Top 3 projection

Name WNTS Rating (high) Popularity Safe Probability
Jax 85 33.3 68.1%
Clark 80 45.2 67.6%
Nick 70 25.0 66.2%

Eeney meeney miney mo

Yeah, no idea. On a historical basis, there’s no way to say what will happen on Tuesday. The people all had a well-rated best performance (Back Home for Nick, My Immortal for Jax, and Earned It for Clark), though Jax was the highest-rated.

There have been some irregularities on the Votefair poll (the runner, Mr. Fobes, says that a Canadian was spamming his site with votes). That being said, Votefair isn’t particularly predictive at this point anyway. But for what it’s worth, Nick is the lowest rated on that service by a comfortable margin. The values printed above are the values from today, normalized.

If you want my subjective opinion, Clark and Jax nudge out Nick for a finale.

Of the three remaining contestants, Twitter has the most negative view of Clark, with Nick in close second:

Twitter-Sentiment-2015-05-07Jax is well ahead of the others on Twitter. Note that Bing Predicts (which has access to the most actual data by a mile) said Jax was in danger tonight. They have not seen fit to present the reasoning behind that.

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  • ABox

    The finale will be Clark & JAX, with Clark winning. Not necessarily my personal picks. I don’t have a horse in this race. Just indicating what the numbers strongly suggest.

  • Cas

    Bing has Clark in Danger and the other 2 safe. NOOOOO!!! Has Bing ever been wrong?Please let this be the time!

  • Mei-Ling Chang

    Nick for the win!!!