Top 12 women liveblog

Not-live from Detroit, the Season 14 women!

Reuben February 26, 20158:58 pm

I feel like this is really safe. Maybe too safe. But it’s in tune, which is more than I can say for some of the previous singers. It’s aight.

Jessica February 26, 20158:57 pm

And, needless to say, better than Shi

Jessica February 26, 20158:57 pm

She’s not perfect but she’s done better than a significant number of the white girls

Reuben February 26, 20158:57 pm

Tyanna Jones is singing Lips Are Movin by Meghan Trainor

Jessica February 26, 20158:57 pm

Tyanna is the one I really want to succeed because I don’t want to send her back to the ghetto

Jessica February 26, 20158:55 pm

It was a good decision to do this rockin’ part in the middle; normally the song is kinda …not that… throughout

Reuben February 26, 20158:55 pm

Can’t complain about that one. Nice.

Jessica February 26, 20158:55 pm

Lead guitar guy seems like he’s having some fun with this

Jessica February 26, 20158:54 pm

I love this song

Reuben February 26, 20158:54 pm

Jax is singing Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra

Jessica February 26, 20158:48 pm

Yeah that was fantastic

Reuben February 26, 20158:48 pm

Doesn’t get much better than that, folks.

Reuben February 26, 20158:47 pm

This is great.

Jessica February 26, 20158:47 pm

Could we have another black female winner finally? This girl seems good too.

Reuben February 26, 20158:46 pm

Sarina-Joi Crowe is singing Mamma Knows Best by Jessie J.

Jessica February 26, 20158:45 pm

You know, the less pretty one whose place Maddie took

Reuben February 26, 20158:45 pm

That was flavorless as possible

Reuben February 26, 20158:45 pm

I’m not reviewing that.

Jessica February 26, 20158:44 pm

Whatsername would’ve done this better

Jessica February 26, 20158:43 pm

The much-hated Maddie

Reuben February 26, 20158:43 pm

Maddie Walker is singing Love Gets me Every Time by Shania Twain

Reuben February 26, 20158:41 pm

Did the vocal coaches hear that and think “Yes, this will be good.” Or did they think “F*** this skinny bitch, let her crash and burn”?

Jessica February 26, 20158:40 pm

She/i probably won’t be because she’s so pretty, and she has sung better in the past. It’s probably worse to be mediocre at this point than flat-out bad.

Reuben February 26, 20158:38 pm

I hope Shi is eliminated.

Jessica February 26, 20158:38 pm

Woooooooooow that was terrible

Reuben February 26, 20158:37 pm

Can we give her the hook? It doesn’t have to be a very big hook.

Reuben February 26, 20158:37 pm

This is karaoke.

Jessica February 26, 20158:37 pm

Oh my this is not good

Reuben February 26, 20158:36 pm

Shi Scott is singing Umbrella by Rihanna

Jessica February 26, 20158:36 pm

I’m so worried about Shi if she doesn’t make it on Idol. What can a girl who looks like that possibly do otherwise?

Reuben February 26, 20158:35 pm

These sound mostly in tune to me, I just think that song was really BIG and not very good.

Jessica February 26, 20158:35 pm

On the plus side Loren is very very pretty

Jessica February 26, 20158:34 pm

She started on not-a-note and has barely found one since

Jessica February 26, 20158:33 pm

Oh Loren, no. No no no. Terrible.

Reuben February 26, 20158:33 pm

Loren Lott is singing Note to God by Charice

Reuben February 26, 20158:31 pm

That performance:

Reuben February 26, 20158:27 pm


Jessica February 26, 20158:27 pm

Shannon is sucking up the place

Reuben February 26, 20158:26 pm

Shannon Berthiaume is singing Who Knew by Pink

Jessica February 26, 20158:25 pm

Yeah, very forgettable. Very pretty in parts but overall meh.

Reuben February 26, 20158:25 pm

I found that a bit boring.

Reuben February 26, 20158:23 pm

Katherine Winston is singing Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift

Jessica February 26, 20158:19 pm

Yeah, I wanted to like that a lot more than I actually liked it

Reuben February 26, 20158:17 pm

While I cannot say I liked this, I definitely want to see more.

Reuben February 26, 20158:17 pm

Ok, so yeah this is like the Regina Spektor version of this, but…

I do not hate this.

Jessica February 26, 20158:16 pm


Reuben February 26, 20158:16 pm

Joey Cook is singing Somebody Like You by Keith Urban

Jessica February 26, 20158:15 pm

Accordion or GTFO

Reuben February 26, 20158:14 pm

Well, I mean, to even out the scales, yeah.

Reuben February 26, 20158:13 pm

I could definitely do without this, yeah. This is competent, but this song is dumb and unappealing.

Jessica February 26, 20158:13 pm

Ain’t that right ladies? You should shoot your abusive husbands/boyfriends!

Jessica February 26, 20158:13 pm

I can do without Alexis Gomez

Reuben February 26, 20158:12 pm

Alexis Gomez is singing Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert

Reuben February 26, 20158:10 pm

I get why the judges downplayed it, but they heard the same thing I did. Girl has potential, for sure.

Jessica February 26, 20158:08 pm

Really? Maybe I stopped paying attention

Reuben February 26, 20158:07 pm

I do not agree. That was in tune for only the first half.

Reuben February 26, 20158:07 pm

This went way off pitch

Jessica February 26, 20158:06 pm

Also she’s pretty damn good at singing

Reuben February 26, 20158:05 pm

Adanna Duru is singing Rather Be by Clean Bandit

Jessica February 26, 20158:05 pm

I feel obligated to root for Adanna because she goes to UC Riverside. Go Highlanders.

Reuben February 26, 20158:05 pm

Usually it’s hard to hear the Idol in the mix. Not so this time. If anything, she was too loud in that mix.

Reuben February 26, 20158:04 pm

That was like a B-

Jessica February 26, 20158:03 pm

I don’t think this was the best song choice for her. The whole beginning kinda sucked.

Reuben February 26, 20158:02 pm

Lovey James is singing Love Runs Out by OneRepublic

Reuben February 26, 20158:01 pm

Detroit: not yet the dystopian landscape predicted in Robocop!

Reuben February 26, 20157:57 pm

Still no WNTS scores for last night. Wondering if I should finally get around to compiling and publishing an approval rating.

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