Liveblog: The Final Competition

Idol is evidently bowing to the clear superiority of a Tuesday/Wednesday broadcast with this year’s finale. Clearly. They must have finally listened to me. Anyway, you know the drill: Jena and Caleb will be facing off for the last time, and singing whatever dreck has been written for the finale as well as two other songs. And away we go.

Jessica May 20, 20148:01 pm


Reuben May 20, 20148:01 pm

To me, this one is as close as Kris Allen/Adam Lambert.

Jessica May 20, 20148:02 pm

Ugh Kris Allen.

Jessica May 20, 20148:04 pm

She doesn’t want to go to prom with him

Jessica May 20, 20148:06 pm

I like this song, but I’m not sure how good a choice it is for Jena

Jessica May 20, 20148:07 pm

(Florence & the Machine’s Dog Days Are Over)

Jessica May 20, 20148:09 pm

No it wasn’t a good choice, Keith. Jena is a better singer than Florence Welch.

Jessica May 20, 20148:15 pm

Simon went way out on a limb and chose Dream On for Caleb

Jessica May 20, 20148:16 pm

Will he do the high notes?

Reuben May 20, 20148:16 pm

I feel like this is a competition for two entirely different age brackets.

Jessica May 20, 20148:17 pm

Yes he will. And he did, successfully. That should work out well for him.

Jessica May 20, 20148:17 pm

Yeah it kinda is old people vs young people. I wonder who votes more.

Reuben May 20, 20148:18 pm

Caleb wins round 1 by a mile. Not that I enjoyed it, but it is what it is.

Jessica May 20, 20148:19 pm

Yeah, that was a crap song for Jena, and Caleb did that song as it must be done on Idol

Jessica May 20, 20148:20 pm

Caleb is no Steven Tyler, though. Steven Tyler is a freak of nature.

Jessica May 20, 20148:25 pm

Ooh Jena’s skirt is CUTE

Jessica May 20, 20148:25 pm

I think it might be entertaining if they had a competitive duet where they try to outsing each other

Jessica May 20, 20148:26 pm

Oh good, a reprise of Can’t Help Falling in Love. But can she muster the same emotional impact?

Jessica May 20, 20148:28 pm

Damn close to it.

Jessica May 20, 20148:36 pm

So what was it that made that one episode of this season so special? Caleb’s and Jena’s reprises came from the same episode.

Jessica May 20, 20148:38 pm

Oh, uh, that was Maybe I’m Amazed. And it was, you know, good enough. I guess.

Reuben May 20, 20148:38 pm

Yes. The only time this season was watchable was the Top 4, third song.

Reuben May 20, 20148:39 pm

Round 2 to Jena, but not by as big a margin as Caleb won Round 1.

Jessica May 20, 20148:45 pm

The “winner’s single” for Jena is called “We Are One”

Jessica May 20, 20148:45 pm

I hope it gives her something do DO eventually

Reuben May 20, 20148:46 pm

Question: is the Caleb album going to consist of classic rock covers? Because I don’t think that’s a thing, but I also don’t know what else the guy can do.

Jessica May 20, 20148:47 pm

Uhhh he could do new classic rock? Like new lyrics but music that sounds exactly like the music of the 80s?

Jessica May 20, 20148:48 pm

I guess that was ok, for a finale song.

Jessica May 20, 20148:49 pm

Luckily Caleb’s finale song is likely to be as or more stupid

Reuben May 20, 20148:51 pm

I guess maybe Taylor Hicks/Kat McPhee is a closer analogy, but Kat was in the bottom 3 in a round (the Top 5?) running up to the finale. Jena hasn’t been, as far as we know. They’ve kept such a lid on results this year, though, that it’s hard to know.

Jessica May 20, 20148:52 pm

lol taylor hicks

Jessica May 20, 20148:53 pm

See? Hair metal written today

Reuben May 20, 20148:54 pm

Does anyone still listen to Warrant? No? Then why would they listen to this?

Jessica May 20, 20148:55 pm

Ugh why did they have to close with the crappy Idol songs?

Reuben May 20, 20148:55 pm

Real talk: hair metal bands usually had front men that were considered attractive.

Jessica May 20, 20148:56 pm

Poor Caleb. I’m sure he’s… a nice guy…

Reuben May 20, 20148:56 pm

Ok. Frazier won that fight.

Reuben May 20, 20148:58 pm

Correction: Ali-Frazier fought three times. Ali won twice. Frazier once.

Jessica May 20, 20148:59 pm

Wow this sucks so bad

Jessica May 20, 20148:59 pm

Jena and Caleb are singing Breakaway as badly as they’re able, apparently

Jessica May 20, 20149:00 pm

Oh man, that was execrable

Reuben May 20, 20149:00 pm

So is this the Fight of the Century or the Thrilla in Manilla? I think Century. Caleb edges out Jena, which is lame.

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  • angela

    I think caleb done well, he had an injured vocal cord last week when he performed, it had hemiraged and he was ill and he still did really well, props Caleb.

  • angela

    Great job guy, and jena to!

  • Joe Consumer

    To answer the question about anyone listening to Warrant… Yes, there are. Lots of us. We buy music and everything.

    • And comment on blogs! Who knew? Sorry, irresistable temptation. That said, there are a lot more people buying stuff like Beyonce or, like, Macklemore or whatever it is the kids listen to nowadays (Paramore I guess) than Warrant, et al. And I have a huge soft spot in my heart for monster ballads… I just don’t know how marketable they are to the public at large.