Liveblog: Top 5

We’re getting down to the wire now, and this week the idols will be singing songs—allegedly—that the audience picked (via tweeting). So if it sucks, it’s our fault!

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  • Julie Anderson

    You two seemed off your game tonight…was the sound system working ok?

    • It was soooo booooooooring. I had a hard time paying enough attention even to snark on it.

  • Xfactor Fan

    Alex may b going home. He didn’t have the best night + went first. Jessica had a great night and Sam having been 1 of the nights best performance alex could be going

  • Xfactor Fan

    Why is Alex in green now? He is going home

    • Says you. Also you’re commenting on the wrong post.

      • Xfactor Fan

        I apologize was just my opinion I was wrong. And i didn’t read the print at the top. Please forgive