Top 11 liveblog

Tonight, one person is eliminated, 11 people sing, and 1-2 million Americans ask “wait, how does the show work this year?”.

Reuben March 12, 20157:56 pm

Ok, fine it’s like 10 million viewers. But still, the show ain’t what it was.

Reuben March 12, 20157:58 pm

Are we even going to get to know the Bottom 3? A contestant who learns he or she was in the bottom 3 might give a … different performance.

Jessica March 12, 20158:01 pm

This show is very confusing and I am confused

Reuben March 12, 20158:01 pm

Uh, did HCJ actually tell Daniel he was “impressive” last night? I feel like he did not say that.

Jessica March 12, 20158:02 pm

I think he pretty much told Daniel he was terrible because he was terrible

Jessica March 12, 20158:03 pm

I am blinded by JLo’s pants

Jessica March 12, 20158:04 pm

“Let’s get this party started” is a stupid theme

Jessica March 12, 20158:04 pm

I don’t know who the person they’re cheering for is

Jessica March 12, 20158:05 pm

It is some kind of Empire actress apparently. Ok.

Reuben March 12, 20158:06 pm

I had Rayvon called safe.

Reuben March 12, 20158:07 pm

I agree with that. Rayvon’s running middle-of-the-pack.

Reuben March 12, 20158:08 pm

Stop trying to make pork pie hats happen.

Jessica March 12, 20158:08 pm

This is not good

Reuben March 12, 20158:08 pm

This is karaoke.

Jessica March 12, 20158:09 pm

Bad karaoke

Reuben March 12, 20158:10 pm

What…the hell were they hearing? That was dull and kinda amateurish.

Reuben March 12, 20158:13 pm

Sigh. I even miss Randy Jackson. At least he would trash something. These three always try to find something nice to say. But you need someone to pull the so-so performances down.

Reuben March 12, 20158:16 pm

Good for Maddie. I had her too close to call.

Jessica March 12, 20158:17 pm

Her shorts are very short

Jessica March 12, 20158:17 pm

Her singing is mediocre. This is a bad song.

Reuben March 12, 20158:18 pm

This has like a 4 note range.

Reuben March 12, 20158:19 pm

I did not care for that.

Jessica March 12, 20158:19 pm

No sir. I didn’t like it.

Reuben March 12, 20158:21 pm

I had Joey called safe.

Jessica March 12, 20158:21 pm

I like how Joey’s roots are purple, as if that’s her natural hair color as the blue grows out

Jessica March 12, 20158:24 pm

Joey’s great. I approve.

Reuben March 12, 20158:24 pm

I kinda loved that version of Fancy.

Reuben March 12, 20158:29 pm

I can’t see Joey going all the way to #1, but she could go far. At least as far as Heejun Han.

Reuben March 12, 20158:32 pm

Jokey contestants, ranked:
Joey Cook
Normund Gentle
Heejun Han

Jessica March 12, 20158:33 pm

Stop trying to make Empire happen

Reuben March 12, 20158:35 pm

I had Clark ranked safe.

Jessica March 12, 20158:37 pm

This should do well with the my-parents voting block, which I think is a pretty large segment

Reuben March 12, 20158:38 pm

Reuben March 12, 20158:38 pm

In seriousness, though, that was pretty good.

Reuben March 12, 20158:40 pm

Just me, or is HCJ moving toward the Simon Cowell wardrobe?

Reuben March 12, 20158:45 pm

Jax is safe. Yeah.

Reuben March 12, 20158:47 pm

Jax is kinda crashing and burning here.

Jessica March 12, 20158:49 pm

That was terrible

Reuben March 12, 20158:50 pm

Agree with the judges here.

Reuben March 12, 20158:57 pm

I had Qaasim too close to call.

Reuben March 12, 20158:59 pm

If you play a Wings song at your party, your party sucks.

Jessica March 12, 20158:59 pm

This suuuuucks why is everyone sucking?

Reuben March 12, 20159:00 pm

I really wish this was over.

Jessica March 12, 20159:01 pm

Harry is keepin’ it real

Reuben March 12, 20159:01 pm

Harry speaks the truth. Qaasim is wearing a bit thin now.

Reuben March 12, 20159:02 pm

Maybe he sang better because he wasn’t RUNNING THE WHOLE TIME

Reuben March 12, 20159:10 pm

I had Adanna too close to call.

Reuben March 12, 20159:12 pm

This is much better than I expected.

Jessica March 12, 20159:13 pm

That was overall pretty good! Until the bum note at the end! But it sucked less than almost everyone so far!

Reuben March 12, 20159:15 pm

I had Tyanna called safe.

Jessica March 12, 20159:15 pm

Aaaand now I have to go record a podcast. If you want to know what I talk like and find out more about casual video games, check out Unconsoleable

Reuben March 12, 20159:18 pm

I can’t tell whether I dislike the singing or the song, but this isn’t doing it for me. Tyanna isn’t singing particularly well, but it’s more than that.

Reuben March 12, 20159:21 pm

“I want to do this forever” is a thing only someone under 25 would say.

Reuben March 12, 20159:26 pm

WHOA Daniel Seavey is safe

Reuben March 12, 20159:27 pm

So the person going home is one of Quentin, Sarina-Joi, and Nick. That’s crazy

Reuben March 12, 20159:29 pm

Why is this happening?

Reuben March 12, 20159:30 pm

I’m very worried for Quentin.

Reuben March 12, 20159:32 pm

Anybody who reads this and can draw, please do a VoteForTheWorst-type caricature of Daniel.

Reuben March 12, 20159:36 pm

Guys, I think Sarina-Joi is going home.

Reuben March 12, 20159:36 pm

I had Quentin called safe.

Reuben March 12, 20159:38 pm

Quentin sounds really good here. I like the arrangement. Nice.

Reuben March 12, 20159:46 pm

Sarina-Joi is indeed the lowest vote getter. Nick is safe.

Reuben March 12, 20159:47 pm

I stand by my call. Daniel and Sarina-Joi were within 1%. SUCK IT HATERS

Reuben March 12, 20159:49 pm

Nick is not impressive tonight.

Reuben March 12, 20159:57 pm

I think they should save Sarina-Joi. Wouldn’t normally say that of a Top 12 elimination, but she’s really good.

Reuben March 12, 20159:59 pm

Sarina-Joi goes home in the very first round. What a sudden collapse.

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