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So tonight the kids will be singing Songs from the Movies. This is terribly exciting and definitely won’t be a disaster (looking at the song spoilers).

Reuben March 19, 20158:02 pm

If I’m singing on this group, I just lip synch and let the other guys wear their voices out on this crap.

Jessica March 19, 20158:02 pm

Yeah. This show format is stupid. I disapprove.

Jessica March 19, 20158:04 pm

That’s a lot of boob on display from J.Lo tonight

Reuben March 19, 20158:07 pm

What’s the overlap in Idol and Nascar? None, right?

Jessica March 19, 20158:09 pm

Nah, I think a lot of Southerners still watch Idol and you know they love them some Nascar

Jessica March 19, 20158:10 pm

Adanna’s dress is very short and very shiny. Her singing is pretty good.

Reuben March 19, 20158:13 pm

That’s kind of unfair criticism from JLo. It left me cold, but mostly because of the song choice itself.

Jessica March 19, 20158:14 pm

Ugh. Daniel.

Reuben March 19, 20158:14 pm

Yup. Daniel survives.

Jessica March 19, 20158:15 pm

OH MY GOD. This is terrible.

Reuben March 19, 20158:16 pm

I’ve been watching this show for 14 years. I don’t recall anything worse than this in a final round.

Reuben March 19, 20158:17 pm

Sanjaya was better.

Reuben March 19, 20158:18 pm

Keith Urban is a random number generator, right?

Reuben March 19, 20158:24 pm

Rayvon is safe.

Jessica March 19, 20158:24 pm

Rayvon secretly has a parasitic twin on the top of his head, hence all the hats

Jessica March 19, 20158:25 pm

You read it here first

Reuben March 19, 20158:25 pm

(or he’s bald)

Jessica March 19, 20158:26 pm

No, it’s definitely the parasitic twin thing

Reuben March 19, 20158:26 pm

Um. For some of this I’m not even sure which voice is Rayvon’s.

Jessica March 19, 20158:27 pm

Yeah. This is an odd choice. And by odd I mean bad.

Reuben March 19, 20158:29 pm

Is this judges-nitpick-the-mechanics night? Who gives a crap where he was loitering?

Reuben March 19, 20158:31 pm

Upon further consideration, Nikki McKibbon was about as bad as Daniel was tonight.

Reuben March 19, 20158:35 pm

Nick is safe.

Jessica March 19, 20158:37 pm


Reuben March 19, 20158:37 pm

This finally answers the age-old question: “what if Daughtry was around when Top Gun came out and sang the song from it?”

Reuben March 19, 20158:38 pm

This is mildly disastrous.

Jessica March 19, 20158:38 pm

smh, as the kids say

Reuben March 19, 20158:39 pm

Reuben March 19, 20158:42 pm

Joey Cook is safe

Jessica March 19, 20158:44 pm

I don’t really like Joey’s interpretation of Mad World

Reuben March 19, 20158:45 pm

This song is just boring, and she’s singing it like an old-timey singer. I thought it was just ok.

Reuben March 19, 20158:47 pm

Between Keith Urban’s talking and Joey Cook’s singing, I no longer remember what the consonant R sounds like.

Reuben March 19, 20158:53 pm

Tyanna is safe

Jessica March 19, 20158:55 pm

Why is Tyanna so off-key?

Reuben March 19, 20158:55 pm

This is a little rough from Tyanna.

Jessica March 19, 20158:55 pm

Are her ear thingies not working right?

Jessica March 19, 20158:55 pm

It’s getting worse and worse! 

Reuben March 19, 20158:56 pm

That was straight up bad.

Reuben March 19, 20158:57 pm

No boos after HCJ criticizes her.

Jessica March 19, 20158:57 pm

Yeah, and I really like Tyanna

Reuben March 19, 20158:58 pm

As bad as that was, it was still 10x better than Zoanette’s version.

Reuben March 19, 20159:01 pm

So this night is going well.

Jessica March 19, 20159:02 pm

So wait do we get to vote off J.Lo?

Reuben March 19, 20159:02 pm

You know what would help the show flow is a giant commercial in the middle of it for a movie nobody cares about.

Jessica March 19, 20159:06 pm

This just goes on and on

Reuben March 19, 20159:06 pm

This is interminable.

Reuben March 19, 20159:11 pm

Quentin is safe.

Reuben March 19, 20159:12 pm

So I think we’re down to Qaasim or Maddie. I guess I’m laying money on Qaasim, though the model says Maddie is more likely.

Jessica March 19, 20159:14 pm

This, um, wow, this is different

Reuben March 19, 20159:14 pm

I’m gonna call on BS on this. This is not the original song. This is just a different song with the same lyrics.

Reuben March 19, 20159:15 pm

I’m guessing that was pretty polarizing. I thought it was kinda dull.

Reuben March 19, 20159:21 pm

Maddie is safe. I think I’m right that Qaasim is out.

Jessica March 19, 20159:22 pm


Reuben March 19, 20159:23 pm

I … don’t hate this?

Jessica March 19, 20159:23 pm

The performance is perfectly good but this is a Season 1 caliber song

Reuben March 19, 20159:23 pm

I dunno, this is one of the better performances tonight TBH

Jessica March 19, 20159:24 pm

Yeah but that’s not really saying a whole lot

Jessica March 19, 20159:24 pm

This theme suuuuuuuuuucked

Reuben March 19, 20159:24 pm

If Idol is on past this season, please stop doing this theme. Stahp doing the movie night.

Reuben March 19, 20159:27 pm

Oh. I just assumed Kenny Loggins had died.

Reuben March 19, 20159:28 pm

These Idols all just got a Bacon number of 2.

Reuben March 19, 20159:29 pm

Mint green American stratocaster. Even his guitar choice is boring.

Reuben March 19, 20159:34 pm

Clark is safe.

Reuben March 19, 20159:37 pm

Clark is terrific. This guy stole the show.

Reuben March 19, 20159:38 pm

Clark is what you get if you take Phil Phillips and extend his range beyond 5 notes.

Reuben March 19, 20159:45 pm

Jax is safe.

Reuben March 19, 20159:45 pm

Qaasim and his leather duster are probably eliminated.

Reuben March 19, 20159:48 pm

Great control by Jax on this one. Hell of a lot better than most of the others.

Reuben March 19, 20159:52 pm


Reuben March 19, 20159:55 pm

I do not believe Qaasim will be saved.

Reuben March 19, 20159:56 pm

There were a couple high points in this, but mostly Qaasim is just yelling.

Reuben March 19, 20159:58 pm

That is stupid. The judges are stupid.

Reuben March 19, 20159:59 pm

First of all, saves should ALWAYS be used on women.

Reuben March 19, 201510:00 pm

Second of all, that performance was indicative of Qaasim’s whole thing: kinda tuneless, showy but not very original.

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