What Twitter thinks: the first 11 reveals of the Top 24 (no spoilers)

TwitterSentiment2015-02-18Eleven semi-finalists were revealed on tonight’s show: Michael Simeon, Loren Lott, Adam Ezegelian, Lovey James, Adanna Duru, Clark Beckham, Daniel Seavey, Tyanna Jones, Rayvon Owen, Shannon Berthiaume, and Jax. Above is the number of positive versus negative tweets posted about these contestants tonight.

Adam Ezegelian is by far the most controversial pick, with only a 57% overall sentiment and a high number of negative opinions (roughly 25% of tweets were negative). The frizzy hair, schlub-cum-rocker sang “Here I Go Again”, and it was not overwhelmingly popular:

But clearly not everyone thought so

Clark Beckham, who I thought was pretty good, seemed to be unpopular by the numbers, with 60% overall sentiment and about 19% negative tweets:

However, I think sentiment-determining algorithm was tricked a little, by tweets like this:

I wouldn’t worry about Clark at this point.

On the girl’s side, Lovey James was not a hit at all:

At 60% overall sentiment, and almost 20% negative tweets, I’m not sure the judges made the right pick. Adanna Daru was much more popular, but still seems to suffer from a low number of people talking about her.

More to come tomorrow.

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