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Tonight the idol kids will be singing songs from the Billboard Hot 100, apparently of all time (if you’re curious, go check out the IdolDB). So, yeah. Let’s see how it goes.

Jessica April 8, 20158:10 pm

Oh boy Jax is singing Poker Face. Okay.

Jessica April 8, 20158:11 pm

I missed the introduction of those two dudes other than Scott “Bringin Back Jheri Curl” Borchetta

Jessica April 8, 20158:12 pm

Whoever did Jax’s makeup is fired. She looks like a reverse raccoon.

Jessica April 8, 20158:12 pm

She’s singing well but this is a very odd version of Poker Face

Reuben April 8, 20158:15 pm

Question: why was that arrangement “left”? Was it liberal?

Reuben April 8, 20158:16 pm

That song is about being with a guy but wanting to be with a woman, if I recall correctly.

Reuben April 8, 20158:19 pm

I hate to say it, but Jax wasn’t doing Lady GaGa wannabe as much as she was doing … Joey-wannabe. Also, major pitch falloff during the first chorus. There were definitely parts of that that were good. Kind of mixed for me, personally.

Reuben April 8, 20158:21 pm

Nick is safe.

Reuben April 8, 20158:23 pm

Ok, so during this fluff video, let’s discuss the issue of the last poll, the Twitter Save: Gotta have it/make it stop. I’m kinda on the “gotta have it” side, tbh.

Reuben April 8, 20158:24 pm

Nick is singing Teenage Dream, and I kinda can’t wait for it to be over.

Jessica April 8, 20158:25 pm

Such a Generic White Guy Rock performance

Reuben April 8, 20158:25 pm

He’s screaming, off key, in a very LOUD arrangement of a song that just isn’t that dynamic. Please stop.

Jessica April 8, 20158:25 pm

It reminded me of Augustana’s not-hits and that is NOT a compliment

Reuben April 8, 20158:26 pm

Why is JLo so hard on women?

Reuben April 8, 20158:27 pm

Nick’s eyebrows appear to be 1/2″ thick at the end of his left side.

Reuben April 8, 20158:29 pm

I feel like the Twitter save basically nullifies Worsting. Younger people hold sway, and it will probably save a lot of women.

Reuben April 8, 20158:31 pm

Out of every song on the Hot 100 (there are tens of thousands), why on Earth would these contestants choose these? They’re boring choices. Were they restricted to the last decade?

Reuben April 8, 20158:34 pm

Think of how cool it would have been to hear Nick sing “<a href=””>Bent</a>” or something like that.

Reuben April 8, 20158:36 pm

Think of how cool it would have been to hear Nick sing “Bent” or something like that.

Reuben April 8, 20158:43 pm

Quentin is safe.

Reuben April 8, 20158:44 pm

So the white people got to meet Florida Georgia Line and the black people got to meet Jason DeRulo? I am just asking.

Reuben April 8, 20158:45 pm

I do not enjoy Sam Smith.

Reuben April 8, 20158:46 pm

Quentin is not good enough to be here anymore. He’s out of his depth.

Reuben April 8, 20158:48 pm

Honestly nothing in that was in tune.

Jessica April 8, 20158:48 pm

Dā€“ would not listen again

Reuben April 8, 20158:58 pm

Joey is safe.

Reuben April 8, 20158:58 pm


Jessica April 8, 20158:59 pm

Oh wow Joey’s dress is astonishingly ugly

Reuben April 8, 20158:59 pm

Why do contestants change formulas that are clearly working?

Jessica April 8, 20159:00 pm

She’s singing this really well though

Jessica April 8, 20159:00 pm

Even if her dress does look like grandma’s dirty curtains

Reuben April 8, 20159:01 pm

Again, why not sing something offbeat? Joey should do Fidelity or something.

That being said, that sounded pretty good to me.

Reuben April 8, 20159:09 pm

Clark is safe.

Reuben April 8, 20159:10 pm

Clark opts for a song everybody hasn’t heard 10 million times, because he is not stupid.

Jessica April 8, 20159:12 pm

This is ok I guess

Reuben April 8, 20159:13 pm

I wasn’t that impressed by the little solo, but overall this is dripping with blues. I thought it was killer.

Reuben April 8, 20159:14 pm

JLo’s criticism is honestly horrible and useless. Get anyone else.

Reuben April 8, 20159:14 pm


Jessica April 8, 20159:15 pm

Harry comes off as harsh to the better people only because he gives a crap what they do and wants to help

Reuben April 8, 20159:16 pm

Sorry. Some seasons it’s true that anyone can win, but really only Clark and Jax could win. Joey on a really outside chance.

Reuben April 8, 20159:17 pm

This isn’t like season 12, where there were 3 legit contenders.

Reuben April 8, 20159:21 pm

In a way you’re both winners. But in another, more accurate way, Barney is the winner.

Jessica April 8, 20159:28 pm

I disapprove of Iggy Azalea

Reuben April 8, 20159:29 pm

Tyanna is safe.

Reuben April 8, 20159:30 pm

The merit of criticisms about somebody’s vocal “emotion” is virtually nil. Stop talking about it. It has no bearing on technical quality.

Jessica April 8, 20159:31 pm

Sometimes it matters, like Jena Irene’s outstanding performance of I Can’t Help Falling in Love, but it’s like sprinkles on a donut; the donut has to be there first for the sprinkles to matter

Jessica April 8, 20159:31 pm

I like donuts

Reuben April 8, 20159:32 pm

Then it’s part of the singing! You can’t say “the singing was good, but I need more emotion”!

Reuben April 8, 20159:32 pm

This is dismal, to be honest.

Jessica April 8, 20159:32 pm

Emotion, as we can see, can screw things up but good

Jessica April 8, 20159:33 pm

It started out good (as good as that song ever could be) but then the wheels fell off

Reuben April 8, 20159:33 pm

You can tell that she held it together because her voice cracked and she wept.

Reuben April 8, 20159:34 pm

It just wasn’t a very good song.

Reuben April 8, 20159:34 pm

Safe so far:

Bottom 2:

Reuben April 8, 20159:35 pm


Bottom 2:

Reuben April 8, 20159:36 pm

Qaasim is pretty screwed if it’s based on Twitter, I think.

Reuben April 8, 20159:37 pm

Rayvon is a contestant a bit far from normal, he’s been less successful than his numbers would tend to indicate.

Reuben April 8, 20159:38 pm

Glad we got two weeks in a row with only men in the bottom 2.

Reuben April 8, 20159:42 pm

Personally, I could lose either of these dudes.

Reuben April 8, 20159:43 pm

These song choices are the pits this week.

Jessica April 8, 20159:43 pm

This kinda sucks

Jessica April 8, 20159:44 pm

The percussionists are having fun. Maybe add some timpani and concert bells.

Reuben April 8, 20159:47 pm


Reuben April 8, 20159:52 pm

AT&T U-verse is the worst TV ever, so I did not see that. But, I’m gonna guess … kinda bad?

Reuben April 8, 20159:59 pm

Rayvon is safe. Qaasim is eliminated.

Reuben April 8, 201510:00 pm

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  • QZ181

    So basically you all can’t recognize that rayvon is the most purely talented VOCALIST in this SINGING competition. I’d rather hear his record on the radio than anyone else’s in the competition along with Clark’s. His voice is like a combination of Brian McKnight and John Legend. America clearly favors freak shows over talent. Style over substance. But, what else is new in pop music? Sigh…