Top 4 projection

Name WNTS Rating (high) Popularity Safe Probability
Nick 70 11.0 66.2%
JAX 55 13.0 62.6%
Clark 40 58.0 56.0%
Rayvon 65 6.0 15.1%

Life is full of close calls, but this isn’t one of them.

Rayvon is heavily favored to go home. More than 7 points outside the margin of error. It would be a shocker if he weren’t eliminated.

Nick has sort of risen to the front of the pack, but not by much. Nobody touches Clark on Votefair (but then again, neither did anyone get very close to Angie Miller, third place in S13 … that index is not particularly predictive at this point).

Rayvon has, for the first time since the Top 11, the highest negative sentiment on Twitter:


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  • sherry hardimon

    American Idol is really disappointing Tyanna shouldn’t have got voted off I’m not going to look at the show anymore. I wish the others good luck but the one who should win won’t its been a waste of my time! The voice is better the songs IDOL HAD THE contestants sing were terrible!

  • disqus23

    Idol continues being predictable. White guy with a guitar will continue to win. Lee Dewyze, David Cook, Phillip Phillips, Caleb Johnson. I predict it will come down between Nick and Clark, with Clark winning then maybe getting one Top 10 hit, then disappearing forever