Liveblog: The Final Competition

Idol is evidently bowing to the clear superiority of a Tuesday/Wednesday broadcast with this year’s finale. Clearly. They must have finally listened to me. Anyway, you know the drill: Jena and Caleb will be facing off for the last time, and singing whatever dreck has been written for the finale as well as two other songs. And away we go.

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  • angela

    I think caleb done well, he had an injured vocal cord last week when he performed, it had hemiraged and he was ill and he still did really well, props Caleb.

  • angela

    Great job guy, and jena to!

  • Joe Consumer

    To answer the question about anyone listening to Warrant… Yes, there are. Lots of us. We buy music and everything.

    • And comment on blogs! Who knew? Sorry, irresistable temptation. That said, there are a lot more people buying stuff like Beyonce or, like, Macklemore or whatever it is the kids listen to nowadays (Paramore I guess) than Warrant, et al. And I have a huge soft spot in my heart for monster ballads… I just don’t know how marketable they are to the public at large.