Twitter reacts to the Top 11

TwitterSentiment2015-03-13Daniel manages to up his profile a bit, while Rayvon loses a lot of steam after a lackluster outing tonight. Tyanna, Clark, and Adanna got the fewest number of people bitching about them on Twitter.

Some opinions picked totally at random and certainly not aimed at one person in particular:

“Daniel is the Sanjaya. He’s. Never. Going. To. Leave.”
“Daniel needs to go. He is way out of his league and needs to wait another 3 yrs or so and then he can try again””Sarina Joi going home this early is the most tragic events in Idol history. DANIEL NEEDS TO GO HOME PLEASE.”
“Sarina getting eliminated is shocking but the most mind blowing thing is Daniel Seavey outlasting her. My mind can’t proces”

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