Top 6 liveblog

I no longer know how many people are singing or what the hell is going on.

Reuben April 22, 20157:58 pm

So, I saw a number of people suggesting that a huge score on Votefair should imply near certainty to be safe, and while I appreciate the sentiment, I just have to disagree.

Reuben April 22, 20157:59 pm

This may be a bit philosophical, but feelings shouldn’t be incorporated with no empirical justification.

Reuben April 22, 20158:00 pm

And there really isn’t much of an empirical justification. Jessica Sanchez was huge on Votefair and had to be saved. Angie Miller was never not #1 in S13, but she finished 3rd place.

Reuben April 22, 20158:01 pm

It’s certainly true that Clark is huge on Votefair, and that may or may not indicate he is perfectly safe this round. But how would I know that? What number should I assign to that feeling?

Jessica April 22, 20158:02 pm


Reuben April 22, 20158:02 pm

An honest statistical analysis shows that Votefair is probably insignificant at this stage. I know that seems counterintuitive. But if I were to assign a value to the judgement of Votefair, I would just be making shit up.

Reuben April 22, 20158:03 pm

That’s some Sam Wang crap right there. I’m not going to treat my readers with that amount of contempt..

Jessica April 22, 20158:03 pm

I’m disappointed that I can’t find an animated gif for that Jack in the Box tacos reference/joke

Reuben April 22, 20158:04 pm

You can tell Sam Wang is a serious scholar because he just blocks his critics on Twitter.

Reuben April 22, 20158:06 pm

Also because he predicts things to have a 10^-34 chance, and those things actually happen.

Jessica April 22, 20158:06 pm

Jax’s jacket is mesmerizing

Reuben April 22, 20158:06 pm

Jax is safe.

Jessica April 22, 20158:08 pm

Jax is singing Lust for Li…I mean Jet’s Are You Gonna Be My Girl

Jessica April 22, 20158:08 pm

(if you’re not old, the joke is this song is practically identical to Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life)

Jessica April 22, 20158:08 pm

(if you are old, you’re welcome to stay on my lawn)

Reuben April 22, 20158:09 pm

The drummer is really laying off the hihat. Wassup with that?

Reuben April 22, 20158:09 pm

That seemed a little uncomfortable and stilted. It was fine.

Jessica April 22, 20158:10 pm

Yeah; adequate.

Jessica April 22, 20158:12 pm

My favorite is not safe 🙁 You can tell ’cause she was voted off last week 🙁

Jessica April 22, 20158:13 pm

Thanks for reminding me, Ryan Seacrest

Reuben April 22, 20158:17 pm

Nick is safe.

Jessica April 22, 20158:19 pm

Nick is doing some Maroon 5 song I don’t think I’ve heard before. That I’ve been mercifully spared from.

Jessica April 22, 20158:19 pm

It’s very noisy

Reuben April 22, 20158:20 pm

Nick was previously seen on America’s Got Talent, apparently.

Reuben April 22, 20158:20 pm

Lot of heavy lifting by the backup singers there. That was competent. Not thrilling.

Reuben April 22, 20158:22 pm

What on earth are the criteria for what makes an “anthem”?

Reuben April 22, 20158:23 pm

Loving that we aren’t seeing the behind-the-scenes stuff like usual. Just the ol’ school personal reel followed by the performance.

Reuben April 22, 20158:29 pm

Clark is safe.

Jessica April 22, 20158:29 pm

Shockingly our two WGWG are safe

Reuben April 22, 20158:29 pm

Seriously? “My voice changes people”?

Jessica April 22, 20158:30 pm

“Yesterday” is not an Anthem. Clark is fired.

Jessica April 22, 20158:30 pm

Also he’s not singing this especially well

Reuben April 22, 20158:31 pm

Are you interested in seeing how Celine Dion would sing “Yesterday”? Well, there you go.

Clark is getting a bit too big for his britches.

Reuben April 22, 20158:32 pm

Oh, screw that. Yesterday is a song about being demoralized, being torn apart by something. It’s not about yelling and screaming. It’s about being cut down.

Jessica April 22, 20158:33 pm

I hated that.

Reuben April 22, 20158:35 pm

Can Rayvon best Tyanna or Quentin in Twitter voting? I would guess so.

Reuben April 22, 20158:37 pm

Interestingly, Rayvon could be the lowest vote-getting contestant ever to make the Top 6. He hasn’t had to be even close to anyone else in three weeks.

Jessica April 22, 20158:37 pm

Noooo not Tyanna!

Jessica April 22, 20158:37 pm

It’s an interesting dynamic though. The voters vote Rayvon out and Twitter votes him right back in.

Reuben April 22, 20158:38 pm

Tyanna is safe. Idol Sausage Fest 2015 is cancelled.

Jessica April 22, 20158:39 pm

Tyanna is doing a Miley Cyrus song even though she can actually sing, unlike Miley

Reuben April 22, 20158:40 pm

The upper register is so dead-on, pitch wise, that it’s weird how flat she is in her lower register. Mixed.

Reuben April 22, 20158:45 pm

Quentin was slightly more popular than Tyanna on Votefair this week, FWIW.

Jessica April 22, 20158:49 pm

Is Quentin the black Jim Morrison? 

Jessica April 22, 20158:49 pm

(He’s doing The Doors’ Light My Fire)

Reuben April 22, 20158:49 pm

These verses are killer.

Reuben April 22, 20158:50 pm

This might be the best we’ve heard from Quentin, for me. I actually really liked it.

Reuben April 22, 20158:54 pm

That Quentin “yelling” at Harry thing is actually on the Wikipedia entry for this season. Was that a really big deal?

Reuben April 22, 20158:56 pm

Rayvon sounding pretty good on a kind of horrible song. Sam Smith is a scourge upon the airwaves.

Reuben April 22, 20159:03 pm

uhhhhhhhh, yeah Rayvon might win despite being in the bottom 2 three times even though nothing like that has ever happened. Why is that plausible?

Reuben April 22, 20159:05 pm

Nick shot out of a cannon here on Maggie May. Sounding really good.

Reuben April 22, 20159:06 pm

Perfect song choice, perfect pitch. That was really really good.

Reuben April 22, 20159:08 pm

The next poll on this site might be “what’s your Bayesian prior on whether Rayvon can win?”

Reuben April 22, 20159:11 pm

Tyanna is singing Bryan Adams’ Heaven.

Reuben April 22, 20159:12 pm

That was really well executed. I can’t say it really moved me. I’m also surprised that they didn’t do the key change (what Randy called “the modulation”) which I want to say the original did. It was strong, but not amazing.

Reuben April 22, 20159:17 pm

Sadly, I think Quentin is going to pay for last week’s outburst. That, plus Rayvon’s fans being so organized, is not great.

Reuben April 22, 20159:19 pm

Clark is singing a Justin Bieber song. God help us.

Reuben April 22, 20159:20 pm

Real talk: dude kinda has a five-head.

Reuben April 22, 20159:21 pm

Speaking as a guy who’s been playing for about 20 years, Clark is probably the best guitar player we’ve ever seen on Idol.

Reuben April 22, 20159:22 pm

That opening was played hybrid style with a pick, and it was really clean. I liked it more than Harry did, I guess.

Reuben April 22, 20159:24 pm

Harry’s not even right about it being all blues scale.

Reuben April 22, 20159:32 pm

Jax is singing White Flag.

Reuben April 22, 20159:33 pm

Speaking for myself, that was easily the best performance this season.

Reuben April 22, 20159:36 pm

It helps that the Dido original is a song that oozes the kind of sour melancholy only experienced at the meeting of two old lovers. I don’t think Jax knows any of that, but it was extremely well-executed.

Reuben April 22, 20159:41 pm

Quentin’s singing Shake it Out

Reuben April 22, 20159:42 pm

Quentin seems to have gotten his pitch way under control. He hasn’t any fall-down moments all night.

Reuben April 22, 20159:43 pm

Dude’s doing just about everything he could do here. Let’s hope it was enough.

Reuben April 22, 20159:44 pm

That is bull. No records released are not compressed, auto-tuned, and with quantized drums. The labels won’t put them out.

Reuben April 22, 20159:47 pm

Rayvon is singing Go Your Own Way

Reuben April 22, 20159:48 pm

This is a theme park performance if there ever was one.

Reuben April 22, 20159:48 pm

I would pay money to have the Songstar pitch meter over that last note. It was all over the place.

Reuben April 22, 20159:52 pm

#savequentin because chainmail.

Reuben April 22, 20159:56 pm

Reuben April 22, 20159:58 pm

Rayvon wins Twitter again. Quentin is eliminated.

Reuben April 22, 201510:00 pm

Somebody organizing that kid’s social media deserves a raise.

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  • Jasmaree

    Joining you guys for the live blog…sorry this season is no longer very exciting. Just wanted to let you know that I love what you’re doing here, even if the show itself is a bit lame.

  • Jasmaree

    Jax’s performance is….odd.

  • Jasmaree

    This is one of the themes that AI defines so broadly that it essentially becomes “Sing Whatever You Want” week.

  • Jasmaree

    Rayvon would definitely beat Quentin, since there would be a clear “Anti-Quentin” vote, but I’m not sure about Tyanna. Then again, I’m not looking at the data each week like you are.

  • Jasmaree

    So Quentin’s gone right?

  • Jasmaree

    Jax is best on songs like this.

  • Jasmaree

    Quentin gave the only answer he could but I agree with Reuben here. Every album tries its best to scrub the singer free of flaws and pitch issues.

  • Jasmaree

    Rayvon sounds awful, so this may be close.

  • Jasmaree

    It does impress me how well he can wear sheets of metal as shirts.

    • reubengann

      I will miss that most of all.