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This week we’ll whittle down the pool of contestants to the top three, and incidentally see how the top three tracker did this year. The theme is break-ups and make-ups. I really want to hear some Rachael Yamagata, even though I’m sure we won’t: she’s been called the Troubadour of Heartbreak, and for very good reason. Coincidentally her album Happenstance, which is one of my all-time favorite albums, turns ten this year. What? I run this blog; I can shill for my favorite musicians if I want. Full disclosure: that’s an affiliate link, so I get, like, a penny if you buy the album or something. But you should buy the album because it’s great. Ok. Enough shilling: on with the blogging!

Reuben May 7, 20148:02 pm

Don Johnson filling in for Ryan Seacrest.

Reuben May 7, 20148:03 pm

I haven’t game theoried it out, but maybe Sam farted too much in the kitchen so they wanted him gone.

idolbot May 7, 20148:07 pm

Caleb is singing You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi

Reuben May 7, 20148:07 pm

That’s Caleb’s worst heartbreak?? That’s nothing.

Reuben May 7, 20148:08 pm

Are there honestly people who enjoy this song?

Jessica May 7, 20148:09 pm

Man, people will scream for anything

Reuben May 7, 20148:10 pm

That song doesn’t even have any dark quality to it. It’s just a boring rock song with lyrics that complain about a woman.

Jessica May 7, 20148:13 pm

Firefox users: yeah the fonts are all screwed up. I’ll figure it out… later. I kind of hate this theme and wordpress and everything else right now.

Reuben May 7, 20148:15 pm

How ’bout this one? Try this

idolbot May 7, 20148:17 pm

Jessica is singing Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson.

Jessica May 7, 20148:17 pm

Ooh and this is a terrible opening

Reuben May 7, 20148:17 pm

I’m inclined to think Jessica is gone no matter what she does tonight. This isn’t helping.

Jessica May 7, 20148:17 pm

I like this one

Jessica May 7, 20148:18 pm

Well, the backup singers are singing this well

Reuben May 7, 20148:18 pm

Well, are they going for angry or forlorn?

Reuben May 7, 20148:19 pm


Jessica May 7, 20148:19 pm


Jessica May 7, 20148:22 pm

Nothing could have helped Jess with that, other than cutting her mic and letting the backup singers take over

Reuben May 7, 20148:23 pm

That was Nikki McKibbon territory right there.

Jessica May 7, 20148:24 pm

Poor Nikki. Her kid got rejected too, because he sucks.

Reuben May 7, 20148:24 pm

I always imagine Alex is saying in his head “Is this how people smile? Am I smiling? Am I doing it right?”

Jessica May 7, 20148:24 pm

That was really mean. But he wasn’t very good at singing.

idolbot May 7, 20148:31 pm

Alex is singing Too Close by Alex Clare

Reuben May 7, 20148:32 pm

This is uncannily similar to the record.

Jessica May 7, 20148:33 pm

I’m not… unsick of this song. But Alex is doing a creditable job of it.

idolbot May 7, 20148:43 pm

Jena is singing Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar

Jessica May 7, 20148:44 pm

This is noisy and annoying

Reuben May 7, 20148:46 pm

It had its moments. Not great. Not bad.

idolbot May 7, 20148:55 pm

Caleb is singing Travelin’ Band by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Jessica May 7, 20148:55 pm

Caleb is definitely playing to his old fart fanbase

Reuben May 7, 20148:56 pm

This is just getting tiresome.

idolbot May 7, 20148:59 pm

Jessica is singing So What by Pink

Jessica May 7, 20148:59 pm

Well this song is kinda just yelling, so, maybe it’ll be ok

Jessica May 7, 20149:00 pm

Incidentally Pink and her husband got back together, if I recall correctly

Reuben May 7, 20149:01 pm

This is like a drunken nursery rhyme.

Reuben May 7, 20149:02 pm


Jessica May 7, 20149:03 pm

NO ONE CARES how much fun a singer is having.

Reuben May 7, 20149:04 pm

Have I mentioned that there are SO MANY SONGS in the history of music? Why would they choose these songs? What do these people put on a mix tape for someone new they meet? They just rip tracks from the latest NOW! cd and call it a day? Don’t they listen to anything but Top 40?

Reuben May 7, 20149:05 pm

The show isn’t always riveting to me, but it rarely makes me as angry as it is tonight.

Reuben May 7, 20149:08 pm

Take what Jessica just said and imagine an 8 year old saying it. Still works, right?

idolbot May 7, 20149:09 pm

Jena is singing Bad Romance by Lady GaGa.

Reuben May 7, 20149:09 pm

Is there anything else on tonight?

Jessica May 7, 20149:10 pm

This is also loud and annoying. Jena Jena Jena.

Jessica May 7, 20149:12 pm

Bring back Grumpy Cat to express my disapproval right now

Jessica May 7, 20149:18 pm

Reuben loves this song, and ukuleles

idolbot May 7, 20149:18 pm

Alex is singing I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

Reuben May 7, 20149:21 pm


Jessica May 7, 20149:21 pm

I went to high school with this guy so I was not impressed with that ukulele

Jessica May 7, 20149:22 pm

Maui High represent

Jessica May 7, 20149:22 pm


Reuben May 7, 20149:24 pm

Honestly I feel like Alex is just coasting. He doesn’t even seem to be trying anymore.

Jessica May 7, 20149:24 pm

Maybe everyone’s third song will be, like, good

Jessica May 7, 20149:27 pm

I wish my cats looked disapproving. They just look kinda dumb. Or in Dale’s case, mischievous.

Jessica May 7, 20149:28 pm

Chicks dig this song

idolbot May 7, 20149:28 pm

Caleb is singing Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney/Wings.

Jessica May 7, 20149:29 pm

This chick is digging this song. Don’t care if it’s actually any good.

Reuben May 7, 20149:30 pm

I mean, it is what it is. A tribute band performance.

Reuben May 7, 20149:32 pm

Pretty sad that that was the best of the night.

idolbot May 7, 20149:39 pm

Jessica is singing You and I by Lady GaGa

Jessica May 7, 20149:39 pm

Well, this is definitely one of her better performances so far

Jessica May 7, 20149:40 pm

And it’s not even a Stevie Nicks song

Reuben May 7, 20149:42 pm

I don’t think it’s a game changer, but it was a hell of a lot better than the other two.

Jessica May 7, 20149:44 pm

But Jena just totally outclasses her

idolbot May 7, 20149:45 pm

Jena is singing Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

Reuben May 7, 20149:45 pm

I’m a cynical dickhead, and I have the chills from this.

Jessica May 7, 20149:45 pm

Because it’s fucking beautiful

Reuben May 7, 20149:46 pm


Jessica May 7, 20149:46 pm

Candidate for best Idol performance ever

Reuben May 7, 20149:47 pm

I have something in my eye…

Jessica May 7, 20149:47 pm

Everyone could cry right now, JLo.

Reuben May 7, 20149:50 pm

I thought that was a broadcast error, but they actually hit the delay because JLo mouthed “fuck” to Randy.

Reuben May 7, 20149:52 pm

I’m thinking the other contestants were also thinking “fuck”, but for a different reason.

idolbot May 7, 20149:54 pm

Alex is singing Yellow by Coldplay

Jessica May 7, 20149:55 pm

I definitely haven’t heard enough Coldplay in my life

Reuben May 7, 20149:56 pm

That was fine. Jessica is definitely gone.

Jessica May 7, 20149:58 pm

Yeah, Jessica was definitely the least best

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  • Buffy Lockette

    So sick of the love affair with Jena. Keith hit the nail on the head tonight when he said Jess lacks confidence. I wonder how she could have grown throughout this experience if they hadn’t made her their punching bag all season? They have torn her apart all season and been lenient to others. Jena gets coaching from the Dawgfather before she takes stage. She is the only candidate asked a question by the audience. She gets a kiss from JLo. It’s just so rigged.

    • I don’t know about that; Jess seemed set up to win, early on, with tons of pre-exposure (almost five times as much as Jena, whose audition was not shown)—in fact, she had the most pre-voting screentime of any of the finalists. Then she turned in week after week of mostly mediocre performances, while Jena has been pretty much good-to-great. It’s possible that the producers feel let down by Jessica, and thus are pushing Jena as a viable alternative female to rally behind (which she is, especially after last night’s superb rendition of Can’t Help Falling in Love), but it’s also the case that Jessica simply hasn’t been living up to her early promise.

  • Jerry Krause

    Jennifer Lopez had sex on the stage tonight to Caleb Johnson’s singing “Dazed and Confused” on American Idol. Caleb’s singing and performance alone would have killed it, but Jennifer’s moves (dancing) dug it in and Caleb finished it with what he did with the mick stand. I challenged anyone to match the performance that we saw on American Idol tonight. “Caleb! Caleb! Caleb!” the crowd would not stop screaming.