Top 6 Liveblog


Tonight each contestant is doing two songs (instead of the idiotic duos and trios we’ve been sitting through): one country, one rock. Alrighty then.

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  • B Cabello

    who’s voting for CJ? I don’t understand why he’s still in the competition.

    • It’s kind of ironic that he’s quite likely to get voted off now, when he’s actually singing in tune, when he survived so many weeks singing painfully out of tune.

      • B Cabello

        but exactly, who was voting for him when he was doing so bad?

        • Ava Zinn

          Probably fans of the defunct Vote for the Worst and that site closed last year. So I would blame Dave Della Terza for that.

          • Maybe, although the Worsters didn’t ever seem all that successful in keeping someone truly bad around. And there’s no accounting for taste: I mean, Phil Philips. ‘Nuff said.

            • Ava Zinn

              Then again, there’s my site at and that site really pretty much took down VFTW as well as getting the first American Idol Vote for the Girls Victory.

              I launched that site back in 2010.