Season 3 Video Retrospective: Part 3

That’s it! Last video of the year (phew). If you missed the other ones, you can see all of my video retrospectives here.

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  • Matthew Richards

    “The producers here didn’t mention it being a particularly close vote.”

    I read that Fantasia and Diana were actually within 2% of each other on the finale. Not as close as Ruben v Clay, but definitely closer than Kelly winning 58/42.

    • reubengann


      • Matthew Richards

        I think Ryan mentioned the vote margin on the results show, when he was announcing the number of people who voted. The wikipedia page for that season says Fantasia won by approximately 2% (1.3 million votes) but they don’t say they got that number from Seacrest:

        As a 12-year-old teenybopper who voted my fingers off for Diana that year, I can see how this is within the realm of possibility. I think Fantasia was more polarizing because of the tone of her voice but I’m really glad she won that season.

        • Oh my god you were TWELVE during season 3? I’m afraid I’m going to have to order you off my lawn at this point, you young whippersnapper! I have no idea what a whippersnapper is.