Let’s predict approval ratings for the Top 24 (updated)

As WhatNotToSing hasn’t seen fit to publish numbers, here are some estimates for the Top 24. First the men:

Contestant Song Approval
Rating (est)
Adam I Wanna Rock 65
Clark When a Man Loves a Woman 72
Daniel I’m Yours 28
Mark The Weight 63
Michael How Am I Supposed to Live Without You 30
Nick Thinking Out Loud 85
Qaasim Uptown Funk 72
Quentin I Put a Spell on You 87
Rayvon Jealous 59
Riley Homeboy 28
Savion Hey Soul Sister 63
Trevor The Best I Ever Had 26

Then the women

Contestant Song Approval
Rating (est)
Adanna Rather Be 60
Alexis Gunpowder and Lead 65
Jax Bang Bang 85
Joey Somebody Like You 75
Katherine Safe & Sound 46
Loren Note to God 48
Lovey Love Runs Out 33
Maddie Love Gets Me Every Time 40
Sarina Mamma Knows Best 96
Tyanna Lips Are Movin 75
Shannon Who Knew 19
Shi Umbrella 19

These were calculated based on a sample of 18 24 write-ups. No doubt better numbers could come from a larger sample, and I have a few more to add. The data are here as a tab delimited file.

Forecast based on these preliminary numbers will be forthcoming.

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