Liveblog: Top 8 (redux)

Alrighty folks, tonight we’ll be seeing our top 8 once again, this time performing hits (or songs, anyway) from the 80s. The excitement is palpable.

Jessica April 9, 201410:01 pm

Hmmmm I don’t know that three of them were significantly worse than the other five. CJ was pretty bad. Malaya struggled. Beyond that I dunno. Sam was a’ight but not great, so maybe he can round out my bottom three.

Reuben April 9, 20149:59 pm

CJ or Malaya goes home.

idolbot April 9, 20149:58 pm

Harry: You sang with more subtlety. You did it, and I’m proud of you.

Keith: It was killer. It was all function. Like a… fanny pack. I loved it man.

JLo: It’s no small task to take on Steve Perry. I could tell you were out of your comfort zone in the beginning. You murdered it [in a good way, she means]

Reuben April 9, 20149:57 pm

Honestly, there’s nothing at all in the world that is lamer than a lighter app on your phone.

Reuben April 9, 20149:56 pm

Oh, he’s safe as hell. I wasn’t saying otherwise. But that first verse was rough, man.

Jessica April 9, 20149:54 pm

Caleb probably has sufficient momentum (and sufficient older people rooting for him) that he can screw up worse than he’s doing right now

Reuben April 9, 20149:54 pm

Ok. So now we know that when Caleb isn’t pushing his pitch is bad.

Reuben April 9, 20149:53 pm

I dunno. Faithfully doesn’t really have a chorus, per se. Maybe not the best choice.

idolbot April 9, 20149:53 pm

Caleb is singing Journey’s Faithfully

Jessica April 9, 20149:47 pm

Oh BOY Caleb is doing Journey.

Reuben April 9, 20149:46 pm

Keith’s commentary is into Paula Abdul levels of obscurity.

idolbot April 9, 20149:46 pm

JLo: It started off shaky, but by the end… you have the ability to touch people’s hearts

Harry: There’s a connection that you have virtually every time you get up there. When you hit the high notes you were much more in tune. Zone in and focus and practice that intonation thing.

Keith: You’ve got a survivor tone in your voice [???]. I love that optimism.

Reuben April 9, 20149:44 pm

CJ is such a mixed bag. Some of it was really good, and some of it was pretty off key.

Jessica April 9, 20149:43 pm

Ok so this is more similar to the John Mayer version, which I heard in a sushi restaurant (because they ALWAYS play John Mayer in mediocre sushi restaurants)

Jessica April 9, 20149:42 pm

Yeah, Receda is the pits (I’ve never been to Receda)

idolbot April 9, 20149:41 pm

CJ is performing Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’

idolbot April 9, 20149:30 pm

Harry: You have to make it stage-worthy. The coffee-house treatment is going to catch up to you at some point.

Keith: When you start singing, you grab my attention like [snaps fingers] that. Tonight was a bold undertaking; I commend you for that. Push and pull the phrasing a little bit.

JLo: I disagree with the guys. I love your voice and what you do. I miss the melody of that song. Changing it that much lost the soul of the song.

Reuben April 9, 20149:29 pm

HCJr’s critique was sophistry.

Reuben April 9, 20149:27 pm

The obvious complaint is the same as that made against Susanna’s version of Without You, which is that it’s really just the same lyrics over a whole other song. This was maybe more similar than that one, but it was quite different. Without lyrics nobody would recognize it.

Jessica April 9, 20149:22 pm

Although I kinda liked it better without the string section

Jessica April 9, 20149:22 pm

Untrue. I love this.

Reuben April 9, 20149:22 pm

If you hate the Ryan Adams version of Wonderwall, you’re going to hate the hell out of this. I love that, and I love this too.

idolbot April 9, 20149:20 pm

Alex is doing The Police’s Every Breath You Take

Reuben April 9, 20149:20 pm

Every Breath You Take is by the far the most played song on radio, when accounting for how old it is. Probably one of the most successful, longest living, songs ever.

Jessica April 9, 20149:18 pm


Reuben April 9, 20149:17 pm

On a scale of 1 to 10, how phoned in are these duets?

idolbot April 9, 20149:11 pm

Keith: I loved that you did that solo acoustic guitar. Loosen up and lay into that song a little bit.

JLo: Great job tonight. I love the way you sing. I felt you really trying to feel it and sing the words.

Harry: You’re getting better every week. You were looking into the camera almost the whole time: look at the young girls. Second, go on YouTube and look up Ricky Nelson; watch what he does. Nice job.

Reuben April 9, 20149:08 pm

That was in Sam’s wheelhouse. I felt it was pretty strong.

Jessica April 9, 20149:08 pm

For Sam this is actually pretty good

Jessica April 9, 20149:07 pm

Sam is trying to do this Alex style but. Um. He is not Alex.

idolbot April 9, 20149:06 pm

Sam Woolf is singing Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time

idolbot April 9, 20149:05 pm

Harry: You have a great voice and it sounded great on that song, but sing the shuffle: feel that groove

Keith: I’m still waiting for the rest of the release. It all still feels slightly outside of ready

JLo: Tap into your sexiness, or it’s not a great song for you no matter how good you sound

Jessica April 9, 20148:58 pm

Ah the awkward commercial break between the performance and judges’ remarks.

Reuben April 9, 20148:57 pm

Possibly the first Jessica song I actually liked. I thought it was pretty good.

Jessica April 9, 20148:57 pm

This leisurely stroll around the stage isn’t really doing anything for this

idolbot April 9, 20148:56 pm

Jessica Meuse is doing Blondie’s Call Me

Jessica April 9, 20148:54 pm

It’s like piggyback rape

Reuben April 9, 20148:53 pm

That girl looks disturbingly unwilling to be on HCJr’s shoulders.

Jessica April 9, 20148:52 pm

Duet time again. Jena and Caleb.

Jessica April 9, 20148:49 pm

Oh come on, we still have CJ to get rid of. He’s been pretty consistently terrible.

Reuben April 9, 20148:46 pm

If (when?) Malaya is out this week, people are going to see the Sam save in a different light.

idolbot April 9, 20148:45 pm

Keith: There’s no doubting your vocal ability. Try and lay back into it a little bit more; don’t worry about what’s coming next

JLo: We all love you so much. I have nothing to add [yet I will still keep talking at some length]

Harry: There’s not a lot of people who could hit that Chaka note, but it sounded like the entire performance was geared up for that. You sacrificed some of the earlier song to set that up.

Reuben April 9, 20148:43 pm

Siobhan could get away with that. Not Malaya, sorry. It did get a little better at the end, but it was really weak.

Jessica April 9, 20148:43 pm

I have no feelings about this. It was certainly loud.

Reuben April 9, 20148:42 pm

This song is way too big for her. This is a bloody disaster.

idolbot April 9, 20148:41 pm

Malaya is performing Through the Fire by Chaka Khan

Jessica April 9, 20148:39 pm

Oh also Alex’s shirt is really ugly

Reuben April 9, 20148:36 pm

There’ve been 3 songs in 35 minutes and I’m kind of dying here.

Jessica April 9, 20148:34 pm

Oh come on, that was cute

Jessica April 9, 20148:33 pm

This actually isn’t terrible, even though Sam still has all the charisma of a bar of Ivory soap

Reuben April 9, 20148:33 pm

Jessica April 9, 20148:31 pm

Oh good, a duet

Reuben April 9, 20148:26 pm

You can honestly hear that in any karaoke bar in the south. The guitar playing was frankly awful. Bleh.

idolbot April 9, 20148:25 pm

JLo: You always sing kinda perfect. It felt good today.

Harry: Last week was really really great; I thought this was fine. You did a nice job.

Keith: First part felt a little stiff. Feel free to do something unexpected.

Reuben April 9, 20148:23 pm


Jessica April 9, 20148:23 pm

This is exactly the kind of thing I do not enjoy

idolbot April 9, 20148:21 pm

Dexter is singing “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” by Georgia Satellites

Reuben April 9, 20148:17 pm

There really weren’t very many popular country tunes in the 80s. In the mid 90s country tunes began having crossover popularity, occupying several of the stops in the top 100. I guess Kenny Rogers had a few.

idolbot April 9, 20148:14 pm

Keith: I love the originality

JLo: It languished in the middle, but you put your stamp on it and I did like it

Harry: I wasn’t a fan of the arrangement. It felt really choreographed.

Reuben April 9, 20148:13 pm

Seemed really really hard to hear and then very frantic. It wasn’t great.

Jessica April 9, 20148:12 pm

I did not dig it

Jessica April 9, 20148:12 pm

Wow. Wow. This was a bad song choice.

Reuben April 9, 20148:11 pm

I’m having flashbacks of Ryan Starr doing “You Really Got Me”

Jessica April 9, 20148:11 pm

…almost inaudibly, which is weird for Jena

idolbot April 9, 20148:10 pm

Jena is singing Joan Jett’s I Love Rock ‘N Roll

Jessica April 9, 20148:08 pm

David Cook looks different. That hair is… not good.

Jessica April 9, 20148:06 pm

We took dirty pictures on polaroids as god intended

Jessica April 9, 20148:05 pm

This intro stuff really is interminable

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