Top 4 Liveblog

So the “theme” tonight is judge’s (judges’?) Pick, Scott Borchetta’s pick, and hometown pick. And there are four of them. And one will be voted off. Yay.

Reuben May 6, 20157:58 pm

I’m amazingly uninvested in what happens. I might be upset if Jax is eliminated, but that’s about it.

Jessica May 6, 20158:01 pm

I would be least angry if Jax wins, followed by Nick, then Rayvon, then Clark. So Clark will win, obviously.

Jessica May 6, 20158:01 pm

WGWG + Southern

Jessica May 6, 20158:05 pm

Rayvon is Rayvonning a Jason Derulo song and it’s very Rayvonny

Reuben May 6, 20158:07 pm

Anybody else get an “air being let out of a balloon” thing from those high notes?

Jessica May 6, 20158:09 pm

Scott is having Clark sing U2’s Beautiful day and yaaaaawn

Jessica May 6, 20158:09 pm

This is a pretty weak opening

Reuben May 6, 20158:10 pm

Scott is actually a boring person who makes boring choices. Also, watching that nice interaction was like seeing Sercei talk to Margery.

Jessica May 6, 20158:10 pm

Now Clark is hollering

Reuben May 6, 20158:11 pm

Kinda horrible tonight, Clark.

Reuben May 6, 20158:12 pm

I think I saw Lee Dewyze busking in a subway recently.

Reuben May 6, 20158:16 pm

Here are all the (African American) people you’ve eliminated.

Jessica May 6, 20158:18 pm

Nick is doing Because the Night, which I think of as a 10,000 Maniacs song

Reuben May 6, 20158:19 pm

Nick is a hotter chick than Patti Smith

Jessica May 6, 20158:19 pm

But as Reuben informs me, Springsteen did write it

Jessica May 6, 20158:27 pm

Oh gawd they have Jax singing The Who

Reuben May 6, 20158:27 pm

This is a song about being promiscuous.

Reuben May 6, 20158:29 pm

I give round 1 to Jax, as I’m wont to do.

Jessica May 6, 20158:40 pm

What is Andy Grammer?

Jessica May 6, 20158:41 pm

I don’t like this. It’s like Idol Going Home Sad But Not That Sad Music.

Reuben May 6, 20158:41 pm

I’ll admit that was pretty good.

Jessica May 6, 20158:42 pm

To be fair I hate everything

Jessica May 6, 20158:48 pm

The Dock of the Bay is Reuben’s favorite song

Reuben May 6, 20158:50 pm

Pretty good outing by Clark that time. Not bad at all.

Jessica May 6, 20158:57 pm

Very confused about next week being the finale

Jessica May 6, 20159:02 pm

Oh good, we definitely don’t hear enough Stevie Wonder songs on Idol

Jessica May 6, 20159:03 pm

This episode is never really going to end, is it?

Reuben May 6, 20159:03 pm

Not great.

Jessica May 6, 20159:16 pm

Oh goody an Evanescence song

Reuben May 6, 20159:19 pm

Not a barnstormer, but damn good.

Jessica May 6, 20159:28 pm

Clark is shouting something or other

Jessica May 6, 20159:34 pm

Rayvon is singing us a lullaby. Or maybe it just feels that way.

Reuben May 6, 20159:35 pm

Whoever arranged this is dumb.

Reuben May 6, 20159:36 pm

“I know what will help, we’ll change the entire song and remove the parts people like”

Reuben May 6, 20159:41 pm

I don’t feel that was a singer’s song that Jax did.

Reuben May 6, 20159:48 pm

If Nick is anything like most musicians, he seriously resents having to sing this.

Reuben May 6, 20159:56 pm

Nick is safe.

Reuben May 6, 20159:57 pm

Clark is safe.

Reuben May 6, 20159:57 pm

Jax is safe. Rayvon eliminated.

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  • Jasmaree

    Really? Reuben’s fav song? I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with it. Did Clark do it justice?

    • Haha, no, not really. It was ok I guess. But I hate Clark so I dunno.

  • Jasmaree

    Scott explained next week. Next week, we go from 3 to 2 on Tuesday. And 2 to 1 on Wednesday.

    • But that’s not *right* and not *how it’s done*

      ETA also I don’t listen to Scott

      • Jasmaree

        *shrug* As long as its over.

  • Patrice Ballo

    Why bother watching the show if all you’re going to do is make hate comments DURING THE ENTIRE SHOW. Get a life losers.