Recap of Top 16 results/Top 12 performances

No liveblog tonight, as real-life work is pressing. I’ll post a forecast later tonight and Twitter sentiment. Comments and spoilers after the jump.

Overall comments:

  • Shocking, absolutely shocking, that Quentin was not voted in. That’s a once or twice in a hundred result.
  • Fox has given up on the show. Abbreviated pre-taped shows, with nearly non-existent judges reviews, and doing two voting shows in a single week. What the hell are they thinking?

Results and individual performance thoughts and list of thoughts:

  1. Sarina-Joi – After two stand-out performances, this was fairly bad. Likely a combination of her being unable to hear the band and the song being bland.
  2. Rayvon – Again, this was poor. One note at the end does not a good performance make.
  3. Daniel – This kid can go to hell.
  4. Maddie – NB: I reviewed the footage, and I stand by my defense of Janelle Arthur. As to Maddie, I liked her tonight. One of the best, very pretty.
  5. Tyanna – Fine.
  6. Nick – Very good. Unfair to critique him on the song choice since they were forced to sing their audition song.
  7. Jax – The top of that performance was superb. After the band came in it was karaoke.
  8. Qaasim – Terrific.
  9. Clark – One bum note at the end marred an almost flawless rendition.
  10. Joey – I liked it, I didn’t love it. AND THAT INSTRUMENT IS A UKELELE NOT A MANDOLIN
  11. Quentin (wild card) – As I said, shocking that he wasn’t voted in. Obvious choice for the judges. I liked his version of Royals ok, he changed enough to be a bit interesting.
  12. Adanna (wild card) – This was a mess. Barely better than Daniel.

Subjective call: Daniel goes home.

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