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The top 3 is always an interesting show, and the results can be really hard to predict (based on gut feelings, anyway). The themes for tonight are Judges’ Choice, Randy’s Choice, and Home town’s Choice. Is that three themes or one theme? Whatever. Incidentally Jessica (that’s me: I write these dumb intros mostly) will be absent for the first little while, but will jump back in at some point in the middle. Sorry? I guess? You’ll be fine. It’ll all be ok.

Reuben May 14, 20147:56 pm

As long as I’m here, I may as well opine briefly about the “proposition” that was given the Idols two weeks ago. Of course the Idols who thought they were safe voted to send Sam home. I sure would have. Because of that, they each got to do 3 songs instead of 2 last week. This is pretty simple. If you think you’re good, you want to maximize your screen time.

Reuben May 14, 20148:06 pm

I can’t remember too many other examples of a contestant actually having a doctor come out and say his voice is shot. I do remember some contestants themselves saying that had happened.

Reuben May 14, 20148:08 pm

For those of you not in the south, Caleb’s hometown of Asheville is like a resort town. I guess it’s nice.

Reuben May 14, 20148:10 pm

Are the producers trying to get all but the most dedicated fans to tune out immediately? What the hell is this?

Reuben May 14, 20148:12 pm

Seriously, people here look at you funny if you say you’ve never been to Asheville.

Reuben May 14, 20148:16 pm

Randy has chosen Never Tear Us Apart by INXS for Caleb.

Reuben May 14, 20148:19 pm

This is like Caleb at 25%.

Reuben May 14, 20148:21 pm

Anybody think possibly that clip at the beginning of the show presages a return of Simon? Maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

Reuben May 14, 20148:23 pm

That song choice wasn’t my favorite. I’m totally neutral on Caleb’s first tune. Never heard that song before. Of all the INXS songs to choose, why that one?

Reuben May 14, 20148:29 pm

Randy chose Pompeii by Bastille for Alex.

Reuben May 14, 20148:30 pm

Just me or is this awful?

Reuben May 14, 20148:31 pm

Alex is trying to be a whole lot of things here that he isn’t.

Reuben May 14, 20148:33 pm

That was a parlor trick. Try strumming a guitar awhile and you’ll see that playing a beat while singing isn’t all that difficult.

Reuben May 14, 20148:40 pm

Randy chose Titanium by David Guetta for Jena.

Reuben May 14, 20148:43 pm

At this point I think maybe I’m not impartial on Jena.

Reuben May 14, 20148:45 pm

Disagree with JLo, but I’m glad to see there can still be bad reviews at this point.

Reuben May 14, 20148:47 pm

I don’t think that the constant genuflection of recent seasons has been good for the show.

Reuben May 14, 20148:53 pm

Demons by Imagine Dragons was chosen for Caleb by his home town.

Reuben May 14, 20148:57 pm

I know he’s sick, so I don’t know how to judge this. That was something that never would have been acceptable in the finals.

Reuben May 14, 20148:59 pm

How did they not notice it?!

Jessica May 14, 20149:05 pm

Ok hi guys I’m back. Now everyone can be happy again.

Jessica May 14, 20149:07 pm

Every time I hear this song I think “oh, this song”

Jessica May 14, 20149:08 pm

Someone or other chose “Stay” for Alex

Jessica May 14, 20149:08 pm

(Rihanna’s song of that name)

Jessica May 14, 20149:09 pm

This is… ok. Pretty good. It’s good that he can’t just do a dead-on cover like he does when it’s a male singer on the original.

Jessica May 14, 20149:11 pm

Alex claims his concerts will be fun. I am less certain. He doesn’t strike me as a super fun guy.

Jessica May 14, 20149:12 pm

Keith… made Harry sniff his little foam microphone thingy. Which he says smells like… parrot breath?

Jessica May 14, 20149:12 pm

lol lee dewyze

Jessica May 14, 20149:20 pm

The judges have chosen Demi Lovato’s Heart Attack for Jena

Jessica May 14, 20149:21 pm

I think this song is kinda stupid. Jena is a much better singer than Demi Lovato (um, as far as I know) so I don’t think this is doing her any favors

Jessica May 14, 20149:21 pm

It’s just kind of loud

Jessica May 14, 20149:24 pm

The judges seem to have liked this. I hated it. I think I hate Demi Lovato.

Jessica May 14, 20149:25 pm

You know, musically. Not as a person. She might be a perfectly nice person.

Jessica May 14, 20149:31 pm

I wonder what the mechanics of the local voting were. Maybe they explained earlier when I wasn’t watching. Like how did people vote?

Jessica May 14, 20149:32 pm

Caleb will be attempting Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin

Jessica May 14, 20149:33 pm

This is ok. Did I misunderstand that Caleb had no voice left? Leme look back.

Jessica May 14, 20149:36 pm

Keith agrees that that sounded like he as reasonable healthy. Because that sure did sound like what that song sounds like.

Jessica May 14, 20149:44 pm

The moving background behind Alex is freaking me out. He’s singing I dunno something, I forget

Jessica May 14, 20149:46 pm

One Direction’s Story of My Life

Reuben May 14, 20149:51 pm

Why do they ever do repeats?

Jessica May 14, 20149:52 pm

I wonder if Jena was well-liked at her high school

Jessica May 14, 20149:53 pm

Jena’s going to reprise Creep, which I think is an excellent choice

Jessica May 14, 20149:56 pm

Although having her reprise Can’t Help Falling in Love would’ve been awesomer. Except, you know, that was just last week. Something along those lines, though.

Jessica May 14, 201410:02 pm

So yeah I have no idea. If I had to guess, and I do because I don’t know, I would suspect that Jessica’s old voters will transfer more to Caleb than to Alex or Jena, but I would also guess that Jena doesn’t need them as much as Alex. So my prediction based entirely on my feelings would be a Caleb-Jena top 2. Of course we’ll see later on what the numbers say.

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