Top 4 Liveblog

This week we’ll whittle down the pool of contestants to the top three, and incidentally see how the top three tracker did this year. The theme is break-ups and make-ups. I really want to hear some Rachael Yamagata, even though I’m sure we won’t: she’s been called the Troubadour of Heartbreak, and for very good reason. Coincidentally her album Happenstance, which is one of my all-time favorite albums, turns ten this year. What? I run this blog; I can shill for my favorite musicians if I want. Full disclosure: that’s an affiliate link, so I get, like, a penny if you buy the album or something. But you should buy the album because it’s great. Ok. Enough shilling: on with the blogging!

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  • Buffy Lockette

    So sick of the love affair with Jena. Keith hit the nail on the head tonight when he said Jess lacks confidence. I wonder how she could have grown throughout this experience if they hadn’t made her their punching bag all season? They have torn her apart all season and been lenient to others. Jena gets coaching from the Dawgfather before she takes stage. She is the only candidate asked a question by the audience. She gets a kiss from JLo. It’s just so rigged.

    • I don’t know about that; Jess seemed set up to win, early on, with tons of pre-exposure (almost five times as much as Jena, whose audition was not shown)—in fact, she had the most pre-voting screentime of any of the finalists. Then she turned in week after week of mostly mediocre performances, while Jena has been pretty much good-to-great. It’s possible that the producers feel let down by Jessica, and thus are pushing Jena as a viable alternative female to rally behind (which she is, especially after last night’s superb rendition of Can’t Help Falling in Love), but it’s also the case that Jessica simply hasn’t been living up to her early promise.

  • Jerry Krause

    Jennifer Lopez had sex on the stage tonight to Caleb Johnson’s singing “Dazed and Confused” on American Idol. Caleb’s singing and performance alone would have killed it, but Jennifer’s moves (dancing) dug it in and Caleb finished it with what he did with the mick stand. I challenged anyone to match the performance that we saw on American Idol tonight. “Caleb! Caleb! Caleb!” the crowd would not stop screaming.