Season 3 video retrospective – part 1

Here is the first part of my video retrospective of Season 3. You can see my other retrospectives here.

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  • Matthew Richards

    Thanks so much for the retrospective! Where did you find clips for this season? I’ve been looking forever. Not even Idol Rewind does it justice.

    I remember loving Diana in the first semi round and not quite warming up to Fantasia, too. Boy, did she change my mind. What an exciting season.

    Have you seen any of Camile Velasco’s post-Idol releases? She’s now a Reggae artist named Eli_Mac and she’s actually…good? I was shocked. Same with Leah Labelle; she’s actually a really good R&B artist working with Pharrell.

    • reubengann

      It may be unwise to state in a public venue where I obtained the
      footage. Erm, there might have, on an unrelated note, been a torrent
      some years ago. But yeah, it’s certainly not easy to come upon.

      knew Leah had recently released a record, and I could easily see how a
      17 year old would be ready to go 10 years later. As for myself, reggae
      artist is a non-starter, but good for her.