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Well, we finally managed to get it down to 7 contestants. Evidently the contestants have chosen each other’s songs, so with any luck they’ve all tried to sabotage one another with hilarious results. Unfortunately the producers probably wouldn’t let that happen. Oh well.

Jessica April 16, 201410:00 pm

I wish Dexter would be in the bottom 2, but yeah, CJ is more likely. And Sam. Sam was just so meh.

Reuben April 16, 20149:59 pm

CJ and Sam are the bottom two.

idolbot April 16, 20149:59 pm

Keith: I don’t have time to say anything but I’m sure I’ll get to say more next week [or something to that effect]

JLo: It was so beautiful! You’re gonna be here for the long haul!

Harry: You are a phenomenal talent. Unquestionably the best performance of the night.

Reuben April 16, 20149:57 pm

Look, I don’t think Thom Yorke is going to love that. But that was the shit right there. Wow.

Jessica April 16, 20149:56 pm

Hot damn.

idolbot April 16, 20149:54 pm

Jena is performing Radiohead’s Creep

Reuben April 16, 20149:53 pm

I will vote 50 votes via VPN for Jena for every f-bomb she accidentally drops.

Jessica April 16, 20149:50 pm

I think I’m going to make a Double Facepalm shortcode for just that one image

Reuben April 16, 20149:46 pm

That trio was everything wrong with American Idol.

Reuben April 16, 20149:45 pm

Reuben April 16, 20149:43 pm

I’m pretty sure Alabama Power is a white supremacist group.

idolbot April 16, 20149:42 pm

Harry: You are a work in progress. You’re making progress every week. I think the biggest issue with this performance was song choice. Sing a song that everyone can sing along to.

Keith: I agree with Harry; progress is good. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

JLo: I think you did a great job tonight [and some stuff about feelings]

Jessica April 16, 20149:36 pm

And his hat looks stupid.

Reuben April 16, 20149:35 pm

It’s a crap song, granted. But he’s actually not on pitch on passing notes, and the rest of it is really colorless and bland.

Jessica April 16, 20149:35 pm

Even CJ’s solo performance was better than this

Reuben April 16, 20149:34 pm

This is really really weak.

idolbot April 16, 20149:33 pm

Sam is singing Sail Away by David Grey

Reuben April 16, 20149:29 pm

I’ve been an Alex fan since almost the first week. But I find myself gravitating more and more to Jena. It’s weird. She was annoying at first, but I kinda dig the whole thing now.

idolbot April 16, 20149:28 pm

JLo: You deserve that applause

Harry: I was wondering if you could win with small performances. That was my favorite of the night.

Keith: That was great [and lots of other words]

Reuben April 16, 20149:25 pm

Again. Boring song sung well.

Jessica April 16, 20149:24 pm

Alex is just such a good singer (of this sort of thing)

idolbot April 16, 20149:23 pm

Alex is singing Ed Sheeran’s The A Team

Reuben April 16, 20149:15 pm

That may have been the only good duet ever on Idol. Probably the best performance of the whole season right there.

Reuben April 16, 20149:15 pm

I dunno, that chick can blow. I think she’s good.

Jessica April 16, 20149:14 pm

Is Jena saving anything for her actual performance?

Reuben April 16, 20149:14 pm

This duet of Gimme Shelter is amazingly good.

Jessica April 16, 20149:10 pm

Clena? Jaleb? Duet time.

Reuben April 16, 20149:06 pm

My choice of Dexter as Vote-for-the-Worst pick a few weeks ago has been vindicated many times over.

idolbot April 16, 20149:03 pm

Keith: That’s cool, I liked that song. Don’t let the adrenaline pull you out of the key.

JLo: I liked this for you. It had a darker quality to it. I actually liked it. You did a good job with it.

Harry: You didn’t really do anything differently than the original vocal. There’s not a whole lot of melody there. I want to hear you sing other things than singing along with the radio.

Reuben April 16, 20148:59 pm

So this is in English?

Jessica April 16, 20148:58 pm

Well this sure is country

idolbot April 16, 20148:57 pm

Dexter Roberts is performing Muckalee Creek Water by Luke Bryan

Jessica April 16, 20148:55 pm

Nobody cares about the rando “celebrities” in the audience

Jessica April 16, 20148:49 pm

I feel special when Harry agrees with me

idolbot April 16, 20148:49 pm

Keith: [to CJ’s baby] I THINK YOUR DAD DID REALLY GOOD! Good song for you, good performance for you.

JLo: You’re getting more comfortable up there. You have to start looking for The Moments. Think about making it exciting when you come out here. One of your best performances.

Harry: You have the ability to connect with an audience; you always connect. I think that was your best performance to date.

Jessica April 16, 20148:46 pm

I mean that was still a John Mayer song, but CJ actually sang it pretty well for once

Jessica April 16, 20148:45 pm

This might be as in-tune as CJ has ever been

Reuben April 16, 20148:45 pm

I want to point out that the song Jena is supposed to sing has the line “You’re so fucking special” in it.

idolbot April 16, 20148:44 pm

CJ is singing Gravity by John Mayer

Jessica April 16, 20148:43 pm

Could we not have commentary from random old dudes who used to play football?

Reuben April 16, 20148:40 pm

Reuben April 16, 20148:37 pm

Jessica April 16, 20148:36 pm

Wait, they’re reviewing duets now?

Jessica April 16, 20148:33 pm

This does not need Sam.

Jessica April 16, 20148:32 pm

Duet time!

Jessica April 16, 20148:30 pm

We have random celebrities on performance nights now? What?

idolbot April 16, 20148:29 pm

JLo: You were off a little bit vocally. It didn’t seem natural to me.

Harry: I agree with Jennifer. Go back to the hotel and put on some funk or hip-hop and just dance. You have to drive it rhythmically.

Keith: Your voice is the thing I’ve always loved about you. It dissipated and my attention was drawn everywhere else. Commit that lyric because you can really do it.

Reuben April 16, 20148:26 pm

Remember this gem?

Jessica April 16, 20148:21 pm

Gee I never would’ve picked this for her OH WAIT THIS WAS THE MOST OBVIOUS THING EVER

Jessica April 16, 20148:20 pm

Ohhh this song. Ok.

idolbot April 16, 20148:20 pm

Jessica Meuse is performing Miranda Lambert’s Gunpowder and Lead

Reuben April 16, 20148:17 pm

To a certain extent, people watch TV shows that show them something unpredictable. But this is the opposite.

Reuben April 16, 20148:15 pm

These themes are basically variations on “do whatever you already are”. So Caleb does a hard rock song, Alex does an indie acoustic joint, Dexter does a country tune, etc. What happened to Kelly Pickler doing “Bohemian Rhapsody”?

Reuben April 16, 20148:13 pm

I just miss the shoehorn nature of “Andrew LLoyd Webber” week, with David Cook doing “Music of the Night”. That was just hilariously bad, and so delightful.

Jessica April 16, 20148:13 pm

I bet the LA Forum literally does still have a roof, because it was not literally blown off by the Kings of Leon.

idolbot April 16, 20148:12 pm

Keith: You’re such a consistent performer. Great job.

JLo: Pretty amazing. Good job.

Harry: I like the way you changed the melody up. Great way to start the show.

Reuben April 16, 20148:11 pm

Not sure what to say. That song sucks. He sang it fine.

Jessica April 16, 20148:11 pm

Well that was a lot of loud sounds and yelling.

Jessica April 16, 20148:09 pm

Apparently this song didn’t chart. The first couple of seconds certainly aren’t hooking me.

idolbot April 16, 20148:09 pm

Caleb will be singing Family Tree by Kings of Leon

Reuben April 16, 20148:07 pm

So each one gets a choice between 6 songs, each of which was chosen by a competitor. Presumably there were 6 distinct ones.

Jessica April 16, 20148:04 pm

That would be AWESOME but probably not

Reuben April 16, 20148:00 pm

Like, can somebody choose that Dexter has to sing “Like a Virgin”? I’m unclear on the rules.

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  • Philip Louie

    Bottom 3 would have to be CJ, Dexter, and Sam