

Jessica April 2, 20149:08 pm

Ryan Seacrest is setting the old against the young. Attention old people: confiscate your children’s phone and change the wifi password.

Reuben April 2, 20149:04 pm

Imagine what Simon would say about tonight. “Not exciting, not great, we need to get this competition back on track.” And he’d be right.

idolbot April 2, 20149:01 pm

Keith: You had this voice from day 1. You just had to Be With It. You were so with it tonight. Fantastic.

JLo: You’re blossoming into this start right before our eyes. You have so much more control and poise. You’re gonna run away with this competition.

Harry: You’re doing everything right. Strong performance. You’re presenting, entertaining, performing. Get the band, Randy, et al to teach you to sing all 12 notes in your runs. Make them perfectly in sync with the chords underneath. That was great.

Reuben April 2, 20149:00 pm

This just doesn’t hold a candle to Aretha Franklin, I don’t get it.

Jessica April 2, 20148:59 pm

It started out really dull, but it’s gotten better

Reuben April 2, 20148:59 pm


Reuben April 2, 20148:58 pm

Whose drug-addled brain came up with tonight’s show? It’s a random arrangement of worthless karaoke duets, repeats of songs that we’ve seen before, with the judges’ comments coming at random times. Why? Why do this?

idolbot April 2, 20148:57 pm

Malaya is performing “Ain’t No Way” by Aretha Franklin

Jessica April 2, 20148:54 pm

I think Jessica really didn’t want to touch Caleb, which made him really want to get all up in her grill. I liked it.

Jessica April 2, 20148:52 pm

Having Jessica Meuse do Stop Draggin My Heart Around is a little obvious

idolbot April 2, 20148:51 pm

Harry: Tip: when you hear these people scream, acknowledge them. Nice job. That was the best performance of the night

Keith: You’re getting looser. Just let it be soulful. I’m happy with where you’re headed.

JLo: A glimpse of the magic that is Sam Woolf

Jessica April 2, 20148:45 pm

They practically shoved a camera up his nose. I’m not sure how much choice he had.

Reuben April 2, 20148:45 pm

Most of the song he was way under pitch. He did start looking at the camera, which … I guess is good.

Jessica April 2, 20148:45 pm

No reviews for Sam!

Jessica April 2, 20148:44 pm

As a chick and a representative of chickkind, I really dug that

Reuben April 2, 20148:43 pm

This is not good. Flat, karaoke, boring.

Jessica April 2, 20148:42 pm

I hope Sam has enough lamps there

idolbot April 2, 20148:42 pm

Sam is singing “Lego House” by Ed Sheeran

Reuben April 2, 20148:40 pm

This might be the most I’ve ever wanted to turn this show off.

Jessica April 2, 20148:34 pm

This is no Haley-Casey duet. These kids are both good singers but they have no chemistry. Then again I don’t know that Alex would really, er, have chemistry with anyone.

Jessica April 2, 20148:32 pm

And now… a duet? With Jena and Alex doing a Pink song?

Reuben April 2, 20148:30 pm

I think part of the entertainment factor of crappy themes in previous seasons was that you knew the songs, but the singer was wildly inappropriate (e.g. Kelly Pickler doing Bohemian Rhapsody). This week is the worst of both worlds: we don’t know the songs, and they’re just what the person has been practicing forever.

Jessica April 2, 20148:27 pm

My dad owns several Allman Bros. records. Like for real vinyl. Though I can’t recall an instance of him actually listening to them.

Reuben April 2, 20148:26 pm

Not trying to be cheeky, but has anyone in the entire world ever heard of that song before? I thought Allman Bros was one of those bands that people say they like but nobody listens to.

idolbot April 2, 20148:25 pm

JLo: You touch people (in a good way apparently)

Harry: You are special enough to be here. You’ve been working on your pitch and intonation; infinitely better. Really nice job.

Keith: That’s the reason you got here. You reined it in way better than in your audition. Good job.

Jessica April 2, 20148:22 pm

I think this is better than CJ’s been doing thus far

Jessica April 2, 20148:22 pm

I guess Soul Shine was never a hit, because I can’t find it in the db. I’m dumb, it was in the db as Soulshine, all one word.

idolbot April 2, 20148:21 pm

CJ is performing “Soul Shine” by the Allman Brothers

Jessica April 2, 20148:19 pm

Oh my. CJ’s parents “spent a lot of time in prison.”

Reuben April 2, 20148:16 pm

This whole song is just I IV. Songwriting is not Jessica’s forte.

Jessica April 2, 20148:13 pm

Keith: Great start to the show. Sounds like Grace Slick. Love the ferocity. But move your feet.

JLo: I thought it was really perfect. Love the whole thing.

Harry: It reminded me of Cher in the 70s. Keep your feet still if you want. There was a dead space at the end of the song. But great way to open the show.

Jessica April 2, 20148:11 pm

Bug: vanquished.

Jessica April 2, 20148:09 pm

Jessica’s song is called “Blue Eyed Lie.” The bug is still alive. It’s really big, you guys.

Jessica April 2, 20148:08 pm

There is a giant bug flying around in my house. Stand by while I murder it.

Jessica April 2, 20148:08 pm

Jessica will be performing an original song, as she did in her audition.

Jessica April 2, 20148:07 pm

Jessica informs us that eating ice cream while driving is illegal in Atlanta. Good to know.

Jessica April 2, 20148:05 pm

Actually she’s probably not. She probably has even more formal nightgowns than that.

Jessica April 2, 20148:04 pm

JLo is wearing her most formal nightgown

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