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Tonight each contestant is doing two songs (instead of the idiotic duos and trios we’ve been sitting through): one country, one rock. Alrighty then.

Reuben April 23, 201410:01 pm


Reuben April 23, 20149:58 pm

Nevertheless, I think C.J. and Sam are the bottom 2.

Reuben April 23, 20149:58 pm

These songs must sound different in the hall, because the song I just heard didn’t match the description they just gave.

idolbot April 23, 20149:57 pm

Harry: You stood there and sang the song. You delivered it in a strong and convincing way.

Keith: Good job. I hated the arrangement, though.

JLo: Your vocal was really strong. I felt that. It was a good job.

Jessica April 23, 20149:56 pm

Yeah that was a mess

Reuben April 23, 20149:56 pm

This is the first time I can think of where Jessica was off pitch. This is maybe her worst performance.

Jessica April 23, 20149:54 pm

Historically this song has not worked out well for Idol competitors

idolbot April 23, 20149:54 pm

Jessica closes out the night with Dolly Parton’s Jolene

idolbot April 23, 20149:49 pm

JLo: This is more your style. I expected a tiny bit more from you.

Harry: It wasn’t your best performance. Pick a song and find things you know will kill.

Keith: I love you as a guy, but you really need to choose these songs carefully. This song pulled you down.

Reuben April 23, 20149:46 pm

This is extremely out of tune. I can’t imagine C.J. lasts another week.

idolbot April 23, 20149:45 pm

CJ is singing Zac Brown Band’s Whatever It Is

idolbot April 23, 20149:39 pm

Keith: You are such a good singer. This is like the best journey to watch you.

JLo: It’s almost like the band goes away; the power of the vocal takes over. I had the goosies again.

Harry: I didn’t really know where you were going; the ornaments that you chose to sing didn’t match what was going on underneath you.

Reuben April 23, 20149:37 pm

That was a nice, understated performance. A bit maudlin, but overall quite good.

Jessica April 23, 20149:37 pm

Jena has taken all the country out of this. I mostly approve. I have no idea what the original sounds like, though.

Jessica April 23, 20149:35 pm

White leather (or pleather or whatever) pants weren’t the best choice for Jena

idolbot April 23, 20149:34 pm

Jena is performing Carrie Underwood’s So Small

idolbot April 23, 20149:29 pm

Harry: I feel very lucky to have heard you do that in the competition tonight. You sang it beautifully. You’re an artist.

Keith: You have a really strong style. You really dig into what that song is about. I would’ve liked a little more heartbreak.

JLo: It was really beautiful. This was the perfect balance of Alex and a great beautiful song that everybody loves.

Reuben April 23, 20149:27 pm

Buckley did gravitate toward open intervals like that. It was definitely supposed to be like Buckley would do that song. It mostly worked, I guess.

Jessica April 23, 20149:25 pm

This sounds kinda Jeff Buckleyish, at least the guitar stuff he’s doing does. To me. But what do I know?

idolbot April 23, 20149:25 pm

Alex is performing Always On My Mind by Willie Nelson

idolbot April 23, 20149:24 pm

JLo: This was a great performance too, it’s just hard to compare [to the first song]

Harry: The magic really happened in the first song; this one felt kind of forced. It was still an extremely strong performance.

Keith: I thought it was great. I can’t wait to hear what country song you do later [that was a joke]

Jessica April 23, 20149:20 pm

But he got to touch Grumpy Cat!!!

Reuben April 23, 20149:19 pm

Caleb is getting to be kind of predictable.

Jessica April 23, 20149:17 pm

Caleb sure did turn this song into a rock anthem

idolbot April 23, 20149:15 pm

Caleb is performing Carrie Underwood’s Undo It

Jessica April 23, 20149:15 pm

She’s so cute and tiny!!!!!

Reuben April 23, 20149:15 pm


Jessica April 23, 20149:15 pm


Jessica April 23, 20149:10 pm

Don’t vote for Sam. Just don’t. Stop now. That was really bad.

idolbot April 23, 20149:10 pm

Keith: Perfect song choice. You should just relax more

JLo: You’re so cute it’s crazy. My favorite parts are when you’re having feelings.

Harry: Have more dynamics in your singing

Reuben April 23, 20149:08 pm


Jessica April 23, 20149:06 pm

And it’s awful

Reuben April 23, 20149:06 pm


idolbot April 23, 20149:06 pm

Sam is singing Shania Twain’s You’re Still the One

Jessica April 23, 20149:04 pm

Oh boy country time! And I don’t mean powdered lemonade!

idolbot April 23, 20148:59 pm

Harry: You have a great voice, and you just presented that voice in the strongest possible way. You delivered it, and it was strong.

Keith: It played to your tonal strengths. I would like to see more release.

JLo: There has to be a freedom to a performance. You have to just feel; think about the words of the song

Reuben April 23, 20148:56 pm

Ok. That was virtually identical to the original.

Reuben April 23, 20148:56 pm

Am I the only one who gets a Stepford Wives thing from Jessica?

Jessica April 23, 20148:56 pm

I hate her earrings so much

Jessica April 23, 20148:55 pm

Well this is an obvious Jessica song. Man it really sucks for her that it’s not the 70s, nor even the 80s.

Reuben April 23, 20148:55 pm

Part of the verve of this song is that it starts with the singer. She undercut that by waiting for the band for 2 measures.

idolbot April 23, 20148:54 pm

Jessica is singing Jefferson Airplane’s Somebody to Love

Reuben April 23, 20148:53 pm

I don’t get the acclaim. There were 4 notes in that “melody”. He sang each one really loud, and he ran around like a mad person. So what?

idolbot April 23, 20148:52 pm

JLo: That was some real rock and roll. You did an amazing job

Harry: Virtually impossible to beat. Congratulations.

Keith: Despite that big crack in the performance you just spackled right over it

Jessica April 23, 20148:52 pm

He’s the anti-Sam that way

Jessica April 23, 20148:51 pm

Caleb certainly owns most of the charisma

Jessica April 23, 20148:49 pm

Yeah, out of all the great rock songs ever, or even the great rock songs likely to be approved, why did Caleb choose this?

Reuben April 23, 20148:49 pm

Man, think of how great this would be if it were actually a good song.

Jessica April 23, 20148:48 pm

I don’t like The Black Crows, I don’t think

idolbot April 23, 20148:47 pm

Calen is performing The Black Crows’ Sting Me

idolbot April 23, 20148:46 pm

Keith: I just wanted you to release a bit more

JLo: There was something missing for me from you

Harry: You sounded out of breath or something. It wasn’t your best.

Reuben April 23, 20148:46 pm

He was singing an uptempo song but he was behind the beat every measure. Does that count?

Jessica April 23, 20148:41 pm

Is CJ some kind of pitch vampire, and he’s been stealing Alex’s ability to sing actual notes?

Reuben April 23, 20148:40 pm

This is a really good song, but he’s just muttering parts of it. Is he sick or something? That was borderline awful.

Jessica April 23, 20148:39 pm

Is it just me, or is Alex having kind of an off night, pitch-wise? Which is really unusual for him, historically

Jessica April 23, 20148:38 pm

Oh, this song

idolbot April 23, 20148:38 pm

Alex is performing Animal by Neon Trees

Jessica April 23, 20148:36 pm

That’s some jacket Alex has on

idolbot April 23, 20148:29 pm

Harry: I thought it was a good performance

Keith: If you’re not “that guy,” pull that emotion from somewhere else

JLo: You look the part. I think you did pull it off.

Reuben April 23, 20148:28 pm

That’s not at all what the song is about.

Reuben April 23, 20148:27 pm

Out of all the songs, why are these kids picking songs we’ve heard thousands of times? Can’t they find anything rocking that is a bit fresher?

Jessica April 23, 20148:26 pm

By CJ standards this isn’t bad, though. It’s reasonably in-tune, inasmuch as this song has a tune

Reuben April 23, 20148:26 pm

Here’s the thing, Lenny Kravitz can’t sing, so this will always be as good as that was. And it is.

idolbot April 23, 20148:26 pm

CJ Harris is singing American Woman by The Guess Who

Reuben April 23, 20148:25 pm

I still this song doesn’t make sense sung by an American. It’s a criticism of US foreign policy by a Canadian.

Jessica April 23, 20148:25 pm

Oh man.

Reuben April 23, 20148:24 pm

Yeah, Sam just oozes sex appeal.

Jessica April 23, 20148:23 pm

Hear that, cougars? Sam is legal!

idolbot April 23, 20148:22 pm

JLo: I got goosies on that one

Harry: That was a perfect song choice for you. You’re blossoming.

Keith: That was a good performance for you. Tap into your emotion.

Jessica April 23, 20148:21 pm

JLo got “goosies”? I thought that was a pretty flaccid performance, myself

Reuben April 23, 20148:21 pm

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Sam performance that I really liked. Sometimes he’s competent. Mostly he’s a robot with less-than-perfect pitch and no character to his voice. I don’t get the love.

Jessica April 23, 20148:19 pm

Although I am very sick of this song

Reuben April 23, 20148:19 pm

This is really karaoke.

Jessica April 23, 20148:19 pm

This is reasonably competent

idolbot April 23, 20148:18 pm

Sam is performing It’s Time by Imagine Dragons

Reuben April 23, 20148:17 pm

How did Ryan find such a locus of d-bags to stand in?

idolbot April 23, 20148:11 pm

Keith: Just release a bit more

JLo: You need to push yourself

Harry: Think about what you could do…

Reuben April 23, 20148:10 pm

That was really similar to the original. If you came looking for Jena to do something new with it, you didn’t get it.

Reuben April 23, 20148:08 pm

Eh, that was enjoyable. I don’t know if I was blown away, but it was fine.

idolbot April 23, 20148:08 pm

Jena Irene is performing Heart’s Barracuda

Reuben April 23, 20148:06 pm

18 minutes of music out of 84 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot?

Jessica April 23, 20148:03 pm

Wall-to-wall music my… eye. Some music interspersed with a whole lot of BS, they mean.

Reuben April 23, 20148:03 pm

If there isn’t a Donnie and Marie reference within 1 minute I’ll eat my hat.

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  • B Cabello

    who’s voting for CJ? I don’t understand why he’s still in the competition.

    • It’s kind of ironic that he’s quite likely to get voted off now, when he’s actually singing in tune, when he survived so many weeks singing painfully out of tune.

      • B Cabello

        but exactly, who was voting for him when he was doing so bad?

        • Ava Zinn

          Probably fans of the defunct Vote for the Worst and that site closed last year. So I would blame Dave Della Terza for that.

          • Maybe, although the Worsters didn’t ever seem all that successful in keeping someone truly bad around. And there’s no accounting for taste: I mean, Phil Philips. ‘Nuff said.

            • Ava Zinn

              Then again, there’s my site at and that site really pretty much took down VFTW as well as getting the first American Idol Vote for the Girls Victory.

              I launched that site back in 2010.